September 2009

About Floor Tiles

I saw one house with a very nice floor tiles when we visited a friend in Naga. And then I thought I will also look for that design when it is time for our house to put some floor tiles. I love looking for an inspiration to decorate our house. And my search for that floor tile I find it at They got a wide variety of floor tiles for you to choose from. So go to their site if you are looking for some greatly priced tiles. Happy Hunting!

A Woman Needs Help!

I watched a video posted on the net by a concerned citizen about a lady trapped in her car during the flood caused by typhoon Ondoy. I pity that woman, I hope she gets help after that video was taken. The video was cut after some men saw her from the roof of a building. It is sure a problem for her to get out of that situation. And also her car will be damaged. They will surely need an overhaul and new chrome accessories for their chrome cars. I hope they will get over this endeavor. God help them!


Please pray for those who are affected by the typhoon Ondoy here in the Philippines. They badly need those right now . There are increasing number of dead people already. I hope the rain would stop now and the flood will subside. I saw the news today and it breaks my heart seeing those who badly need help but can't get it as it is too dangerous to rescue them. God please help and bless those people.

Cute Birth Announcements

A friend of mine informed me last night that she is pregnant to her second child and this time it was a girl. So she was asking me a favor to look for Birth Announcements on the web. I found a few but one stands out from the rest. CardsShoppe has photo birth announcements with exclusive designs and I like how they make their announcement cards. They are not too cluttered and the announcement cards are well designed. Baby announcements should be special as it was for a very special day in our lives.

So why not get your photo baby announcements at from now on as they're one of the leading birth announcement designer. And did you know that they send proof to you within ONE hour during the business day. Customer can also make unlimited changes at no additional cost. Now that's what I call great service!

I am so Sorry

... for the people who live in Manila and to those who were affected by Typhoon Ondoy. I am thankful I am safe and dry here in Bicol but I was at the same time I feel guilty as I won't be able to help those who are in need at this very moment. I hope everyone was ok. I hope my friends and other relatives are safe and doing good. I wish I can help all of you. Be safe always!


It is never easy when you got into an accident. My husband recently got a motorcycle accident and thank God he was ok. He just had a few bruises and no other people was injured. I don't know what to do if something happened to him that day. I remember when a friend asked for my help on getting an attorney when he got into an accident. Well I have no one to go to at that time so I turned him down. If only I was able to know an attorney at that time.

Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney can help you with your motorcycle accident if you are within their area. Just a call away and they will help you with your problem.

My Shorts

I bought a new shorts last Saturday at SM Naga. I've been wanting to buy a maong shorts. And when hubby and I went to SM I told him that I need to buy a shorts. So I got a cute jumper shorts. The jumper can be detached from the shorts so I can still wear the shorts itself. But I am having a problem if how long will I be able to wear the shorts. I got the size 29 and it seems that it was a bit tight on the leg part. But who cares I will just go on a diet and lose weight or maybe take some appetite suppressant and be sexy again. Right? I will post a photo as soon as I was able to wear it.


I read on a friend's blog that they already moved. I am so happy for her. They've been wanting to live their own. For the past 6 years they are living in their parents house and now they got one of those apartments for rent near her son's school and their business. It is great to know that they are doing good in their family life. I never experienced to live in an apartment. Maybe it is our destiny to have a home on our own. Thank God.

Are You Joyful?

You Are Joyful

You have quite a bit of joy in your life. Sometimes you just stop and realize how beautiful your life is.

You know those moments where everything is peaceful and perfect? Well, you have a few of those - and you could use more of them.

Try to get rid of as much stress and noise as possible in your life. True joy comes from true simplicity.

Also, try to develop an attitude of gratitude in your life. It's a lot easier to be joyful when you're thankful.

Yes I am a Joyful person. I take life not too seriously. I am a happy person. I always think positive thought so that my life will be happy. Happiness is a choice so chose to be happy. Have a Nice Day!


It was foggy this evening at my parents place. I wonder why, I just hope that there is nothing wrong with the weather. When we arrived at our house there is no fog at all. Maybe because the place of my parents house is higher than our place. It was like I was in Baguio City. hahahha!

Ok enough blabbering. Need to write more today. Exhausted already!

Family Vacation this December

Ok so I am thinking of spending a Family Vacations this Holiday Season. The family decided to go somewhere else this December for our family reunion. My friend suggested a good place and I will tell it to my relatives if they are ok with that on my next visit to them. But I got a good review that Karisma Hotels is the best place to held a family vacation. I can assure that my family is secured and well taken care of. So if you are planning of having a grand time with your family you should try Karisma Hotels as they are the best place to have a vacation.


... feeds my soul. I think I can't live without music. It is my stress reliever aside from scrapbooking. Music soothes me and removes the tension I feel everyday. It gives me the feeling of being happy always and be carefree. This is also the ingredient to having a happy life. So try it. Listen to the music at least once a day and you'll see what's the result.

Serious Photography

Ok the title is right. I am taking photography into a serious matter. I always dream to be good in this line. I wanted to join a photography group in order to enhance my skills. I also need to have a social life. A friend told me that people makes her younger and I don't want to grow old alone with only a few people around me. I want to go out with different people and make a lot of friends. I want to be young always.

Disney Tickets

I was offered some Disney Tickets by a friend for Christmas Vacation last year but I have no budget for it at that time. And oh until now I haven't saved up for a Disney trip. LOL! It is everyone's dream to meet Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and play like a child in a very fantasy themed place. If you also want to be a child again or have a vacation with your family and are in need of Disney tickets you can go to They got the greatest deals for your tickets there. Be sure to book now or you'll regret it later on.

No Problem

I am the kind of person who doesn't like to take others problem. And I admit that I didn't care of the politics around me. i don't watch the news that often. I don't care if they fight or what as long as I am living the way I want my life to be. Am I bad if that is my perception about life? I just want to be happy.

Horoscope for Today


The Bottom Line

An intellectually curious nature will keep you stimulated, educated and fulfilled.

In Detail

Woke up in the mood to spend some money, on either your home or your family? Well, whether you're redecorating, adding a room or a wing, or just planning a surprise for a dear one, you'll want to do it up right -- and if it's a joint venture, definitely confer with your partner, and make sure you don't spend what you can't afford. Remember, it's the quality behind what you do, not the price tag, that counts. You can make a place beautiful or a moment special without irreparably smashing the piggy bank.


I haven't tried the very popular paintball game before. But I always want to play that game when I was younger. I saw some friends play it and they even have cool Paintball pants which they wore during the game. I envy them so much at that time. And in my research about the game, I found a site that has a lot of paintball accessories and gears. They offer affordable and high quality gears. If you need to get one for yourself just go to And oh before I forgot they offer free shipping. Isn't that great. I don't know if my friends play it until now. I hope someday I can join them too.

Loosen Up

I am so exhausted right now. I need to do a lot of things. The quote above is what I need to do. I need to relax first before starting what I need to do. I am sure it will feel great to scream and just let go of everything on my mind.

Blog Theme

Don't you just love the blog theme that I chose? I love scrapbooking, so this blog background is really meant for me. I really love flowers and blings and everything shabby. If you also want to get the same theme for your blog you can get this at It beautifies my blog. That way I am inspired to blog more here. I hope you all love it too.

The Time Traveler's Wife

I am reading The Time Traveler's Wife book and I am currently on the part where Henry consulted doctor Kendrick for his genetic problem. I can imagine the place where Henry was tested. With lots of medical equipment in there. I got sad about it. I hope in the end Henry and the doctor can find a solution to Henry's time traveling problem. Oooppps don't spoil the book in the comment section ok? I also want to finish the book before watching the movie version. =)

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