August 2010

Geothermal Systems

Phoenix’s climate is characterized as arid and subtropical. This means hot summers and warm winters. On the average, Phoenix’s high temperature during summer is considered as one of the hottest of any populated are in the US. It even reaches temperatures close to Middle East cities like Baghdad and Riyadh. At times like this, it is necessary to stay cool and comfortable using geothermal cooling. This company takes advantage of the power extracted from heat stored in the earth to provide not only air conditioning but also heating and hot water during winter season. How does geothermal energy works? The extracted energy gradually rises to the surface in the form of steam, hot water or heat which is used by geothermal power plants to spin their turbines and produce electricity. This kind of power is considered to be environment-friendly because it does not utilize the use of petroleum products, thus production of greenhouse gasses is eliminated. Moreover, there no smoky emissions, thus communities are assured of clean air. One company that utilizes geothermal systems in providing geothermal heating and air conditioning to Arizona is GeOasis. It has dedicated much of its energy, resources and manpower to develop efficient, accurate and timely solution in using geothermal technology in Phoenix, Arizona by leveraging its unique climate and resources.Other benefits provided by GeOasis include pool heating and cooling, free hot water for home use during cold months and tax credits and financial assistance.

TBS-Mom's Bunk House

My brother is having a hard time finding the right beds for his two kids. He said they are not suitable for the double sized bed which he purchased a few months ago. The kids kept on fighting before sleeping at night and they will end up getting separated and the other one will have to sleep in the master’s bedroom. So I told him to get a wood bunk bed instead. That way the kids are not sleeping in one bed. And so fighting can be prevented. Bunk beds are suited for their son and daughter’s age now. They will surely enjoy sleeping in that kind of bed.

123E_full_over_full_M Thank God I found, a site where my brother can get bunk beds for sale and have it shipped to their house in California. I saw a lot of choices for their bunk beds in their site. They make beautiful, well made bunk beds for kids and adults. Their customer service are what people love about their site. They respond well with your queries as fast as they can. Plus the low cost but high quality of beds are sold in their store. My brother will surely check this site. They badly need to take action on the kids behavior and that includes purchasing a new bed for them.

I surely recommend this site!

Online Printing

Business Cards have been a great help to businesses specially in communicating with their clients. They serve as the first way of offering your products to people who are interested in your business. I have a friend who contacted me to do the layout for her business cards. And she was asking me where to find a good printing sites. Meaning she needs a company that do Online Printing. She is too busy to go to a walk in printing shops that’s why she’s looking for an online shops. That way it will be easier for her to send the information for her business card, print it and just wait for the finished product at home.

Label Printing at has been popular as they provide high quality of prints. Whether you want a simple color printing or to full color printing for your projects, they all have that. They offer affordable printing prices and a fast shipping too. For just only 3 days you can enjoy your finished projects. At saving time and cost is at their top most priority.

I will bookmark this site from now on so when the time comes that a friend asks again on what good sites to go to in terms of printing, I can suggest this one.


I have colds again. It started when I woke up this morning. Now I need to do a water therapy once again. I can’t just take medicine as I am 26 weeks pregnant and taking a pill will harm my baby. But I love water so this is just easy for me. I hope this will go away soon as I don’t want to pass the virus to someone else. I’ll just stay away from other people for now.

I Love Pens!


I love collecting pens. Different kinds in different colors. When I saw this photo I instantly grabbed it and said to myself that I will use this to blog my pen obsession. LOL! Right now my pens are scattered everywhere. I have on my study table, on my bag, on my scrap area and near my computer table. Yes, I see pens everywhere! It is a collection which started during my elementary days. I grab every pen I see at the local bookstore and I can remember mom telling me why I need to have a lot of pens when I can use only one. I just smiled at her and she stops asking me why. Maybe she understand as she also have a lot of pens in her bag. Like mother like daughter eh?

What are you obsessed with? Are you a collector of pens like me? I would love to know. Let’s talk.

Coin Collectors

Ok I have seen a lot of coin collectors and saw some who have the precious gold coin in their collections too. I remember the movie Dear John where in the father of John collects different kinds of coins. I guess it is really a nice hobby. As time passes coins will have a greater value. Some may have a greater value than the original price it have. Maybe today is a good time to start collecting and investing in them. I know that in the future coins specially gold ones will be in demand. So I have to take into consideration about this form of investment. will check sites later.

Stressed Out

Argh! I am so stressed right now! I want a vacation or an out of town trip this week. Maybe spend time alone in a hotel near our place and use a jacuzzi to relax my mind. Or maybe a little massage will do good for me? Is it safe for pregnant women like me? Oh well, I badly need to distress. A lot of things is running through my mind right now. This is bad. I need to get out of this situation. Pronto!

Boy Or Girl?

US girl 

We are so happy to know that we are having a baby girl!!!

We are so blessed!

Thank You God for this wonderful blessing!

Myrtle Beach Rentals

Summer time is already over here is our place. But I still have the urge to go to the beach. I am a beach lover and spending time there relaxes me. Maybe the wind coming from the ocean calms my soul. Beaches are also one of the choices whenever we have a family gathering. I guess the love for beach runs in the family.

Speaking of beaches, I saw this myrtle beach rentals site this morning and I was in love with the photos I saw there. Myrtle Beach condo rentals can be found all along The Grand Strand in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach rental also has amusement parks, dinner theatres, shopping, dining and so much more for you and your family to enjoy. Luxury vacation is a dream for my family. And I hope will be the site for me. I was browsing the price range and I guess they are just right for a luxurious vacation rental compare to other rental sites. The site is user friendly and you can navigate to all the links as easy as a pie. They also provide beautiful photos for you to see the beautiful places that they have.

Maybe our family can do a myrtle beach rental in our future gatherings. That will be the happiest day of our life for sure. I really do hope this dream will come true.

Men’s Cufflinks

I was looking for gift ideas for my friend’s birthday next month when I came across a Mens Cufflinks site. I guess it is the best and unique gift idea. And my friend will surely love to use them as he works in a suit. I want to get the Superman Cufflinks as my friend is collecting stuffs about superman. He is a superman fan actually. He can wear it at work or just whenever he likes to wear it.

The site also have cute Novelty Cufflinks which will make any outfit more interesting! Well we all know that some men are not really conscious about their looks. But this friend of mine is different. He wants everything about the latest fashion. Cufflinks never face out in fashion trends. They are best worn in suits or tuxedo. is based in Nevada. They manufacture & imports cufflinks, money clips and a few other related products that men just love. They focus in offering their customers the very best in service, selection and quality. You can find a wide range of cufflinks in their site at a very affordable prices. Plus they are adding new designs everyday! Now that is what I call wide selection of products!

Amazing IPhone

I’ve been a user of Iphone for 6 months now and I am still in love with it. I thank my dear friend who offered a nice deal for me. If not for her I may not still have enjoyed the things an Iphone can do. I really cannot imagine my life without it. It has been my company when I am waiting for the husband to come home and when I am waiting for my turn for my OB check up. It also serves like a planner and boredom removal for me. The baby bump application is my favorite as of now. I use it to track what week I am already and how I look every week by taking pictures of myself. I love that the applications are really making me organized!

I wonder how the developers make these application for apple gadgets. I am beyond amazed by the geniuses at the back of these projects. And I know that Sourcebits is one of the companies that makes great applications. Their iPad App Development and iPhone App Development sure is a great help for apple gadget users like me. I saw in their site that they also make Blackberry Development but I don’t own one so I have no idea how those works. Maybe someday when I am fully unsatisfied on what an Iphone can do for me, I can try blackberry as well.

Tea Party


Tea time is my favorite game when I was a child. I always bug my cousins to come with me and play. Even mom buy me tea sets when she is away. I hope when I get a chance to have a baby girl, she will love playing tea party too. And Mama will buy her lots and lots of tea set toys.

A Good Hair Salon Furniture

I attended a birthday party yesterday without going to the salon and I hate it! I hate seeing myself not fully ready on an event like that. I feel so ugly yesterday! Ugh! How I wish I went to my friend’s salon a day before. I was just so busy that week that’s why I wasn’t able to go visit the salon. But I will soon visit my friend’s salon this month. I badly need a make over. This pregnancy is making me ugly or at least feel I am ugly. With all the bloating, swelling and changes I am having on my body. At least if I go to my favorite salon I can at least do some remedy on my look.

Salon’s are women’s best friend. And I am so happy that a friend owns one. I can go there whenever I want to. To go on a make over or just stay there for a moment to catch for some latest news. I am so comfortable with all the hair salon furniture that my friend owns. I wonder where he gets those things. Or if he knows which sells salon styling chairs and hairdressing salon furniture for people like him who owns a beauty salon. The site is known for their high quality, durable and very sophisticated designs for salons. Affordable and beautiful furniture are offered in their store. If my friend doesn’t know this site I will surely recommend this to him. As he mentioned that he will be replacing some of his broken styling chairs.


It has been my dream to have a beautiful backyard complete with all the landscaping and the plants I really love. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the greens in your own backyard? It will be refreshing to see after a day of work or just to feel relaxed in a very stressful day. I would love to have a Greenhouse just like the Greenhouses I saw on my mom’s home magazines. I think it is nice if you have one of those right? Plants will grow healthier in Greenhouses. And the sun is distributed to the plants equally plus I saw that greenhouses use one of a kind technology in watering plants. With just a push of a button plants are watered and you can control the distribution of the sun.

gothic-arch-greenhouses-kits Gothic Arch Greenhouses is the most trusted name in Greenhouse Supplies. They have a high quality and low priced Greenhouse Kits. They also have for everyone even to beginners like me. Their products are heavy duty and can withstand the most extreme climates. Go visit them now if you are a gardener, horticulturists, growers or to just like me who loves plants. Browse their wide selection of products for all of you. I am sure you’ll love the site as I have love it!

Toyota Hilux

toyota-hilux-2009-26I feel that soon we will be having our own car already! Weeee!!! My husband said his mom told him that she is willing to pay for the car! I love it! We will be slashing that dream car to our wish lists soon. Well my in laws said they will pay for it including the auto insurance. I am so excited already! That will be a great gift from them. I hope to give something in return. But maybe this baby inside me is the gift in return already. They’ve been wishing to have another grandson or granddaughter from us. This baby will surely make them happy.

And oh my husband is targeting that beautiful Toyota Hilux above. Nice right?

Mickey Mouse Party


We attended a Mickey mouse party yesterday. The place was really beautiful. I really love it! Balloons are all over the place! Everything is perfect! I wanted a colorful party for my baby someday. And this means I need to save up now as a few months from now I will be giving birth to him/her and we only have a few months to save up. Yaiks!

Vampire Costumes

vampire1  vampire2

Two months from now and it’s Halloween time once again. All the mommies I know are in search of a good and unique Halloween costumes. Some said their kid wanted to have those vampire costumes they saw online. I think vampire costumes best suit kids who are in elementary stage. They will surely look cute come Halloween time. I can’t wait for my mommy friends to post pictures of their kids wearing different Halloween costumes.

Buy Gold Coins

I am so itching to try to buy gold coins for my collection. But I am having second thoughts. For sure it will satisfy my addiction in collecting something and at the same time earn money from it in the long run. We all know that gold never depreciates its value and it is always the highest form of precious metal. At United States Gold Bureau you can buy precious metals for your collection. They can also arrange a safe depository or independent bank for you. So why not try investing in gold now. It is never too late to do this. It is for the future of you and your family. Good Luck!


I finished reading the Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin today. I am so happy! Happy because I am improving on my reading skills or should I say reading speed. I read the book in 3 days. Of course with rest in between.

The story is full of twists and turns. One thing I can only say, Ellen is a disturbed woman. I don’t wanna be like her ever!

I wanna share these beautiful phrases from the book:

"Love, not as a surge of passion, but as a choice to commit to something, someone, no matter what obstacles or temptations stand in the way. And maybe making that choice, again and again, day in and day out, year after year, says more about love than never having a choice to make at all."



I just finished eating dinner. We had Bopis, Fried Chicken and a viand. I am stuffed! I am munching on an apple right now for my desert. I just can’t eat a meal without a desert. And today I am having a healthy fruit. And maybe later I will eat this Nips chocolate for an additional desert. hahahahah!!! Talk about the weight I will gain with this deserts!

All In One

When I graduated from college I was focused on finding the right career for me. But not to my other classmates who would go online and research online degrees that they can enroll in after the graduation rites. I was like “do you still want to study after all the years we spent here in our school?” And they just told me that they wanted to widen their horizons. They want to attain a certain goal in their education. Well, that was their decision and I can’t change them.

But I am so happy that there are sites who provide comprehensive guide for people who wants to get a college degree online. Just like CollegeDegreesToday. They provide an outline on how to get the best school, degree level and program for your schooling. Isn’t that nice? To have everything you need in just one website.

Too Many Frames


I want our house to have too many frames hanged in the wall like this one in the photo. I want to show every beautiful photo in our life to every visitor who will come and visit us. That someday our family or anyone will know what we went through and how lovable our family is. That someday my kids will look at the wall and say “Mama, those are the time when we went to the beach! I wanna go there again!” or “Papa, you and mama are so sweet in your wedding photo, I want my future wedding to be like that.” Isn’t those a great thing to hear? Right now I am still in a hunt for the perfect frames for our wall. Can you also help me find some? Link me up ok? Thanks!

Yellow Motorcycle? Bicycle?


Is this a motorcycle or a bicycle? At first I thought this was a bicycle but when hubby corrected me and said it’s a motorcycle, I was shocked! I never imagined a motorcycle this thin! Well I was used to my husband’s bulky motorcycles. haha!

This is so cute! I want one! LOL!

Beauty School

My friends in the US said that it is expensive to go to the parlor in their place. Unlike here we can have a haircut for as low as 20 pesos. But I saw a solution to their problem when I came across the Regency Beauty Institute. The fastest growing beauty school in Minneapolis. Why not enroll yourself in a beauty school where you can do your own beautification? And at the same time earn money from it!

Isn’t it nice if you find the best beauty school in Wichita or somewhere near you? Yes they are now expanding and you have to check if they are already in your neighborhood! Visit now!

Early Bird!

It’s been the second day since I woke up so early in the morning. Yesterday I just don’t know why but my eyes opened at 4:30am. I got up and started my day right. And then today because I have so many things to do, the moment I saw the clock at 5:30 am, I got up, washed my face and opened my laptop and started working. As of this writing I am having breakfast in front of my dear laptop. I am having 2 bread with chiz whiz and milk (I am not a coffee drinker).

Good Morning everyone!

Shrek Movie Marathon

shrek  shrek07_2

images shrek_forever_after_poster

I haven’t seen any of the Shrek Movies that’s why I downloaded them last month but until now I haven’t watched them. I hope the weekend is a “no work” for me and the husband so we can have a marathon for this movie. I really want to watch them.

Plot Summary:

When a green ogre called Shrek discovers his swamp has been 'swamped' with all sorts of fairytale creatures by the scheming Lord Farquaad, Shrek sets out, with a very loud donkey by his side, to 'persuade' Farquaad to give his swamp back. Instead, a deal is made. Farquaad, who wants to become the King, sends Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona, who is waiting for her one true love. But once they head back with Fiona, it starts to become apparent that not only does Shrek like Fiona, but Fiona is keeping something secret. Written by Film_Fan

San Diego Lasik Surgery

I started wearing eyeglasses when I was in Grade 5. Sometimes I found them really annoying. Like when the temperature changes quickly from cold to hot and they get all steamed up, or in the bathroom after a shower. Also eye glass fashions change regularly so if you don't keep updating your glasses you look out of fashion. Then they get scratched or broken. What eye glass wearer hasn't at one time had some tape holding their eyeglasses together until they could get them repaired? Or you wake up in the night and have to reach for your glasses in the dark so you can find your way to the bathroom, you knock them to the floor and then blindly have to look for them. Ugh! I experienced all that! That is why I purchased contact lenses after being so tired of wearing my eyeglasses. But sometimes even my lenses are annoying too, like when I go swimming I can't go underwater without squeezing my eyes tightly shut, or I drop one when taking disinfectant and don't have any in the house.

So now I am thinking, is there anything cooler than Lasik Surgery? I searched and found the San Diego Lasik Surgery website that had a lot of great straight forward information about the surgery. First of all that the surgery itself doesn't hurt, which is great to hear. Second is that you recover quite quickly and most people notice a total improvement in their vision almost immediately. Also the staff there will discuss everything with you and evaluate whether or not you are a good candidate for the Lasik surgery as there are other options if you are not. They also will not do the surgery if it is not the best option for you. I found all of that extremely reassuring. The Lasik Surgery San Diego company offers it's patients improved eyesight and their motto is “Experience True Vision". I think it would just be so great to wake up in the morning, open my eyes and see clearly without having to grab a pair of glasses or put my contacts in. So I am going to give this surgery some thought.

Old Navy Loots

My ON loots arrived last Thursday and I am so happy with them. Even if I only have 3 flip flops in that package. The other flip flop was for my sister. It has the ON t-shirts I ordered for honey, Avent bottles for my little one and the Ikea lampshades. Plus Glo sent me 2 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that I want to taste. Thanks Glo and Kathy for sending my loots!


2 Brand New Cars

My sister in law got her new car last Monday and we can’t wait to see it! She was having a hard time commuting from their house to her work so she decided to buy a car. She got the Isuzu Crosswind XT. It will really help her with her day to day routine. Plus her kids won’t be late from now on. Their mom can fetch and drop them at school.

Another good news is that my cousin in the US bought his new car as well. He said he needs to check the Florida auto insurance services this coming week. It is so important to insure your car. With all the things happening lately like car napping and accidents, insurance is what you’ll rely on in the long run. So be sure to insure your car. OK?

Breezes Jamaica Vacations

It seems that a lot of my friend's blog updates have something or other to do with Jamaica vacations. She went there for a vacation last month. They went first for a business trip but decided to extend their stay to get some time to relax and enjoy Jamaica. They stayed at a Breezes resort in the area of Negril Jamaica. My friend posted that it was heaven there, that the beach just seemed to go one forever. She stayed at the Breezes Grand Resort & Spa, and like all Breezes resorts it was an all inclusive resort package. Breezes has several all inclusive Jamaica travel packages, depending on which of their Jamaica resort you choose. There is the Grand resort & Spa at beach resort Negril, as well as the family oriented Trelawny Bay Resort, the Rio Bueno Breezes resort, and the Breezes Runaway Bay resort near Ocho Rios. I am such a beach lover and trying out different locations is my thing. I would just love to spend a few days at each resort to get a feel for the atmosphere at each one. All of Breezes resorts have a great variety of activities that are included in their all inclusive packages, which also include a great selection of food choices, premium drinks, and tips and gratuities.

Printer Cartridges

I can see our old Epson printer near my working area and this brings back a lot of memories. It’s been with us for 2 years I think and I printed a lot of photos and documents in that printer. Too bad the cartridge got broken and needs repair. My husband brought it to the repair shop but the cost was too high and the repairs will cost us just like buying a brand new printer. So we have to let go of it. We just bought a new one and as of today it is working great. I just have to scout for cheap ink refill so it wont add up to our monthly expenses that much. I found a site that has a wide selection of printer ink cartridges on different kinds of printers. I also saw the one suitable for our printer. Yes! The website is accessible and has a secure online shopping environment. You’ll never go wrong in purchasing your ink refills and printer cartridges with them. Plus the prices are low compared to other printer supply sites. With the easy to manage site I am sure that a lot of customers will shop to them. So for your printer cartridges needs you can go to and get the one suited for your printer brand.

Love The One You’re With


I am looking forward to reading this book. My friends suggested this one as it is a good read. But my sister owns this one and she’s reading this as of this moment. I will just wait for her to finish the book and I will borrow it from her.

She got this hardbound book for only 125 at Booksale. A good find indeed!

Marine engines

It is my dream to own a boat and sail myself away whenever I feel down or sad. I love the ocean but sad to say that I am not a good swimmer. But that can’t stop me from dreaming to own a sailboat right? Every holy week we visit my grandparent’s place in Camarines Sur and to go there, we travel either via land for 5 hours or via sea for 3 hours. I enjoy the sea travel more as I can see the beautiful creation that God made in the ocean and the island are beautiful to take photos. I am already pregnant last holy week so i refrain myself to travel and tag along with my family. But for sure next year I will be there again. Speaking of sea travel, I’ve traveled with boats, ships and other forms of sea transportation and so far we didn’t experience any Boat engine malfunction. I guess the owner of those ships are maintaining them well. With the right Marine engine caring sailing will be smooth and easy. And when it comes to company that offers Boat and marine and Mercruiser engines, is the place to go. They ship throughout United States. At U.S. Engines, you can rest assured that you will always get the best quality and service.

Luxury linens

I am busy cleaning the closet this morning. I am classifying all those unused clothes of me and my husband. I separated them in a plastic box which we purchased a few months ago. I think I have filled almost two plastic boxes of my unused clothes than hubby. Hubby has half of the plastic box only. Yaiks! My poor husband, I realize now that he only owns a few clothes! I need to buy him new ones as he uses his t-shirts and pants over and over again. I also found damaged bed sheets which can be transformed into a cleaning cloth. And throw pillows that needs repair on its zipper. This cleaning reminds me that I need to buy new sheets now. We only have 2 bedsheets after that damaged one. I am eyeing those Luxury sheets and Luxury bedding at that I saw while surfing a while ago. The Luxury linens in their site are good quality and has a variety of designs to choose from. I like almost all of their designs! It is so hard to choose just one. This site is also the perfect site for buying gifts for a wedding as their pricing are just average than any other online stores. When we got married I love the gift that contains beddings in it. We use that until now and that was like 6 years ago. =)

The Gelatin


This is the gelatin that mom made. See it’s half already! I think I ate most of it. haha!

Gelatin For Desert

My desert for today is a gelatin made by mom. It is so yummy! I love it! Plus it has fruit cocktail inside. I love the sweet taste of the gelatin and the different taste of the fruits. I can eat a large piece of it in just one sitting. I am so full right now. Burp! Excuse me please. =)

Test for mold

Now that I am pregnant I am taking extra precautionary measure not to get sick. Getting sick is bad for the baby. It may cause premature labor or physical and brain damage to the baby. And I am so afraid of this to happen again. My first born is a special child that’s why I am a freak in terms of getting sick. And to keep myself healthy and my family, I ask our maid to perform a general cleaning to our house every weekends. Yes, I am that paranoid! And I don’t want my asthma to go back again. I am thankful that I’ve never had attacks since I was 5 years old. A clean house is a safe house so everyone living in it is healthy and I want my family to be healthy as always. And to see that a house is clean, you need to perform series of tests like a mold test, feeling of the surfaces for dusts, washing of the curtains and covers for chairs and pillows and so on. A test for mold or a mold detector is the best way to see if there are still molds in your house. Molds are harmful to the health and may cause allergies, asthma, brain fog, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and so many more. At you’ll find more information for this mold testing. They provide low cost testing kits and help you with what to do when the result is positive. They never leave you hanging if there is really a problem.

Gps tracking Update

I get most of the updates from my friends in facebook and I am so thankful that they invented FB. I saw one friends account and I was shocked that he is now an IT professional in the US. I never even imagines him with a life like that. Well, life happens and I am so happy for him. He also posted photos of his hobbies and that includes a collection of boats and yachts. My eyes went big when I saw those photos and I just said wow! He must be earning really well to afford all of those things! Plus he is now looking sites that offer Gps tracking for boats. And I instantly messaged him as I found a site he’s looking for. has a wide selection of different gps tracking devices. They also have professionals who can help you install the tracking devices to your boats. The services they offer to its customers are highly recommended. From surveillance to security needs for you boats and other assets. And for navigation and searching if there’s a boat missing you need a gps tracking device. What a great invention right? I salute all those who thought about this amazing gadget.

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