December 2012


It’s almost 2am now and I haven’t slept yet. I am so tired with all the activities we did today. My family is now sleeping and I think I should join them now too. Tomorrow is a new day and I will just finish everything tomorrow.  My eyes are closing itself already! Yikes!

Music Lover Ever

I have a friend who enjoys music  lot. She posted in FB that they got a new piano. They are music lovers that’s why. But I just wish they got the noise reduction at Musician's Friend. That'll be better than the one they posted in facebook. Oh well!  I let them be. I should be more satisfied on their decisions. It’s their life not mine!

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue


I just finished watching this movie. I love this so much! Cate is the one watching this earlier but she got bored and played with her friends instead. I continued to watch it as i think it gets interesting. And yep it is interesting! I felt I am a kid again while watching this. Plus the story has a great lesson about believing and reviving father and daughter relationship. You should watch this if you haven’t. Perfect if you watch it with your son or daughter. Happy watching!

Gift For Mom

I know what to give mom this Christmas! I know she has a lot of dress already but girls or women can't have too many dresses right? So I will take a look at the plus sized at Sydneys Closet and if I eyed something that will fit my mom I will surely get it. Will go the now and shop. Woot!

I still have a lot to cross out on my Christmas list and I hope by next week I can accomplish 80% of it all. Fingers crossed!

Exercise Now


I saw this at a friends blog and I have to save it for reference. I need to exercise even if I am working. I get backache a lot specially when going to bed.  And I think the reason is my long stay in front of my computer.  I better take action on this as I don’t to suffer in my old age. Let’s do this now!

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