Tuna Roll


This is the closest bread I can get to Breadtalk’s floss. It’s yummy yes but nothing will ever replace Floss for my taste buds. hehe!

And because I am miles away from Manila, this will do for now. =)

Hans The Music Lover

Whenever we go and visit my sister in law's house, Hans will immediately proceed to their piano. He loves to tinker it. He loves the sound that comes from it. I love it that he is so into music at a very young age. When I was still young I am also like him. I love to sing in front of my relatives and friends. And I am glad when mom got a new piano for me and my siblings. She said she got to save on casio 850. It was the happiest day of my younger years. But its sad that i didn't got to learn how to play the piano. Oh well!

Pizza for Lunch

I am so lazy to cook lunch so I just reheated the pizza we ordered for take out last night at Shakey’s. Cooking for just one person is soooo hard! And it’s lonely to eat alone. Sigh!

Ok will finish my lunch first and then continue with my tasks so I can go and play with my scrapping stuff. Yey!

Frozen Soundtrack

My kids and I love Frozen movie, so I had to find the soundtrack and play it over and over again. We sing along with Let it Go and Do You Want To Build A Snowman. We really enjoy singing together. Belting our highest notes and laugh at our mistakes on the lyrics. I love it that my kids are into music as well. I better finish my article about the cheap cornet mouthpiece so we can bond together again by listening and singing with Let It Go song.

Love You

It is not that often that my husband and I got to have a heart to heart talk. But last night was awesome! We got to say what we want to say to each other. Cuddle and kiss. Oh I love it! I got to say how much I am sorry of all my incapacities. We both did a lot of negative things on our marriage and last night was a start over. I hope that we will do good this time. We will make things work out.


A friend is looking for the best robert vinson equatone last week. And I haven't heard from him since. So I assume he found one already. But earlier I found a nice site where he can get it. Will just message him later and tell him what I found. If he got one already maybe he can bookmark the site and use it for future. Now I wonder why he wants to get those. Well maybe for his music class.

Haribo Peaches


Of all the Haribo candies, I love Peaches the most. I always buy this yummy goody at the grocery. It has a peaches taste that I love the most. You need to try this candy. In fact I am munching on this one right now. Yummyness to the highest level!

The Christmas Spirit

There a lot of Christmas concerts happening this month for the benefit of the typhoon victims. And I salute them for doing that. The victims need all the help they can get right now. The musicians are helping them to at least ease the pain of losing everything. And to have a Merry Christmas. I offered prayers and donated some relief last month. And I hope it will at least help them. This Christmas my wish is that the people in Visayas will have more strength in the coming days specially at Christmas. Hugs to you all!
Anyways, I will continue my gift hunting now. I should get that classic uad at musicians friend that I saw the other day for my love ones. Off to take a look!

A Gigantic Cookie


On our way home we dropped by Starbucks to buy some coffee. Hans picked that big cookie all for himself. He almost finished that one! He loves to eat I tell you. He loves food. I am so glad that he was like that. healthy and such a cute little boy. I love you Hans!

Gift For My Manito/Manita

I am now listing my Christmas gift list for families as early as now. December is the most busiest month of the year so I need to do this early. I have a gift for the little ones including my nephews and nieces. We have this exchange gift at our family reunion and I am eyeing this Foam for my Manito/Manita. The one I got might need the acoustical soundproof foam as suggested by his friend but I am still looking for one right now. Or I will just give him/her something that is common like a wallet or something. Oh well, I still have a lot of time to think it over.

Thinking of Siomai

…right now.


I wanna eat siomai which my friend makes. I super love her siomai. I order every time there is an occasion and sometimes even if there isn’t. I just eat it for meryenda or for lunch. I am not a siomai lover before but after I tasted the one that my friend makes, I instantly fell in love with it. I can now say that I am a siomai addict! LOL!

Give that Mic!

During our Karaoke Nights last week, Cate went to me and asked if she can hold the other microphome. And I was in shock as she is not the type who will sing in front of many people. So I said she can and guess what she just played with the mic and handed me again. I guess the shyness isn't over for my little girl. LOL!

An Invitation

My friend emailed me the other day. She was asking me to go with her because she is having new born to sing at guitar center. But I refused as I am too busy right now. It will be a good day to bond with her though. But there will always be next time. And I am so excited for that to come. I hope she is still game next time. Fingers crossed!

Reformatting Mom’s Laptop

Mom was asking me last week to reformat her laptop because it has a virus. I told her to try the ESET anti virus but she doesn’t know techy stuff so I just told her to bring the laptop to me and I will check it. But I was too lazy to get another anti virus so I just went ahead and reformatted the laptop. And it was A ok now. Thank God! Mom was very happy.

Buko Pandan Ice Cream

I am not a fan of this flavor so I only eat a little if I was offered to eat Buko Pandan. But dad bought an ice cream with this flavor yesterday for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. The guests ate the other flavor so the Buko Pandan was left on the fridge. And after lunch earlier I am craving for something sweet and I saw the ice cream. Ok I said I will just eat a little but men it was so yummy! I got another cup! hahaha! Ok now I am a convert! I will eat buko pandan from now on. haha!

A Friend Needs Oktoberfest Flag Invitation Cards

My friend is planning of doing her own Oktoberfest flag invitation cards. She is one creative lady and loves to DIY on a lot of stuff. But I told her that there are sites that she can check out to get the best invitation and party invitation wording for Octoberfest. It will be less hassle for her and she can give more time to other things that she need to accomplish for the party.

invites for Oktoberfest party
I directed her to invitations-shoppe. The site that offers creative and beautiful designed cards. The site said they will gladly modify any card design or color as requested. What a great deal! Specially to my friend who is so choosy and picky on what to decide on things.

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