December 2011

New Job

A friend want to get a new job and he wanted those Network Engineer Jobs that he saw online. Well 2012 is coming and I hope he will get what he wants. I will just wish him good luck as a lot of newly graduates are applying as well. Competition is tough.

So good luck to all of you who are applying for a new job!


I wonder what 2012 has for me. I hope everything will be good, for my family, my two babies, my husband, my friends, my career and myself. I am so excited to welcome the new year!

2012, please be good to me okay?

Happy New Year everyone!

No Gift for Hubby

I have no gift for hubby last Christmas. Bad wife eh? Was thinking of getting him some revell model cars, but I ran out of budget so my gift will be late. I just told him to wait for my gift until Valentines Day so he won’t expect in January. hahaha!!!

I have no gift for myself too. =( Oh well will just buy something for myself when I have the money. Times like this, when money arrives, I will buy something for Cate and the baby boy in my tummy than buy something for myself. That’s the life of a mother.

Alive na Alive!

I am posting updates on my twitter. Ako na ang madaldal dun. Parang tanga lang ako lang nagpopost ng ganitong oras. hahahah!

Ok I am wide awake at 1am. Monitoring my sick baby Cate. As of this writing her temperature is down to 37.8 from 38.6. I hope my baby will get well soon. I am panicking again in times like this. I don’t want anything to happen to her. Trauma from Huey’s situation way back then. =(

Ok will keep myself entertained by tweeting and checking FB. Need to be awake to monitor my sick baby. Later!

Happy Mommy

I was looking for a free youtube downloader the other day as mom wants me to save the video of her friend to her PC. Thank God I found a good one. Now mom is happy viewing her friends video on her PC. I made my mom’s day! Yay!

Ok it’s time for me to browse some digital scrapbooking galleries as I badly need mojo to create a page now. I need to remove stress from my body! This Holiday Rush is stressing me out! Thank God I have a very supportive husband who asked me if I want to go to the mall and finish my Holiday shopping. Now I can say that I am 100% done! yay! WTG me!

My ME Time

Ok here I am working at 1am.

I need to finish everything even if it is a Saturday… err… Sunday I mean. My two loves are sleeping already and this is my “ME” time. Or should I saw my working time. I can only touch my laptop for a while when my daughter is awake, so this is my time to work and catch up on my cyber world.

My gosh there are so many things happened in just a day. The CDO tragedy, politics, Christmas party photos being shared on FB, new items for sale on my favorite FB shops and so many other things. I need to breathe first and take in all of these things. Sheesh!

Ok will work first and then browse FB for some updates. Later!

Proud Friend

A friend emailed me the other day telling me her wish list for Christmas. I was asking her to list down her wish list so I will know what to give her this year. I asked her why there's no camera wish in her list. She said she got the fuji finepix that she was dreaming of last Black Friday. And I am so happy for her. And the money she used to buy for that dream camera is from her own savings. I am so proud to be her friend. She is so dear to me, her accomplishments are joy to me.

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