March 2008

New Bedding Needed

When I got here at my parents house, my brother is complaining about his sleep last night. He was not able to get a nice sleep because of his bedding. It is bumpy and gives him backache. I will tell mom that she needs to buy a new bedding. Something like this maybe?

If mom won't get a new bedding my brother will always get a backache every time he sleeps here at my parents house.

Cheap Flight

My brother will be going back to Kuwait on April 11. It will be a sad day for us but it is where he works and where his wife is. I am sure that my sister in law miss him a lot! I wish that he will have a great flight and get a cheap flights going back. He is so worried about money right now and I hope he'll get a cheap one. Good Luck my dear brother! We will surely miss you!

Little Girl

I love this little girl. She was one of the guests in my nephews 2nd birthday party last easter Sunday. She is our neighbor. I love her hair a lot! So girly and so curly! I was curly when I was little too!

I took this photo in Manual mode and edited in photoshop CS2.

I am slowly learning how to take photos in Manual mode. Yay!

Be Healthy Again!

Have you tried the progesterone cream over at Ultra PMS site? You should check that one out! It is good for women's health, it is all natural and contains no chemical additives. Their products are never tested on animals.

I want to try this one because every time I am having my monthly visitor, I always had cramps and headache. This is good for my health and I am crossing my fingers on this one because I really want to be healthy again.

Tshirt Printing

Last month my brother is thinking of getting a machine for Tshirt Printing. He will add it to his internet cafe business. I suggested to him that there are Tshirt Printing sites that he can print those ordered tshirts and the company will deliver it to him just as he ordered it. It will be easier and he won't bring out large amount of money as a capital. He will just pay for what he ordered and maybe put a little interest on the ordered tshirts. This Tshirt Printing will be a hit in his store because there are a lot of schools around him which needs tshirt printing sometimes. Maybe for intramurals and other events right? I know this is a great business.

Kaya entry

This is my entry for the challenge Mia hosted over at KAYA blog.

The challenge was to scrap your Hollywood crush. Well, I really don’t have a crush. So I chose Patrick Dempsey for this challenge. I love him at the movie Enchanted.

So here is my LO.

Crazy Over Dempsey

Credits here.

Thanks for looking!

Live TV

I wanted to try this live tv site that I saw this morning. I think it is so cool to let people know what you can do and what are you doing in a live show. When i visited the site it has a lot of videos by different people wanting to broadcast themselves. So if you want to have a live broadcast about your talent this is the perfect site for you. go now and try it out! Good Luck!

Things to Bring

Last week we went to Manila. I wanted to bring my scrapbook supplies so that at least I can make one LO or cards when I was there. But I wasn't able to pack up my scrapping things. We we're in a rush to go because my father in law is so excited to go to Manila. And all of my travel supplies only includes my clothes, Jun's clothes, and my toiletries. Oh I also bring 2 scrapbooking magazines for inspiration.

Slow Computer

I was just telling my brother to get another Computer Memory Deal so that he will have a faster computer. I am so annoyed working on his PC because it is soooo slow! I can't even load Photoshop there. How am I suppose to do scrapbooking there? I really need to convince him that he get a new memory. Hmmm, for sure he will tell me that he still needs to save up for it. And ask me for money to buy that one. Hmp! if only I have a lot of money I will surely give him money to buy a higher memory. We are so poor!!! Hahahhaha!

The one I saw online about a computer memory deal is perfect for him. I need to Get a Deal on Memory if i will buy him one so that I can save up in buying. It will save me more money. hihiihih! Maybe I should ask hubby about getting my brother one. It is his birthday month so I might get it as birthday gift to him.

Computer Memory is what he definitely need right now specially he has internet cafe shop. I will include this birthday gift on my next purchases list. Now I need to save up for that now. huhuhuuhu!

Wish me luck!


I can now wear this on my gallery. WOOHOO!!!!

The Wedding Gown LO has been published at Bella Scraps Magazine.

I am really happy to be published! This is my first time!


Home Improvements

My mother in law's house needs a lot of home improvements. The ceiling is going to breakdown due to the termites and also the previous typhoon that hits Bicol Region. It is so messy over there. I just hope that they can get a lot of savings for the renovation of their house. I know it will look good after the renovation.

Update on Me.

Jun and I arrived this morning at 6:00 AM at home. We departed Manila last night at 6:00PM. It was a very tiring trip but I had fun spending that vacation with Jun’s family.

We went to Manila Ocean Park and it is so cool there. I suggest this place for field trips, family outing, nature lover specially those who loves fishes and other ocean creatures. And then we went to MOA to go shopping. It was tiring to find the shop that you are looking for there. The mall is so large I can’t manage to stroll around in just 2 hours!!! My feet are already swelling when we went back to the bus. Yes we used one of the buses of Jun’s family. I bought new scrapbooking magazines at BookSale there and I am one happy shopper again! hahahahah! Imagine I bought 7 scrapbooking mags!!!! I was smiling from ear to ear when i saw the mags. Honey also bought motorcycle mags there.

After MOA we went to STAR CITY. I had a lot of fun there too. We have the ride all you can ticket and at first I was so afraid to try one of the rides there. We started to ride on the ferris wheel and then I joined Jun and his brother and brother in law to the Surf Dance. I was so thrilled to ride that one. It was not that scary at all.

After STAR CITY all of us are tired so we went home at my sister in law’s house in Fairview, Quezon City.

The next day we went to Quiapo. We dropped by the church, prayed and then went shopping. Mom bought umbrella’s for pasalubong to our maids. I got one too because my umbrella is staring to give up already.

And then we separated to the group. Jun, Kuya Curd (husband of my sister in law) and me went to one of the Mall who sells DVD’s. OK I’ll admit it was pirated! hahahahahah! I bought 6 DVD’s and then went to one of my target shop. I didn’t planned to buy what they are selling but I was just canvassing so that I know how much I will be spending on that product.

OK I will tell you what product it is….


We went to Henry’s and saw a lot of good camera’s there. I was drooling there!!!

And I got tempted!!!! LOL!

My main purpose of going there is to canvass but I can’t let go of the cam I was planning to buy. So I purchased it. Gosh! I was so HAPPY to touch it and try it!!!! I was smiling after the sales lady put the camera and accessories to the bag.

So there… I have a new BABY and I decided to call her Nikkolette. And I am happy to introduce her to all of you.

My New Nikon D80 Camera with 18-135mm lens.

Also purchased the 50mm f1.8 lens and two filters.

The camera has a 2GB Memory Card and a free bag.

Sorry for the not so sharp photo above. I am a newbie in this kasi. I didn’t edited this one. I just cropped it in photoshop.

*Smiling from ear to ear.

I will post pictures of the ocean park and other photos tomorrow. Thanks for visiting me! Mwuah!

I Need a Treadmill

I need to buy a treadmill to exercise and lose weight. I really want to go back to my old body. I wish this fat will go like a magic. hahahah! I am trying to control my eating habit but still my body is so big. I want to fit into those sexy dresses that I saw at the mall. waaaahhhhh!!!

I Love Nature

I made a new digital page. I am making LO’s of all things I love and this is one of them. I was raised as a nature lover. And I live in a fresh clean place called Albay. Where you can see the magnificent Mayon Volcano. Thanks for Looking!

You can vie the credits here.

Huey's Death Anniversary

After Huey’s death anniversary last Monday, I cope up with my sleeping time. I woke up at 5am everyday to go to church for the mass at 6AM. So I needed to at least wake up late last tuesday to catch up my sleeping time. And until now I wake up late. hahahahaha!

About Huey’s death anniversary, it came out ok. I was so glad that mom was there to help me. She cooked the foods for the little gathering last Monday. Our relatives and friends are there.

The morning of March 10 we attended the last mass for Huey at 6AM with my mother in law and Jun’s sister. After the mass it was still raining so we postponed going to the cemetery. We waited for the rain to stop and we went home to eat breakfast. It stopped at 8:30AM so we went there at 8:30. We pray for Huey’s soul and offered flowers. After praying the last pabasa at the cemetery we went to my parents house which is the venue for the gathering. I helped my mom to prepare the foods. And at 12 o’clock guests started to came. I am so happy to see my relatives there and my friends. It turned out a happy celebration for Huey. I was busy attending to the guests so I only took a few photos. :(

Jun and I are not sad anymore in remembering Huey’s death. I was glad that we finally moved on. I even remembered the time when Huey died at the hospital and told hubby about it. I was sad for a little time but managed not to be sad all the way. I am thankful that hubby was there for me all along. I know Huey is happy during the celebration.

Hubby needs a toolbox

Hubby and I went to the mall yesterday to go get some groceries. After grocery I asked hubby if I can go check if our mall have the shoe rack that I want. So we went to the fourth floor which the home and living department was. I checked and they have a very low quality shoe racks so I didn't bought it. As I was looking for the shoe rack I notice hubby checking those tool boxes near the shoe rack. I think he was planning to get it. I just hope that we have this Jobox here so that I can give it to him as a present.

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