It’s almost 2am now and I haven’t slept yet. I am so tired with all the activities we did today. My family is now sleeping and I think I should join them now too. Tomorrow is a new day and I will just finish everything tomorrow.  My eyes are closing itself already! Yikes!

Music Lover Ever

I have a friend who enjoys music  lot. She posted in FB that they got a new piano. They are music lovers that’s why. But I just wish they got the noise reduction at Musician's Friend. That'll be better than the one they posted in facebook. Oh well!  I let them be. I should be more satisfied on their decisions. It’s their life not mine!

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue


I just finished watching this movie. I love this so much! Cate is the one watching this earlier but she got bored and played with her friends instead. I continued to watch it as i think it gets interesting. And yep it is interesting! I felt I am a kid again while watching this. Plus the story has a great lesson about believing and reviving father and daughter relationship. You should watch this if you haven’t. Perfect if you watch it with your son or daughter. Happy watching!

Gift For Mom

I know what to give mom this Christmas! I know she has a lot of dress already but girls or women can't have too many dresses right? So I will take a look at the plus sized at Sydneys Closet and if I eyed something that will fit my mom I will surely get it. Will go the now and shop. Woot!

I still have a lot to cross out on my Christmas list and I hope by next week I can accomplish 80% of it all. Fingers crossed!

Exercise Now


I saw this at a friends blog and I have to save it for reference. I need to exercise even if I am working. I get backache a lot specially when going to bed.  And I think the reason is my long stay in front of my computer.  I better take action on this as I don’t to suffer in my old age. Let’s do this now!

Future Musician

I miss watching ASAP on TV every Sunday. It’s a noon time variety show here in our country. I love being entertained and seeing my favorite starts perform. I love to hear my favorite songs being sang by famous stars. And music can calm me when I am stressed.
When I became a mom, I got busy and my Sunday is spent at the mall having quality time with my family. I know that someday I will go back to what I love most. When my kids are all grown up, I will have the time all for myself and for my husband. There will be family time but it will be not too demanding of my time. I just hope that my kids will still remember how important time spent with family.
Speaking of musical shows, my daughter loves to watch movies and TV shows that has music in it. I guess she got those with me. And I am happy that she loves music. If she wants to be a musician someday then let it be. I will support her. I guess there will come a time that she’ll tell me to buy genelec at Musicians friend, or download a certain song for her to listen to. And I can’t wait for that to happen. i love you my future musician!

Weekend Arm Candies

15056_10151160150633635_837252747_n 46210_10151161425448635_814056759_n

This is what’s IN right now. My friends are posting their arm candies for the day and I wanted to share mine too. I got my arm candies at the party we attended in Manila. And the other ones I bought from a friend. i cannot wait to get new ones so I can share them here with you all as well. I am so excited for Christmas! I know what to wish for. Yey!

Cute Name Tags

I received a very nice name tag from a friend and it was so lovely I think it will be a good gift for Christmas. I am going to ask here where she got it and order some for my family too. I browsed some sites while waiting for her answer and was directed to the name tags at QuickNameTags.com. I will order here instead if my friend won't be able to reply to my query. I am so excited for my family to receive it this Christmas!

Soup Lover

Cate loves to eat rice with soup or noodles in it. She can eat 2 bowls of that. And I am one happy mom because at least she loves to eat. It doesn’t show the “katakawan” but she loves to eat. i guess she is like her Papa who’s metabolism is fast. I envy them. i wish I can eat everything without getting fat. Ugh!

And We Are Back!

We just got back from our vacation to Manila. We are back to our normal routine. I am happy to see Mt. Mayon again. I missed seeing him everyday. It’s good to be back!

The problem is I think I need a vacation after the vacation. haha! My body hurts from the travel and I need to sleep. Our ride was bumpy that’s why I wasn’t able to sleep well. The road in Quirino is horrible!

But I need to go back to work and do my duties. I am in need of new floor flange too, so will look on that at the online stores that a friend recommended later. Will attend to my kids first and then work work work!

She Turned 2


My dear daughter turned 2 last October 17. She grew up so fast! I got sentimental whenever I see this photo. She is so adorable and she looks so big here! You will always be my baby dear Cate! I love you so much!

Extra Curricular Activity


My nephew and niece on hubby's brother is in need of an affordable flute for their extra curricular activity at school. They have been enrolled in so many activities and this time the flute instruments are the ones they are trying to learn how to use. I am so happy that they are interested in so many things. They went swimming, taekwondo, ballet, and so many other things. I hope when Cate goes to school she will join many extra curricular activities as well.

Sweet Lemonade Party Shoppe


Mom’s balloon business is booming! I love her creations! Just look at the photo above. Her latest masterpiece. This is for the newly opened restaurant in our town. I am loving her new designs in balloon decorating. Now I know where I got my creative side. Thanks mom!

Winter Wishes

41555_7 41625_1
Upon watching Barbie cartoons that my daughter loves, I wish there's winter here in the Philippines so we can also wear these Mobile Warming clothing. There was a scene at the Barbie movie that she was skating and a scene where she wore mobile warming clothing. I wonder how it felt to wear that kind of clothing during winter. I bet it is comfortable. If you’ll wear it here you’ll sweat like a pig! hahaha!

Pre Birthday Photo Shoot for Cate


I wish I can have a photo shoot with my daughter like the one in the photo above. But I need a nice place to do it. Our backyard is not that much good looking right now. Weeds are everywhere! If we have time we can go to a nicer place to have a birthday photo shoot. This Sunday I will ask hubby if we can go somewhere. Maybe at the zoo or something. Will update you all. If not, our backyard will do.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

We are watching the movie almost 3x a day because Cate loves them. I can almost memorize the lines! But I love the movie too and it’s fine with me to watch it over and over again. I specially love the first one. The scene where Dave discovered the Chipmunks. And I am so amazed by the instrument Dave owns. I think he has the yamaha motif musicians friend from the movie. It is a dream to own at least one high end musical instrument. But I think it will remain as a dream as I don’t have money to buy those expensive things. But who knows I might win the lottery tomorrow! haha!

Call Me Maybe

I threw a wish in the well
Don't ask me, I'll never tell
I looked to you as it fell
And now you're in my way
I trade my soul for a wish
Pennies and diamonds for a kiss
I wasn't looking for this
But now you're in my way
Your stare was holding
Ripped jeans, skin was showing
Hot night, wind was blowing
Where you think you're going, baby?
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy
But here's my number, so call me maybe
It's hard to look right, at you baby
But here's my number, so call me maybe
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy
But here's my number, so call me maybe
And all the other boys, try to chase me
But here's my number, so call me maybe
You took your time with the call
I took no time with the fall
You gave me nothing at all, but still you're in my way
I beg and borrow and steal
Have first sight and it's real
I didn't know I would feel it, but it's in my way
Your stare was holding
Ripped jeans, skin was showing
Hot night, wind was blowing
Where you think you're going, baby?
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy
But here's my number, so call me maybe
It's hard to look right, at you baby
But here's my number, so call me maybe
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy
But here's my number, so call me maybe
And all the other boys, try to chase
But here's my number, so call me maybe
Before you came into my life I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad... I missed you so, so bad
Before you came into my life I missed you so bad
And you should know that... I missed you so, so bad
It's hard to look right, at you baby
But here's my number, so call me maybe
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy
But here's my number, so call me maybe
And all the other boys, try to chase me,
But here's my number, so call me maybe
Before you came into my life I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad... I missed you so, so bad
Before you came into my life I missed you so bad
And you should know that
So call me maybe

Cute Scrubs

I love seeing nurses wearing scrub uniforms. They are so stylish! They are not too formal wearing those whites at work. And nurses who are assigned to the nursery are so cute! I love taking pictures of them carrying the little bundle of joy. Looks good in the photos and go well with scrapbook papers too!

The designs are so cute just like this one:

4820C-HOVT 4856C-BTSH

So cute right?

if you need to purchase scrubs like the one on the photo above, just go to marcusuniforms.com. They got a lot of designs to choose from. Plus all their scrubs are affordable. Go shop now!

Happy shopping!

Quality Time with our Babies


I love playing with my kids now that they are still babies for I know that when they grow up there will come a time that they will take me for granted. And I just want to take this chance to enjoy and be with them. I love my babies so much!

Be sure to hug them everyday. Say I love you to them so they will know that they are loved.

Have a nice day everyone!

Hitting the Pool

I have been dreaming for a pentair pool or any other kind of pool. Summer is over but I am still thinking of hitting the beach or the pool. The weather here is so hot that’s why. Hubby will go on a trip this weekend and I hope when he goes back we will go on an outing. i would really love that. And oh the kids as well.

Hug Tighter


I always get tight hug from my daughter and I love it. She is the sweetest little kid. I love her to bits!

Be sure to hug someone you love and for sure you’ll receive a tighter one.

Have a nice day!

Give and Share

I love being a mommy to my two kids. They are just adorable. And I am so thankful that Ate Cate loves baby Hans. When I see them playing together she will give the toy to her younger brother instead of keeping it to herself. I love her so much! She knows how to give and share. You are doing a great job ther Ate Cate! I love you! Ok will check out this hard drive eraser that my friend suggested to me the other day. Bye for now!


We have a new house help that’s why I can work at this time. Plus my dear daughter is still sleeping so no one is harassing me to step out of my computer chair. haha! I love times like this that i can do online tasks without any interruptions. Dear son by the way is with his nanny. I wish I can do this everyday. I need to have time like this. Felt like I am in heaven. It’s so peaceful!

Happiness is the Best Gift to Me

Hubby asked me on what I want to do on my birthday. I am not thinking about it yet so I didn't answered. As a mom the first thing that comes to my mind when someone asks me on what I want on my birthday is the happiness of my kids. Something that will make them really happy. So instead of giving me a gift give something to my kids and that'll be the best gift you can give me. Seeing my kids happy is my happiness too.

Now I am thinking on what I really want on my birthday. Maybe a stackable chairs for less is a great gift to ask. What do you think?

I Wanna Be A Supermodel

I wanna be a super model

I Wanna Be A Supermodel

by Avril Lavigne

I don't care, what my teacher say
I'm gonna be a supermodel
And everyone, is gonna dress like me
Wait and see
When I'm a supermodel
And my hair, will shine like the sea
And everyone, will wanna look, just like me
Cause I'm young,and I'm hip, and so beautiful
I'm gonna be a supermodel
I'm young,and I'm hip, so beautiful
I'm gonna be a supermodel
I wish that I, was like Tori Spelling
With a car like her's, and a dad like her's
And I, will show them how, how it was done
And that'd be fun; that'd be fun
And I'd, write my school report
On, why I love my jeans,
Why I love my jeans
And oh!, on my locker door
It's the coolest thing, that you've ever seen
Cause I'm young,and I'm hip, so beautiful
I'm gonna be a supermodel
I'm young,and I'm hip, so beautiful
I'm gonna be a supermodel
I didn't, eat yesterday
And I'm not going eat today
And I'm not going eat tomorrow
Cause I'm gonna be a supermodel
So beautiful (beautiful)
I'm gonna be a supermodel
I'm young,and I'm hip, so beautiful (beautiful)
I'm gonna be a supermodel
I'm young,and I'm hip, so beautiful (beautiful)
I'm gonna be a supermodel
I'm young,and I'm hip, so beautiful (beautiful), (beautiful)
I'm gonna be a supermodel
Cause I'm young,and I'm hip, so beautiful (beautiful)
I'm gonna be a supermodel, (I'm gonna be a supermodel)
I'm gonna be a supermodel, (I'm gonna be a supermodel)
I'm gonna be a supermodel

A Super Mom

I was reading the ach rules when I remembered I haven't taken my vitamins that hubby asked me to take religiously. He is strict about drinking vitamins specially when I felt dizzy the other day. I forgot to take my super mom vitamins. haha! I am so afraid when I felt that last week. I don’t know what to do if I get sick. I cannot afford to be sick specially now that we don’t have help with the kids. I should be a super mom always. No sickies in the house please!

Egg Pie! FTW!


This one is my favorite snack ever! When mom ordered this and I tasted it it has been a favorite of mine. And I am so happy that hubby is willing to buy me every time he is near the bakery that sells this yummy egg pie.

Now I am craving for this. Will ask hubby to buy me some tomorrow.

The Forgetful Me

I was taking down notes on my head on what to blog while I am breastfeeding my son earlier but now I can’t think of anything to write! Argh! This forgetful-me is killing me! Sometimes just a simple thing to do like cutting my nails or do house chores, I always forgot! Ugh!

Now I remembered what to write! Rant about me being so forgetful. haha! Ok now I can go back to browsing pharmacy design at mfried.com. You can go back to what you are doing as well. haha!

No Internet

i have no connection when I wrote this post on Livewriter. So much with beating the deadlines! Sigh! How will I be able to finish work when there’s no internet! Tsk!

Ok what to do now? I need to sleep as it is already 4am and I need to get up early to prepare my kids to go to the pedia for Hans’ monthly check up. Plus I need to accomplish a lot of things as it is Hans’ 6th month. Happy 6th baby Hans! Ok off to lala la land! Later!

College Class Rings

We don't have college class rings for women and even on men when we graduated college. My brother has one as he graduated as a nurse. Oh well, I might lose it when I am wearing one, so thank God they opted not to give college rings to us. But it would be so cool if I also have a ring isn’t it?

New Shoes for Cate


What a lovely shoes isn’t it? I wish they have larges sizes on this design and color. I wanted one the moment I saw this cute yellow shoes. I always buy pink ones but this time I am getting a new color for Cate to use soon. My baby wore this dress yesterday (Sunday) at my parents house. Time to break in the new shoes. She loves it so much!

Searching for A Knee Scooter

A friend was looking for a knee scooter for sale at the mall yesterday when I bumped into her. She was asking me if I know a store which she can buy one. She badly need it for her mom who had an accident a few days ago. But I don't know a store here in our place that he can buy that equipment. I just told him that I will help him look on the internet. So here I am now searching the web for some knee scooter. Where do I find one? Any suggestion?

Hans’ Baptism Photos

Here are some of my son’ baptism photos:



Isn’t he the cutest? =)

I am happy another event took place without any major problem. I was so worried the day before that everything won’t work as planned. Yes some are not followed during the day and there are few families that I invited who is not there. Oh well maybe next party to celebrate. 1st birthday maybe?

Welcome to the Christian World my dear son! Fear and trust in the Lord. God bless you always!

A Knee Scooter

A knee scooter is such a big help to my friend’s father when he had an accident. I asked my friend where they got it and they said her sister in the US sent it to them. I was asking because my cousin recently had a accident too and her left foot was damaged. So she was required to use crutches. Instead of using those I suggested to get a knee scooter if they can afford to get one. I haven’t seen one here and I think it is nice if they can stock these medical equipment. A lot of people with injuries can move faster and comfortably in using these just like using a wheelchair minus the bulkiness of course.  I hope we can find one for my cousin. Good Luck to us!

Tangled Movie Theme

I posted a few weeks ago that we will attend the 1st birthday party of my dear friends daughter. The theme was from the movie Tangled. And here’s a photo of the fun and fabulous party.


We had so much fun during the party. The kids had a great time. The decorations are so amazing! I love the balloons on the ceiling. Super nice! Three star rating for the event organizers. =)


I wanted to own at least one of those very nice 3d tvs that I saw online someday. My brother said it is a good investment as they have one in their house. Hmmm… Will save up for that little by little but I think it will take us years before we can purchase one. We have a lot on our wish list right now and I really hope to accomplish most of it.


Excited Much!

I am so excited for tomorrow’s 1st birthday party of my dear friend’s baby girl. My friend gives everything to her kids and one of that is a grand party every first birthday. I attended her first born 1st birthday party and it was very nice. She even hired a professional party planner! She was too busy to arrange the party all by herself. And tomorrow I am sure it is another grand celebration. I can’t wait! Will post pictures soon!

Long Lost Friend Found

I am staring at this barcode scanner photo here on my laptop when a friend popped up a message asking what I am doing. I said I am busy doing nothing. haha! So we had chat and catch up on our daily lives. It’s been months since I talked to this friend of mine. I am happy to reconnect with her again. I love talking to long lost friends. It feels like I gained a new friend again. I hope to find long lost friends again soon. Thanks to FB and YM! I just love technology.

Early Christmas Preparations

website 031

Mom asked me to find a replacement LED bulb for her Christmas lights. Too early for Christmas preparation right? Moms! hahahaha! Thank God there is ledsupply.com for led lighting needs. And I browsed their site and found the one I am looking for. Now I can cross out this errand and head on to the next one. Yes there are tons of errand by my mother. LOL!

Off to tell mom about my accomplishment.

Once Upon a Time TV Series


Now that there are only 2 more episodes to wait for Desperate Housewives I need to find a good TV series to watch. And a friend suggested this one. They loved it and I am convinced to try to watch it too. I am now downloading this one as I missed the first 20 episodes. I cannot wait to watch the first episode. I am so excited!


Emma Swan gets the surprise of her life when Henry, the son she gave up 10 years ago, arrives on her doorstep. Returning the boy to his adoptive mother becomes complicated when Henry reveals a stunning theory to Emma. Everyone in Storybrooke, Maine is a fairytale character under a curse, and Emma - as the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming - is the one who can save them all. The story unfolds; interweaving scenes of the drama in the sleepy New England town and the the inhabitants' past lives in the world of fairy tales. The timeless battle of good vs evil is ready to begin again.Written by L. Hamre

Dream place to visit

I have been browsing disneyland site for hours now. I am day dreaming again to go to the happiest place on earth. I am happy just by looking at the photos of my friends who went there already or by the photos online. How much more if I will visit the place! I might die if I see the castle of Cinderella!!! The child in me shows whenever Disneyland is being talked about. I want to go there!!! Someday this dream will come true. Someday i will bring Cate and Hans there.

How to Replace Car Seats

I was wondering how upholstery shops do their job. Just like how I am curious on any other jobs out there. This is the question that’s in my head these past few days since I saw my father in law at an upholstery shop the other day. I asked hubby on how to repair leather car seats as it’s been bothering me how they replace those very ugly seat cover and make magic to get a very nice one in the end. Hubby can’t fully explain it well to me so he said one day he will bring me to his friends upholstery shop and let me watch on how do they do it. Yey! I am so excited!

Signs That You’re Addicted To DrawSomething


This is so cool and funny!  I guess I am addicted to Drawsomething too!

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

We are here at Casa Basilisa Resort. Having a dip at the pool with my husband's family. The fresh air is so calming. Even Hans is sleeping so peacefully. But sometimes it is so hot, this resort should get the outdoor ceiling fans at PalmFanStore.com. I saw beautiful ones in their site. For sure this resort will be a hit if they install an outdoor ceiling fans in each cottage.

Metal Coat Rack


I remember we have a metal coat rack when we are still little and we hang all of our hats there. Not much of a coat hanger but a hat hanger! hahahaha! I can’t remember if we have a photo of that. And I am sure I won’t be able to find it if ever we have a photo of it anyways! I am just reminiscing those wonderful time when I was a kid when I saw these metal coat racks from CoatRacks.com. They are so nice! Perfect for a beautiful home! I wish I have one too here in our house. For sure Cate and Hans will have fun hanging their hats there too! We’ll see if we can get one at the mall soon.

American Idol Top 6


Wow Jessica Sanchez is still on Top 6! Woot!

Go Jessica Sanchez!

I love supporting fellow Filipino. And we are so proud Jessica made it to Idol and even made it to Top 6! She is one talented young lady. I love her! She has great and powerful voice. If only voting is possible here in the Philippines, I will surely vote for her.

Can’t wait for the next performance next week!

Grocery Shopping

We went to Embarcadero last Sunday with the family to get some groceries at Puregold. I heard they are having a sale there so we opted to get the groceries there. We got some home care products, toiletries and some snacks to fill up the pantry. I am happy that we got new stocks of food this week. I love seeing the pantry full of canned foods, junks and biscuits. But I totally forgot to get bread. I got spreads but I forgot the bread! Ugh! Now we need to go back and buy the bread at the bakery.

Back to Sleep

I want to go back to sleep right now. But I still need to finish I think two more blog posts. I need to hurry up so I can still go back to bed before the sun comes up. It is already 4:34am and I hope to sleep for at least an hour or two before my two babies wakes up. Wish me luck on this one. I need to rest!

Gifts for Girls

Now I remember today was also my friend's birthday! I should get something for her later. I will have to look at the newly opened gift store near our place later. Maybe there is something I can get for her there.

It is so nice to pick gifts for girls than with boys. I always had a hard time thinking on gift ideas for boys ever since. Thank God no boy friends will celebrate birthdays in the near future. If there is I will just give them a T-shirt. haha! A very lousy idea. Ugh!

Cup Cake Design Ideas


I have been browsing Pinterest for some cup cake design ideas for my son’s monthly birthday. I decided to use cupcakes instead of the usual round or square cake that can be bought at the bakery. Why? I just want something different this time.

I found a really nice baker which can customize to the design I want. And I am so happy with the one she designed for me on my son’s 1st month birthday cup cakes. Today marks the second month of my son and later we will pick up another set of cupcakes and I am so excited!  Will post photos of the cupcake soon!

And oh that photo above is so cute! I might ask the baker to do a robot themed one.

Rocktron MIDI as a Gift for Hubby

Hubby plays the bass guitar during his teenage years. They have a band called Rubber Band. Very silly name right? Now I can see that he misses performing. I should push him to go back to his first love. And get the Rocktron MIDI which he's been dreaming of getting. I should start saving up as his birthday is getting nearer. 7 months to go. haha! I still have a lot of time to save up yey!

Graduation Day

Tomorrow will be our helper's kids graduation day. We won't be able to attend the event as the weather is unpredictable and no one will take care of Hans. Two of her kids has honor and she is so proud of them. And the other one will receive a trophy for winning the basketball tournament in school. I heard the teachers are looking for trophies at AwardsForAnything.com last time I talked to them on the phone. I guess they are looking for sponsors and was planning of asking me if I can donate a trophy or money to buy one. But she hesitated. Oh well there will always be next time.

I am also proud of our helper’s kids. They are like family to us. Their accomplishments makes me happy. Good Job kids!



This was a gift from my sister’s boyfriend who went to Bohol last month. I saw this on my friends Instagram and I was too curious on what’s the taste and i am so happy when a package from my sister’s boyfriend arrived. I asked my sis if I can take a bite and boy it was so good! This goes on my favorite food! If you are also curious on the taste you have to get one of these whether in Bohol or at your groceries if they carry it. I definitely recommend this! ♥

Our Gift to Sis

We will still celebrate the actual birthday of my sister which is today. She said she will be ordering foods at Red Labuyo Restaurant later for dinner. We told her that we will buy her cake/cupcakes. That will be our gift to her. I really wish I can give her something expensive like these titanium rings that I saw online. But we don’t have a budget for that right now. The cake will do for now. Will take lots of photos later at our mini celebration at my parents house and share it here. Later!


Happy birthday sis!

Another year has been added to your life. I hope you are having a good time on your special day.

We celebrated my sister’s birthday yesterday. Mom cooked lots and lots of food. Guests, relatives and friends went to my parents house to celebrate with us. I saw on their faces that they enjoyed the food. Mom did it again. She’s a talented cook! I wish to be like her someday. LOL!

Again Happy Birthday sis! We love you!

Before and After

I am off to read reviews on calorie burner 643 but I just want to share with you all this funny before and after photo. This was made by my darling daughter Cate. She is so funny nowadays. This was the cupcake from Hans’ 1st month celebration. I am holding this cupcake when Cate saw me and asked for it. I handed this to her and let her eat it. I took a before photo coz I know that the after photo is a silly one. And I am right, she just ate the head of Nemo. Poor little fish. LOL!


Cate Loves Books

Look at her enjoying her books. I am glad she is a book lover. She would get her books first than her toys when playing. She will look at the pictures and try to imitate them. I silently watch her and giggle when she make those funny faces imitating the picture on the book. Continue being a book lover my dear Cate. It will do good for you in the future.



New camera For Bro

My brother got a new canon DSLR. It's a 7D baby! I wondered why they got a very nice photos lately. they didn't tell us they got a new cam. And when I asked my sister in law the other day she said they bought a new cam. Very very nice camera! Now I am drooling of their new cam. I wish I can upgrade to a higher version too but we are poor right now. We don't have money for an upgrade. And right now I am thinking of getting a point and shoot cam. My DSLR is still working and gives me nice photos. Maybe I will get one of those digital canon cameras or an Olympus brand. I am still reading some reviews.

Sis is Home

My sister is now home from her weekend visit to Los Banos. She brought home our favorite Mernels cake. Thanks sis! Welcome home! The kids missed you so much! I hope you have something for them too! haha! They will be rummaging your stuff to look for a toy or something from your trip so be prepared. LOL!

Getting Married

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she is looking for some sample photos of diamond wedding rings. She is getting married in June that's why. I really do hope she got one already. If not I will recommend a site for her. I am happy that she is finally getting married. I think they are together for 8 years already. This year will be the right year for them to get married. I wish them the best and a happy married life.


Here's a photo of my baby boy.

DSC_6484 copy 2

Isn’t he adorable? He is one tiny little baby. I love to cuddle him. He is such a good boy. Lets Mama sleep and work just by being behave on the crib. He also sleeps most of the time. I love him as much as I love Cate.

still here

Sorry for not updating all of you. I am recovering very well and baby Hans sleeps most of the time. Yes I gave birth already and we are fine, just lacking sleep as of the moment. I still need to find some cufflinks for men that’s why I am still awake at 1:30am. My friend needs them not me. I am just helping him for his project. Oh well, will continue looking for a nice cufflinks and then I am off to bed. So Bye for now!



Stubborn Me

Ok I am still here. Baby Boy is also still in my tummy. 38 weeks now. Here I am looking for some hip hop clothing for a friend. Nope I don't need a hip hop clothing right now. Just being a good friend. A helper indeed. I wonder where she will need to wear that clothing. Oh well, This week I am finding it hard to sleep early. I always tell myself to go to sleep after Cate sleeps but after I sit down on my work area I can't stand up, close my laptop and sleep. Ugh! My hubby kept on reminding me that I need to rest. Bad me! Ok my two loves are now in the dreamland and I think I need to join them now.


Good Night!

MIA for a while

Ok soon I will be MIA again here. I will be giving birth in a few weeks. On my 37th week now. I don’t know when will I be able to blog again. I hope soon. I will try. But for the meantime please bear with me as I deliver my baby and recover from it. I hope to “see” you all again here soon.

Ah Spa!

I wish we have spa at home so I won't have to travel for 30-45 minutes to go to the nearest one. It is so relaxing to go to a spa. A simple nail cleaning is relaxing to me. What more if I will have the massage too. I will need that after a few month of giving birth.  It will relax me for sure. And to prepare too for the unending mommy duties.

If you are looking for spacoverdirect spa covers then you all should visit www.spacoverdirect.com. They have all the nice covers for your spa. Will suggest this site for a friend who is looking for a cover the other day.

I am Thankful


I am thankful for my family.

I am thankful for my ever supportive husband.

I am thankful for the food I am eating right now.

I am thankful for nice quiet afternoon while my daughter naps.

I am thankful for my beautiful sweet daughter.

I am thankful for my little baby boy inside my tummy who is coming out soon.

I am thankful for the internet, I get lots and lots of information in it.

I am thankful for my friends.

I am thankful for everyday.


I am just waiting for my downloads to finish and I am off to bed. So for the meantime I am just here checking FB and twitter from time to time and looking at these beautiful outdoor gazebo that a friend share on my email. I am looking for some inspirations on the design as hubby wanted the carpenter to make one for our house. I am too excited for this project. I just hope it will be finished before I give birth or if so I will just enjoy it after the baby is born. Will just have to rest and heal the wound for a week or two. Wish me luck!

Please Go Away Cough!

My two loves (hubby and Cate) has cough right now. I am worried with their condition so I asked hubby yesterday that we go to the doctor and have them checked. Now they are taking their meds and I do hope that they will be better soon. I don’t want to give birth and worry about their health. Please pray for my two love ok? Thanks!


Ok it is 12:12am already I am still awake. Hubby told me to go to sleep already but I disobeyed him. Shhhh... I still need to find those al capone cigars for a friend. And I am scrapping gallery hopping right now. I need inspiration to scrap. I wanted to finish an album for Cate before the second baby arrives. But in a week? I don’t think so.

Ready To Pop!

I am now on my 36th week and I guess I am ready to pop. But I still need the baby to grow inside so he will be healthy when he says “Hello World!”. A few more weeks and I will meet our little bundle. Cate is excited to see him. We are too!

Will post pics as soon as I am cable of doing so.

Wish me luck!

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