February 2010

The Grand bebot EB

That picture above tells you how fun we had last Friday and Saturday. It was one big and happy EB with my dear friends online. I am so happy I belong to this group. I am so blessed with good friends. I treasure them so much. We talked about almost everything from scrapbooking, online work, family life, computers, iphone, foods we love, shopping and even about getting a home insurance quote to our favorite insurance site. We are all talking at the same time it is even impossible to hear everything. haha!

Update on Digiscrapping

I am on a roll last week and made 5 LO in a day! I haven't done any scrapping like that for a year I think! I guess mojo was here with me and I really do hope it will stay. I also learn more in this hobby of mine. Been to a lot of great galleries and I don't stop until I get what I want to do with my LO. I just hope I can also learn how to design beautiful kits. I only got too little time this year. Sigh!

Hair Loss Treatment

One of the things that loses self confidence is dealing with hair loss. It is never too easy to deal with this problem. Sometimes you will just not attend a gathering because you know that they will just criticize your hair. Or maybe it will affect your performance at work. But thank God there are hair loss treatment which you can get online. Now you have solution to your problem.

Mirror Check

I am wearing sleeveless shirt today and as I face the mirror to check on how I look, I suddenly noticed how big my arms are! Oh my! Do I need the alli diet pills now? I guess yes! Ugh! Was not good in my diet I guess. I barely see difference on my body right now. I hope I got discipline in this. I will try again on this one and keep your fingers crossed so that I will see difference next time I check on my mirror. Thanks!

The effort to be beautiful

Valentine's day was celebrated yesterday by most of Filipinos and I am sure a lot of girls have used their acne solutions a week before their romantic dates. Of course they can't be ugly when their dates pick them up at their house right? So a lot took effort in beautifying their faces. I saw at the TV that many went to a fancy restaurant and some spend at the park.

Reduce Belly Fat

Yaiks! With all the parties we attended last week I can see my belly fats now! I don't have one until I gave birth to my son. And it didn't go away even if I tried to exercise. So I am off to research more on how to reduce belly fat. I have this good friend on the net who always tells me on what's the best way to go on a diet. So I might contact her soon.

Poor Me

When I was a child I always noticed what the guards of the entrance of the parking area does whenever we go in. They got this mirror with long handle and placed it under our car. I always ask dad what they are doing to our car. i got worries as they might do something to our car. Dad told me it is for security purposes. It is only now that I learned to know that those mirror are called convex mirror. Poor me I know!

Paris Vacation

If you can give me a free vacation rental paris if I go there maybe I will think about saving up to go to Paris. haha! I really want to go outside of the country trip with hubby and Paris is like heaven and I really want to see the Eiffel tower in person. Sigh!

It's 3:30pm already and I am starving. Might go out of my sister's room and get a snack. Later!


I remember back in High School someone is calling me Candy. My second name is Dulcie and "Dulce" is the native word for candy in our place. They thought I was named after the sweet desert. But no I was named after my mom's aunt who's name is Dulcie. But I am a sweet person so the name fits me well. haha!

Trash Organization

Way back in Elementary, High School and College we we're taught on how to segregate our trash. Wouldn't it be nice if we all have these trash cans? The world will be super clean and less trash in the streets right? I'll buy something like that and print labels in it. Cool eh?

To Buy Gold

It's 2:30am already. Hubby has fallen asleep 5 hours ago and here I am, still up and still browsing sites on how to buy gold bullion. Thank God there's www.usgoldbureau.com to help me educate myself on this topic. It is easier when you have someone to inform you on things you need to know. I wanted to read more about gold investment as I am thinking of trying to invest on these precious metal. As well all know gold increases its value overtime and it is easier for me to do than investing in land. I'll still read more and lets see if I will dive into this investing thing. Wish me luck!

Blackberry Bold

Dad got a new blackberry bold as his new phone last week. I so wish I own one too! I wanted to replace my super old phone with a new high end and updated cellphone. And two on my list is the Iphone and the Blackberry. Either of the two will do. For now this will be a dream. I will just wait for Santa to give me this as his gift.

An Xbox

I am still wishing in owning an xbox. I see a lot of friends getting theirs already and I am sad I was left behind already. Oh well this is going to be on my wish list forever. Unless we will have a baby boy soon. Because I am pretty sure his dad will get him that. I will just wait and hope that we will be blessed soon. Good luck to us!

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