May 2007

Updates on me

Whew! I've been gone for so long. It really pissed me off whenever I think that we have no internet connection in our new house. The Telephone company said our place has no connection or internet line. Huhuhuhuhu! I miss my pc and surfing the net! wahhhhh!!!

Yesterday was my second visit to the OB. I had my first ultrasound. I am new to this since the time that I am pregnant to Huey I didn't have an ultrasound to him when I was in my weeks of pregnancy. I think I am on my 7 months already when my doctor told me to ultrasound him to see what is the gender. I am so happy to see my very little baby on the monitor. He/She is so tiny. And she has heart beat already. I am now on my 6 week and continue having morning sickness. I still don't crave for a certain food but I eat a lot! Like for every 2 hours I think? hahahah! I am happy reading text messages from hubby (He is in Manila right now. 11 days already ) saying I do take care of myself ad our baby. I am also happy that so many people are saying I am so lucky and blessed. I am happy recieving advice from friends and relatives about my pregnancy. I am happy GOD gave me a chance to be a mom again after what happened to Huey. I miss him so much! I am just plain happy to everything that is happening to me right now. A loving and patient husband, a new house, a very supportive family, and most of all my little peanut, a great blessing from God.


I have a new LO to share to you. It wasn't good I know, but I have to share to you the first picture of my little peanut! I am so happy!

I will be MIA!

I will be MIA (Missing in Action) here on my blog. I won't be able to update this for I think 2 weeks or more. We already moved to our new house and I have no internet connection there. Huhuhuhu! I will miss blogging and surfing the internet.

This day was the blessing of our house. It was fun and super tiring... Will share pictures next time...

To my scrapbook friends... I will see you on scrapfest. Bye for now!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Happy Mom's Day to all mom's out there! To my mom thank you for the lessons you gave me and for caring me when I was still young... and up to now. I love you so much Mom!

Book Keeping Help

I can always see mother-in-law suffering from headache and migraine because of officework and accounting stuff in their family business. She was the only one who works on the office and I think she really need help! Sometimes I am there to help her but my time is not always available to help her. Specially now that I m already pregnant I cannot help her everyday. So, I wanted to recommend to her and solve her book keeping problems. And get help!

Accounting Paradise will help all businessman with their book keeping and payroll problems. And there is a discount if you purchase Quickbooks from them.

So guys I know a lot of you need help in your businesses, go to and get help with your book keeping.

The Living Room

Here is the picture of our living room painted with the color yellow. I am loving this house already! wohoo!


How I wish I am lucky enough to win the lottery! If ever I win i will buy lots and lots and lots of scrapbook stuffs I ever wanted. LOL! I am such an addict in terms of scrapbooking. I wanna have everything if only I have lots of money.

I found this online site that gives contests and lets you win a prize. It was is offering you the chance to win a huge array of prizes in their online contests! The contest prize values range from $10 to $600 and will be displayed in each contest. These online contests are open exclusively to members of It's free to join. Just sign-up. Once you're a member, you can enter each contest once via the WhoGetsTM website. There's nothing to buy and no offers to complete. You will never receive spam e-mails. There will be hundreds of contests.

The online contests take places in two phases: the semi-final round and the final round. The semi-final round will usually last for 7 to 14 days. During that time, the product to be awarded is displayed and any member can enter the contest to win it.

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If you wanna try your luck, go to and have fun!

Invitation printed and was sent out

I already printed the invitation for the House Blessing on Tuesday. I asked mom yesterday if she can bring it to the developing shop in Legazpi City. The invitaion was printed 25 copies. Yah I have a few guests. This is just a little celebration to our little house! LOL! And when mom arrived last night, I am happy to see the invitations. I am so proud of it since this is my first invitation made in photoshop. I made the envelopes since mom wasn't able to buy it in the city. They are already sent to the guests this morning. Here's the picture of it:

Mohter's Day gift to mom

Mother's day is getting nearer. It's on sunday already!!! And I have to say I haven't planned nor prepared anything for mom yet. I can't think of what to give to her since she has everything already. Last mother's day I gave her roses and she was so touched by it. I don't wanna give her another roses again this time. I have two mothers already (my mom and my mother-in-law) so I am preparing two gifts. Gosh this is really hard! I also gave mother-in-law roses last mother's day so I won't be giving her the same also.

I am thinking of giving my mom coupon codes in Home Decorators Collection for Mother's Day since she was a home decor addict! LOL! I surfed the net and found a very great coupon codes to Home decorators Collection. So, to my friends who are regular visitors of my blog... Do you have gifts already to your dear mothers? If I were you go to Coupon Chief and grab the many coupons to Home Decorator Collection site. Your mom will surely love and appreciate it! Oh and also pay for the things she picked there! LOL!

My entry to scrappinmom's challenge

This is my entry to scrappinmom's challenge for May. It is entitled Flowers Bloom in May. We are asked to do a LO with lots and lots of flowers in it. I made this before the challenge was announced so I am very lucky I won't be doing a LO anymore for this challenge. LOL!

On the picture is our nanny's daughter named Be-Ann. She was really wacky! Whenever I say to her "Be-Ann, Where's your teeth?", she will immediately show me her tongue!!!! I really don't know why she do that. Maybe she thinks that her teeth was her tongue! really really funny girl!

I used Basic Grey papers here and lots and lots of flowers... Goodluck to me!

Invitation and our Room

I made an invitation for our Little House warming on tuesday. You are all invited! LOL! Here:

I will print this today and give it tomorrow. I am so excited with our move on Sunday! The house is still on painting part... hihihi! Our room was painted green and the living room up to the kitchen will be painted yellow... Here is a picture of our room... I so love the colors!

OB Check up

Yesterday I went to my OB-gyne for my first check up. The doctor was recommended to me by my Aunt. She was indeed a great doctor. I am comfortable talking to her. She interviewed me and gave me prescriptions. She gave me FOLIC ACID to take for three months. I will be back there on May 28 for my next check up and ultrasound. I am really excited to this pregnancy thingie. Its been 3 years since I felt this way again. This is so amazing. I really love it!

Lately Jun was so sweet to me, giving me everything I want and taking care of me. He was so happy that I am now pregnant. He is smiling a lot lately. Very very proud dad just like when I concieved Huey. We told our relatives already and they are so happy. I also texted mother-in-law and she said to take care of myself and our baby. Everyone was so happy with the good news. I am sure this baby will be loved a lot by so many.

I've been eating like I haven't eaten for years! LOL! I was like eating every 2 hours!

Ok will rest already, my back hurts already... I will update you guys again next time about me being preggy! =)

The GOOD news revealed!!!!!

Here's the good new guys!

Color-Frilly by Bren Taylor-Boone, Vintage Photo Frame by Nancy Comelab, Alpha by Lauren Reid.

Font: Fancihand

May 4, 2007. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning with a doubt on why my
period hasn’t visited me yet. So I got the pregnancy test and went to the
bathroom. I was shaking when I saw 2 lines on it. I was so happy. I wanted
Jun to be the first one to know that I am already pregnant so I shut my
mouth for a dayJun was on the way home from Manila at the time so I
texted him that I have good news. When he finally arrived, I showed him the
pregnancy test. I went out to get him a coffee, And when I entered the room
he was smiling from ear to ear. He cannot believe what he saw and he kept
on asking me if it is really true. When he saw me smiling he said it was really
good news! I hugged him and told him that we will be 3 again! I felt happy at
the time because after Huey died we are hoping for another baby to fill the
loss. We miss Huey so much and now that he is already a “KUYA” I know
he is now happy. Huey will forever be our first born. We want our next child
to know that he/she has a “KUYA” up there in heaven. We will love this
child just they way we loved Huey.


Yes I am pregnant! =) I am really really happy for this blessing that God has given us. Jun was happy too! He was so surprised when I told him the good news. Please do pray for this baby that he/she will be a normal baby. We are longing to be called "Mama" and "Papa" someday! =)

I won!!!!

Yey I won!!! Aggie made a challenge at Phpdigiscrapper forum. I Joined in since no one is submitting their LOs. I submitted this LO:

The judges we're co-CT members of Aggie. I would like to thank them for picking my LO. Thank you so much! BTW, I won $10 for winning the second prize. Aggie already gave me the GC to my choice of digistore. I am still choosing what to purchase. I am so happy! Thanks Aggie! And Congratulations also to Joy who won the first prize ($30) and Buge who won third prize ($10).

Good News!

Stay tuned here on my blog because I have a very very good news to all of you! I will go to sleep now because Jun will be here at 3am. He went to Manila for a Bus transaction. I miss my Honey so much!

TTFN everyone! Mwuah!

How was my day?

Well I spent it cooking and cleaning in our soon to be house. The target date of our move is getting nearer (before May 15,2007). I am happy seeing the whole house transform to a newly built house. Right now it is being painted. Our bedroom is already half finished. I wanted the color green in it. And the color yellow to the living room and to the kitchen. The exterior will not yet be painted because we are already short of money. I hope I could show you some pictures but our camera is still with my sister-in-law. She's still in Manila. She will be coming here on sunday so I hope next week I can show you already the house.

What did I cook today? It's "giniling na baboy". Honey said it tastes good but I am not happy with the result. I think my recipe lacks more taste. I really need more practice in cooking. I also made "pansit" for merienda. That is my specialty. heheheh! It may not be the best "pansit" but i am proud to say that it tastes good. =)

Tomorrow I will be there again because Jun is in Manila right now. He will be back tomorrow evening. I will be supervising the workers there. And cook them foods. Wish me luck!

Tah tah for now!!

Newest digital LO's

Here are two of my newest Digital LOs... I made this in memory of my little angel Huey. I had a hard time doing this because just by seeing Huey's pictures really made me teary. The jounaling is really from my heart.

Thank You
I made this LO to thank my husband for always being there for me.

Home Life kit by Jessica Bolton, Swirl by Digitalgirl design, Alpha by Traci Sims (freebie).
Font: Dear Joe four, Carpenter ICG

I am deeply sad when our
little angel died but you we're
there for me. You are the one
who comforted me,. You always
say to me that we have to let
go of him because he is
already resting. And he is with
our creator. I thank you for
always understanding me and
for being there for me. I
always admire how you take
things positively. Thank you so
much honey! We lost our first
born but I assure you that
I will give you another one
or two or three? And we will
love him like how we loved
Huey. I love you so much

This is a LO about my son who passed away last March 10, 2007. It was really hard to do this LO. I was tearful when I saw this picture of Huey. he will forever be in our hearts!

When Huey died it was the shocking moment of our lives. We
cannot accept the fact that he was already gone. It was
really really hard to think that we cannot hug and kiss him
anymore. But life must go on. We needed to rest for a while
and compose ourselves again. We missed Huey almost everyday!
But we kept ourselves busy so that we won’t be thinking of
him anymore. Huey will always be a part of our lives. He will
be missed forever. He will never be forgotten and we will have
him deep into our hearts. Dear son always remember that Papa
and Mama loves you so much! We miss you!

Miles kit, Swirl by digitalgirl design at digiscrapshak.

Font: CK handprint, Carpenter ICG


My blog is now PR(page rank) 2!!!! Woohoo! I am so happy to see that my blog got PR2. I opened my blog to check messages and comments. And then I scrolled down and say that my PR is now 2! I thought I was dreaming! LOL! So I asked my friend Aggie what is the site to check my PR... And guess what? It was really PR2!!!! wohoo! I was jumping in front of my pc and honey was happy for me too. He congratulates me. =)

Having a high PR is good to me since I am earning from blogging. I needed to have a high PR so that many OPP(opportunity) will be assigned to me.

So now! OPP here I come! LOL!

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