New Job

A friend want to get a new job and he wanted those Network Engineer Jobs that he saw online. Well 2012 is coming and I hope he will get what he wants. I will just wish him good luck as a lot of newly graduates are applying as well. Competition is tough.

So good luck to all of you who are applying for a new job!


I wonder what 2012 has for me. I hope everything will be good, for my family, my two babies, my husband, my friends, my career and myself. I am so excited to welcome the new year!

2012, please be good to me okay?

Happy New Year everyone!

No Gift for Hubby

I have no gift for hubby last Christmas. Bad wife eh? Was thinking of getting him some revell model cars, but I ran out of budget so my gift will be late. I just told him to wait for my gift until Valentines Day so he won’t expect in January. hahaha!!!

I have no gift for myself too. =( Oh well will just buy something for myself when I have the money. Times like this, when money arrives, I will buy something for Cate and the baby boy in my tummy than buy something for myself. That’s the life of a mother.

Alive na Alive!

I am posting updates on my twitter. Ako na ang madaldal dun. Parang tanga lang ako lang nagpopost ng ganitong oras. hahahah!

Ok I am wide awake at 1am. Monitoring my sick baby Cate. As of this writing her temperature is down to 37.8 from 38.6. I hope my baby will get well soon. I am panicking again in times like this. I don’t want anything to happen to her. Trauma from Huey’s situation way back then. =(

Ok will keep myself entertained by tweeting and checking FB. Need to be awake to monitor my sick baby. Later!

Happy Mommy

I was looking for a free youtube downloader the other day as mom wants me to save the video of her friend to her PC. Thank God I found a good one. Now mom is happy viewing her friends video on her PC. I made my mom’s day! Yay!

Ok it’s time for me to browse some digital scrapbooking galleries as I badly need mojo to create a page now. I need to remove stress from my body! This Holiday Rush is stressing me out! Thank God I have a very supportive husband who asked me if I want to go to the mall and finish my Holiday shopping. Now I can say that I am 100% done! yay! WTG me!

My ME Time

Ok here I am working at 1am.

I need to finish everything even if it is a Saturday… err… Sunday I mean. My two loves are sleeping already and this is my “ME” time. Or should I saw my working time. I can only touch my laptop for a while when my daughter is awake, so this is my time to work and catch up on my cyber world.

My gosh there are so many things happened in just a day. The CDO tragedy, politics, Christmas party photos being shared on FB, new items for sale on my favorite FB shops and so many other things. I need to breathe first and take in all of these things. Sheesh!

Ok will work first and then browse FB for some updates. Later!

Proud Friend

A friend emailed me the other day telling me her wish list for Christmas. I was asking her to list down her wish list so I will know what to give her this year. I asked her why there's no camera wish in her list. She said she got the fuji finepix that she was dreaming of last Black Friday. And I am so happy for her. And the money she used to buy for that dream camera is from her own savings. I am so proud to be her friend. She is so dear to me, her accomplishments are joy to me.

Happy Sunday!

Today we went to Embarcadero with my family. We had a great time bonding with each other. I love times like this. I can spend more time with my love ones. After a week of not seeing each other it feels great to laugh and talk to them. I wish we can do this more often.

And as much as I want to shop there I just can't because I don't have money. haha! I saw a nice dress and I wish it will fit me right now. If only I am not pregnant I know that it will fit me. =) Along with the dresses, I also saw some sports trophies which reminded me of the donation letter that was handed to me the other day. Oh well, it will be needed next week so I will just buy next weekend.

I hope your Sunday is spent with your family too.

Happy Sunday ya all!

Wedding Invitations

My sister handed to me one of the two wedding invitations on her hand last month. It was the wedding invitation of my dear classmate from elementary. It’s been years since I saw her and I am happy she still remembers me. I really would like to come but I can’t. I don’t have someone to look after Cate and second, I don’t have something to wear. I don’t like wearing dresses now that I am pregnant . I think I am having a boy as I feel ugly all the time! haha! I just let my sister give our gift for the newly weds.

Black Friday Sale

Last Black Friday I shopped a lot and I don't think I have the budget right now. Work is slow right now and I didn't save up as well. =( So it will be a sad Black Friday for me. Will look forward to the next one and I promise I will save up for that. I have a lot on my wish list right now. I hope to slash it all off next time.

Happy shopping to those who are planning to shop this coming Black Friday. I will just be contented with window shopping this time. =)

Opal Birthstone

I don't know all the monthly birth stone but I know mine and Cate's. It is only now that I learned that those who were born in October have Opal birthstone. haha! Oh well I should have given my cousin an opal birthstone jewelry instead of the simple birthday greeting that I posted on her Facebook. Oh well there will always be next year!

I am saving up for these lovely:


1 More Week To Go!


And we will have a Purr-fect Hello Kitty party for my baby. I can’t wait! I am one excited mom right now! I planned this for my little one and I hope she will enjoy this party. I know she won’t appreciate it now that she is still young but she will when she grows up and see those nice pictures of her. I will be the happiest mom when the time comes that I will be seeing her browse those pictures with a smile.

Advance Happy Birthday my baby Cate!

My Friend, The Photographer

I am so happy for my friend who is now a photographer. She is so good! She told me she has now a lot of bookings including next year! I never imagined her being like that. She is not a fan of photography before. And she told me that she is a fan of raleigh wedding photographer and plans on doing wedding sessions soon. She is right now a party photographer. Tried doing wedding shoots last year and she said she loved doing it! i hope when my sister's time to marry she will be available. I wish her good luck and more bookings. I am so happy for her!

Look Mama!


"Look Mama I have a baby in my tummy also!"

I laugh whenever I saw this picture of Cate. One afternoon, we we're playing at the bedroom with her ball given by her aunt and then I put it inside her onesie and she loved it. She was giggling while the ball is inside her onesie. I think she is happy to be like Mama too!

My baby is getting bigger and bigger day after day. It is just a few months ago when I gave birth to her! And now we are busy preparing for her 1st birthday! I just hope after I blinked my eyes she won't be telling me that she is applying for the Network Architect Jobs. Yikes! I will be old by then!

Broken Car Speakers

As we we're travelling this morning from Naga City our car speakers got broken. Now we need to scout for a new one. But replacement will be on hold as we don’t have money yet to buy a new one. Not a very good timing! I hope hubby is ok with it. We need to wait 2 more months to buy a new speakers. He will just have to sing so he will be entertained while driving the car. haha!

Garden Gnome

I again saw the garden gnome that was so cute this afternoon in Naga City. Whenever we pass by that house I see to it that I will see that gnome. That house garden inspires me. I hope to do it on our future garden too! I will have to scout on where is the best place to order that garden accessory soon in my place. I hope to find one. Wish me luck!

Update on Birthday Preps

What's up with my baby's first birthday preparations? I already bought her loot bags! woot! At least I have something accomplished! My next target is the invitation and the tarpaulin. I need to do the layouting and gave them printed. Buy envelops and send them first week of October. I still need a lot of things to do. Must do them one by one or else I won't accomplish them in time. I wish I have magic powers so that in just one click everything is done. Sigh!

Hosting A Halloween Party

When I visited my aunt last Thursday she told me if we can celebrate our Halloween party at our house. I want to do some Halloween decorations there too so it will be a perfect time to celebrate it there. But when I told hubby about it he was having second thoughts. He said it was too messy here. We won't be able to host a party yet. =( But who knows, October is still 2 months away from now. We can slowly remove the mess and prepare for the upcoming party!

Now time to get those boxes out of our garage!

No Phone for 4 Days

My iPhone died last month and I don't know what to do since I was so afraid to jailbreak it myself. My phone is my life and I can’t do anything without it. I was tempted to have it repaired at the local repair shop for cellphones who was also selling cell signal boosters, but due to the fee they were asking me, I was having second thoughts. A friend emailed me the steps on how to jailbreak my phone. I tried and what a surprise I did it! It was not so complicated as I was expecting it. My friends congratulated me and I am so happy. Now I don’t need to pay a very expensive fee just to jailbreak and unlocked my iPhone. Woot!

The Ikea High Chair

high chair copy

This high chair was really durable. It has been used by 4 babies in 4 years! I love that my baby Cate and the baby on my tummy can still use this one. No need to buy a new one. Saves us a lot of money and time. My brother bought this in Ikea Kuwait and was brought here via balik bayan box. Cate loves to stay in this high chair. She is so behave when she is here. I can cook, do the dishes and even sweep the floor. I hope my next baby will love this high chair as much as her Ate loves it.

Graduating Soon

Soon I will be expecting 2 graduation invitations, one from a dear friend and one from my cousin who will graduate from collage this October. That is if I am really invited but according to our latest conversations they want me to be there on their special day. I love attending graduations. It feel like I am the one graduating again. It is one of the most treasured celebrations in one’s life. I am sure this 2 celebrations will be grand as they are both an only child. Congrats to you both my dear!

Thrilled With the News

My friend messaged me on YM and was thrilled with the news that I am pregnant again. She is one of the closest friend I have and I forgot to tell her as soon as I found out. yes what a great friend I am. Thankfully she is ok with that and she understands. I am happy to have a friend like her. I hope to find more friends like her. She said she will just finish browsing the site www.wholesaleinsurance.net and then she will visit me later. I cannot wait to see her!



I am craving for a Misua right now and it is just 9am!!! My goodness! I must go to the grocery and get some ingredients for this so I can cook this later for lunch. I have a very weird taste right now that I am pregnant again. My mind doesn’t cooperate with my taste buds. After eating what I think I like to eat for the day, my taste buds rejects them. =( I don’t know if I am gaining weight or not. I am always hungry. This baby inside me is getting all the food in my tummy and all the energy I have. Poor Mama!

Pregnant Again

I am now allowed to wear maternity clothes once again as I am 8 weeks pregnant already. Yes that fast! This is totally unplanned but this is what God planned for my family. I am worried at first because Cate is still a baby and I wanted to spend more time with her alone. But after some advice from friends and families i was able to accept that we will be going to be 4 already! And we are so grateful with this blessing that God gave us. Thank you Lord!


I wanna eat dinner now. I am so hungry already! huhuhu!

Will just preheat the rice on the rice cooker and put the soup in the microwave oven and then we are ready to eat. I will continue my hunt for some cheap hp laserjet ink cartridges for our printer later. Thank God Cate is sleeping. I can finish this blog first and eat dinner with hubby. I heart my free time whenever my baby is sleeping. I can move and do house chores at the same time. I know it will take time to gain my freedom back as Cate is just 8 months old right now. I am committed to taking care of her and see to it that she grows up well. I hope I am being a good mom to her.

Ok time to go to the kitchen now and satisfy my hungry tummy. =)


Ever since Cate was born I haven't visited the movie house yet. I missed watching new movies at the big screen. Now what I do to catch up on great movies being shown is that I download them online and watch it with hubby before going to bed. I am currently downloading 3 movies and hopefully it will finish soon so I can watch it in our house. Internet here at my parents house is faster than my connection at home. Now I will just do some researching on where to buy feather flags and then I am off to look for a new movie for downloading. Tah tah!



I want to have a soup for my lunch today and thank God our maid cooked Kusido. It was really delicious I almost had my second take. But I was full already so I stopped myself. I love having a sour Kusido. I love the soup with lemon in it. There is still a few left for dinner but I din’t eat it as I wanted to try another menu that our maid prepared today. I had b-b-q for dinner. yum!


As I was looking for the toro zero turn mowers for dad, I was distracted by the loud sound from outside. Turn out it was my husband who was testing his newly formed motorcycle. Great! Cate is now wide awake because of that. I always got bothered by loud sounds. It is really irritating to the ears! What more to a sleeping baby. I need to tell the husband to keep it low. Now I need to attend to my irritated baby. Bye for now!

Slowest to the Highest Level

My internet that is. It takes forever to load a page! I need to work plus check a lot of things right now. My time is very limited in using the internet as I am the only one taking care of my daughter. I need to take advantage of the time while she is sleeping. I need to move fast but what can I do if this internet is not cooperating? Argh!!! You are so smart SMART!

Where oh Where?

I was looking for the other day the brand name baby monitors that i got from a friend. Hubby said he kept it but cannot remember where. Oh well it will just show up when we aren't looking for it. we will just wait for it to come out. hahahahaha!

I am hungry already! And the best thing is that I am lazy to get up and get something to eat. I will just drink some water later. That will satisfy my hungry tummy.

From A Despedida Party

I was looking for some blackhawk holsters when my sister came home from a despedida party of a friend. It's already 1am! Oh well she is big already and she can handle herself now. Unlike before where dad will have to fetch her from the venue.

I am still wide awake at 1am. I am finishing some tasks because it is due already. I cannot do this if Cate is awake as I won’t finish it on time. Now I am almost finish and I will hit the sack later.

Good night/morning everyone!

A Friend’s Offer

While checking on the rv insurance site, A friend messaged me on YM that she was selling some imported brand of colonge. I am not allowed to wear any perfume or cologne as Cate’s pedia said she will just develop her asthma with that. So I opted not to wear one anymore. I just told my friend that I will pass this time. She offered to me the other time some soap and I got some as a gift for friends. My daughter’s health is more important to me now than smelling good. =)

Long Nap

Today I worked longer hours on my laptop. Cate’s afternoon nap was longer than the usual. Thank God! I was able to scrap and check my facebook account. I guess she was catching up on the lack of sleep the other night. She kept on waking up in the middle of the night. I was trying to join her to take a nap but sleep was no where to find! Ugh! I closed my eyes but nadah I am not that sleepy. So I just worked and scrapped. I wasn’t able to finish my layout but I am thankful I was given a chance to start a page. will share them here soon.

Cate’s Sleeping Pattern

Before I read these oxyelite pro side effects I would like to tell you all that I am so lucky that Cate is a good baby. She sleeps most of the time. I love it so much! I can work, check my FB, delete my unimportant emails or scrap while she is sleeping. I also have time to clean our bedroom or prepare her bathing paraphernalia. I also have time to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thank you so much Cate for being a good baby. Mama and Papa are so happy that you belong to us. You are one amazing baby girl! We love you so much!

Breakfast Yesterday


I usually wake up when Cate is awake already. That's like 6 or 7am. I take care of Cate first, change her diapers, feed her and put her back again to sleep. After that I will take my breakfast and go online.

Yesterday morning my routine got messed up when I slept late that night and hubby took Cate when she woke up. So I think I got up at 8am, went online and surf the web for the look of an exam table while Cate is sleeping again. Why I was looking for an exam table? It was on my dream! I wanted to see what it looks like. Maybe that way I can remember why there is an exam table on my dream. haha!

Oh the photo above is making me hungry now at 2:30am! Yaiks!

They Left Us

My sister with my brother’s family went to the mall and they left us. Well, we opted to be left behind by the way. I don’t have money to spend that’s why. haha! And oh my husband is working on a weekend. Ugh!

I already did the grocery the other day and the pending “to buy” on my list can wait till next week anyways. My sister’s agenda at the mall is to bring her puppy named Xia for a vaccine and my brother’s family will take Nadine, their child, to the arcade. They will also check an exam table for my sister in laws friend. And I have work to finish because it is the deadline today. Will just visit the mall next weekend. Enough of being sad about being left at home. I love being online! =)

Something Borrowed Movie

I love the book so much so I patiently waited for the movie which was shown in theaters last May 6th. I cannot leave my baby so I just downloaded on the internet. It was not a good quality but for the sake of my curiosity I watched it. And I LOVE IT!!! You should watch it too!


 Here is the plot of the movie:

Ginnifer Goodwin plays Rachel, an unhappy, single, talented attorney working in a New York law firm. Rachel drinks too much on her 30th birthday and wakes up to find herself in bed with Dex (Colin Egglesfield}, the man whom she has had a crush on since law school. The problem is that he is also her best friend Darcy’s (Kate Hudson) fiance. Relationships are tested while a long-time trusted friend, Ethan (John Krasinski), stands by Rachel with a secret of his own The film also stars Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski and Steve Howey under the direction of Luke Greenfield.  (from http://www.starmometer.com/2011/02/19/something-borrowed-movie-poster-trailer/)

My sister is now watching it. Will ask her verdict later. Time to look for a coogi as a gift for my dear friend who will be celebrating his 28th birthday next month. Coz I might forget to get it for him.


Happy Saturday!

Today is so hot! (the sweaty kind)

I took a bath at 9am and now it’s 10:30 and my body is sticky already! Gee! I have to take a bath again later for sure!

Cate will take a bath now because I am sure she feels hot as well. The weather is crazy!!!

Instagram Love


I heart instagram so much! But right now I don't have wifi here at our house so I am not able to use my iphone to connect to the internet. I miss posting everyday photos there. I cannot wait to have a wifi connection here or go to my parents house on weekends. Thanks to the web version of the app, I can at least view the photos being shared there by my friends, comment and like it. That way I am not missing that much on the latest news on instagram. If you haven’t tried this app then I definitely recommend it.

I Cannot Live Without…

Hubby and I talked about things important in our lives. And I told him that I cannot live without my laptop and the internet. He never answered me back but I guess his answer will be his cellphone. You won't see him without his cellphone. I told him that I will Sell Gold if he leave his cell behind. But I don't have gold much more he will never ever leave his cellphone behind. haha! I am such n idiot doing a bet like that. Anyways, My two loves are sleeping already and I should be joining them now but I need to work first so can get some new clothes for my baby dear. I cannot wait to shop for her once again. I am one excited mom!

Anne’s 5th Birthday


This is our maid’s daughter Anne. She celebrated her 5th birthday last April 28th. I got her a cake and bought some bihon for her mom to cook. It was just a simple celebration but she enjoyed it so much. Nadine is her only guest but it was a great party. They played until evening. I am so happy that I made someone’s day happy. Happy birthday Anne!

Weekend at my Parents House

We always see to it that we spend time with my family every week. I love going at my parents house to catch up with them. I love hearing stories on how’s their week went. All of my family members are there. My sister who is always out is present too! We exchanged stories on the things that happened to us and I love it that I got to know that their week went good. My sister and I talked about the royal wedding. She haven’t seen the entire wedding coverage so I told her some observations I got. She told me about the personal injury lawyers Tucson later on and I was like “I don’t know anything about that topic. Change it please. haha!” I had a great weekend spent with my family and I cannot wait for next weekend. It will be another day of catching up and bonding time.

Trip to the Grocery

We went to SM save more this afternoon to get some groceries. I am with Cate, my hubby and our maids daughter. I love getting our groceries at Save More. It has less people shopping there and lots of stuff that I cannot find at the mall. Also there are fresh meat and fish which hubby and I love. Parking is not that good though as space is very limited. We did our groceries for an hour I think and that was really fast for us. I heart this store!

Bored Who?

We are back from our Holy Week Vacation. We are out for 4 days and that was really long, specially for my husband. Hubby was not complaining though but I know he is sometimes bored. Thank God there is a place there who has billiards with complete billiard supplies. He sometimes play and sometimes just watch to entertain himself. Thank God he is not that bored there while I am busy bonding with my relatives.

New LOs

It’s been a while since I shared my digital scrapbook pages here. Sorry. I was focusing on sharing my recent pages on my digital scrapping blog here: http://www.dianemiraballes.com

Visit my there too ok?

I hope you like these.



You can view these on my gallery here:


Thanks for visiting my blog!

Gorgeous Dresses

My niece Nadine will be a flower girl for the cousin of my sister in law. They will get married on April 16th. My SIl showed a photo of Nadine this evening and she is soooo cute! Too bad I cannot share it here as it is on my SIL's phone. I wonder what are the bridesmaid dresses. The dress of the flower girl is gorgeous already what more to the bridesmaids. I hope my SIL will take lots and lots of photos so I can see those dresses too. I cannot attend the wedding as I need to take care of Cate.

Beauty Help

Anyone can give me some skin care tips so I will at least have a healthy skin? I was having problems lately on why my face right now is getting a lot of pimples. Oh well I am the only one to blame as I never take care of my skin that much. I always go to sleep without washing my face. Ewwww! I am too lazy to go inside the bathroom and wash my face. And even if I do remember, I will just wash it with water and that's it.

I am thinking about how I will look like when I reach old age and I am so afraid that I will look terrible. I badly need help!

Nikon F50 Camera


My sister owns this old film camera. She used this when she's still in college and took a subject for photography. She was the one who taught me how to use my camera. She told me that it is so nice to develop a photo inside the dark room and that she misses doing it. We hope to find a dark room so she can develop great photos again. A friend of hers would like to join too! I never experienced going inside the dark room so this will be a first to me and I am so excited already! Now all we need to do is to ask around if there is available dark room with developing materials in it. And let us use the room for a day or two. My excitement is the same as getting a new PS3 Move. haha!

I heart Adobo


I super love dried adobo. Specially if our maid cooked it. I will have extra rice whenever we have adobo on our table. I can also cook this one. My MIL taught me how. And I am happy that adobo is my specialty. Though I cannot promise that it tastes good. =) haha!

Ok now I am hungry again. Will just look for an alternative on the adobo. It’s 12am already and adobo is not a good midnight snack!



My sister in law always updates us with their life in the US through photos. It feels like we live next to them even if they live miles and miles away whenever I see their photos. I remember one photo with my brother in it suited in his nursing scrubs before going to work. He was doing this very weird pose and I was laughing really hard about it. That photo made my day!

Photos are a big part in communicating these days. Even if you don’t talk to your love one orally, send them just photos and they will know how’s your life. If you are doing good or not.

Backing Up!


I am backing up all my photos and scrapbook kits on DVDs now. I am so afraid the other day when my laptop died. I was thinking this is the end of my 2 year old laptop . But when I looked at the charger it was not connected. Thank God the cause of the blackout is only the battery. I got panicked there! So even if my laptop is fine I am backing up my files. What if it is not the battery that is the problem? All my important files will be gone in a minute. Yaiks!

Pray for Japan

With all the things that are happening in Japan right now all we can do is pray. Only God knows when these calamities will stop. I just hope that 2012 is not true. I am so scared just by thinking of it!

I watch CNN to get updates on Japan. Everything is so heartbreaking! I saw some people crying and looking for their love ones. And for sure they will need the disability application later on for those who was injured my the Tsunami.

We can never tell what will happen in the future all we need to do is to help each other to move on and pray.

God Bless us all. God Bless Japan.

New Point and Shoot


Not mine though it’s my moms. =)

My mom wanted to have a new camera and she was asking me what are my recommendations. So I told her to get the LX5. This camera have great reviews plus almost all of my twitter friends have this camera. And they told me that it is worth buying. I wanted to own one too but since mom bought this already I will just get the newly released Olympus Xz-1. It is still pricey and not yet available on my favorite camera store. I will also wait for the price to lower down a little bit. =)

Birthday Plans for my Catie

Now that Cate's baptism is now finished, I can finally start planning her 1st birthday party which will be in October. I am already looking for ideas for her theme. I was thinking of a princess theme but it is too common already. I want something never done before. But the problem is if I find a theme that is unique will I be able to find giveaways and other stuffs for my baby's birthday? And also will I be able to fund it? Might try the personal loans that a friend suggested a few months ago. Gosh! all these party planning is harassing me already to think that the event is still happening in 7  months! Ok time to rest my mind first in this early planning, I have a lot of chores to do. Later!

The Impact Wrench


I asked a friend to buy this for my husband as he kept on borrowing my uncle's impact wrench. It arrived last month and hubby was so happy about it. I am not yet sure if he already used it. The last time I asked him he said he doesn't want to use it yet as it might get dirty. LOL! My husband is so funny!

He plans to try the camacho triple maduro buy online as he wants to give it to his friend who is celebrating his 38th birthday in April. Men are really more on either gadgets, tools or cigars.



Cate is now a Christian.

She was baptized last February 27th at St. Jude Thaddeus Church in Legazpi City. The celebration went well. Guests enjoyed the event and we are so glad they did. Kids enjoyed as well. They played with the balloons at the reception after eating. I super love the decoration of the venue which mom made. Thanks mom!

I cannot wait for the next party planning which will be Cate’s 1st birthday! And it will be in 7 months! Yaiks! I am already looking for possible theme for her party.

Recent Me

Yaiks! I saw a recent photo of me and I badly need acne scar treatments. There are scars which I never noticed before. Now they are getting larger and larger. Multiplying and invading my cheeks! My smooth face during my pregnancy are gone now. I am so sad. If only I can be pregnant all my life. hahahha! Oh well I know that with the treatment I will be fine soon.

Mom’s Bake Mac


This is my mother's yummy bake mac. You can skip taking phenphedrine first and have a bite on this one. haha! I requested mom to make one last monthly birthday celebration of Cate. And I am so happy when she started making it in the afternoon. I was so excited to taste it! Due to unavailability of ground beef, mom used corned beef instead but the taste is still good! I loved it! Hubby loved it too! I asked mom how to make this one as I am planning of making it as well when we return to our house soon. This can be a good snack for me and the husband. Oh well, this food is making me hungry, I will check the kitchen now if mom cooked dinner already.  I need to stop craving for this! There’s no available ingredient to make this right now.

I Love My Iphone!


Before I read about the pre workout supplements let me say that I am so loving my iPhone right now. I am so thankful I have it. It gives me access to internet while taking care of Cate. Specially when I am breastfeeding her. I am still in the loop with the cyber world even if I am busy. You all know that I am an internet addict and I can’t live without the internet. I stay online 24/7. It is my world and my life is in it.

And I super love the Instagram app! I can take photos of my everyday life and post it in twitter, Facebook and Flickr, so my friends are still updated with what’s happening to my life as a wife, mom, daughter and friend. I guess I can’t live without my iPhone.

Why Babies Cry While Sleeping?

Do you really get scared to hear that your baby is crying while sleeping in the nighttime, but when you go into her room and you find that she is having a comfortable sleep? Most of the mothers really get confused that what is all this? Here, we are looking to make you calm and relaxed that baby’s cry in her sleep is not a matter to get worried. It is a common exercise of all the babies and it is not a matter of big concern for the parents.

Now let us reveal you the main reasons why babies are found crying during their sleeping hour as this is important for your newborn baby care. One thing must be very clear in your mind that cry, laugh, giggle, talk etc are very common observations during infants’ sleep. As we all know that the first couple of years of the life of a baby show a very rapid ratio of their growth and most of the growth occur in the sleeping time, therefore it is very normal for a baby to cry while sleeping.

One of the main reasons for their cry in sleep is due to the pain that they feel due to the growing teeth. It is a very painful experience for every baby, so it is natural that they will cry feeling this pain.

If you have found that this is not the reason why your child is crying. Then the other possible reason for crying may be the nightmare. There is always a chance that your baby is having painful dream that is becoming the cause of her cry. Whatever may be the reason, you should not worry because it is common in all babies and not a thing for what you need to get worried.

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Now I know why Cate cries while sleeping. I am so worried she might be in hurt that's why she is crying. My poor baby. Maybe she is just having a nightmare or dreaming on the lipozene side effects that mom is blabbering about the other day. haha! Don’t worry baby I am not yet trying to take some diet pills. =)

We Matched!


Look! The colors and patterns in our clothes matched! I didn't noticed that Cate and I are wearing almost the same clothes that day. Hubby told me about it and I was shocked that we really matched! I love the color combination in the photo. I love it! Hubby took the photos and as I view it in the camera I was already thinking of what patterned paper to use when I scrap this photo. hahahha! Talk about being a scrapper mom.

And oh did you notice Cate’s legs? Makes me want to eat them as I am imagining that they are chicken drumsticks! hahahha! Never mind my thighs I need usp labs oxyelite pro for me to slim down. LOL!

Touch Screen

I love borrowing dad's iPad. I love playing smurfs in it! He got it a few months ago. And he loves it to bits! How I wish I have one too or the blackberry Playbook. But I have my iphone so I am fine for now. But bigger screen will be the best. I need to save up for that as it is my wish for Christmas. I hope Santa is reading this post so He can give my wish on Christmas.

Over Time

I should be sleeping now as Cate is in dreamland already. I need to sleep when she is sleeping so I can have the energy for tomorrow. She is getting bigger and bigger my back is aching already at night. So I should rest and sleep to charge. But my tasks are waiting for me to finish as deadline will be tomorrow and I also need to find the best radar detectors for a friend who is asking for a link on where to get it. Sigh! this is the life I should be happy with it.

Juan For All, All For Juan

I was so touched by the story of the winning entry on Eat Bulaga's Juan for all, All for Juan today. The person who was picked is a graduating student and he is already 28 years old. He went back to schooling as he wanted to have those in demand technology jobs someday. He wasn’t able to take his exam yesterday because they don’t have money for his tuition. He was so lucky to be picked today. Now he can pay his tuition and take his exam tomorrow. I am so thankful for programs like what Eat Bulaga is doing. They give chances to poor people to hope and live. Thank You Eat Bulaga!

Oh Sleep!

I am still wide awake right now. I haven't slept yet as I am finishing my work. And I am almost done with it but I still can't sleep because Cate is crying and wide awake already! Yaiks! Plus I have to search for the Velo Bind that my sister is asking me to look for. Ugh! I am sleepy already! Please! let me sleep!

Regency Beauty Institute

At Regency Beauty Institute students are taught with a unique approach to cosmetology education. With their very high end facilities, their students can learn more than to those who doesn't have facilities like they offer. Students are also taught to provide high quality but discounted salon services during their training. So why not go to their site now and read more information about this school that I am talking about. Be one of the most sought cosmetology graduate all over United States. Be a Regency Beauty institute product now!

Be sure to also visit their facebook page for more info.

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Running Shorts

I want to buy new running shorts right now. No not for me but for my friend who is into running. A few days from now she will celebrate her 28th birthday and I wanted to give her something she can use. And running shorts is what came into my mind. I just hope I can find a good one, all I see online are not that good to my eyes.


My dear friend emailed me a few days ago. She is looking for a tattoo removal cream so she can remove her ex’s name in her body. They finally broke up after so many years of unstable relationship. I am so happy she called it off. She’s been g=hanging on to their relationship for so many years already. I am glad she came to her senses, LOL! I just hope she can find the right man who will love her completely. Good Luck my friend!

No Stretch Marks

Thank God I don’t have stretch marks on my two pregnancies. I think it runs in the family that we don’t have stretch marks. Mom don’t have stretch marks too when she’s pregnant with me and my 3 siblings. Her belly still looks good now and I admire it so much. We don’t need to find the best reducing stretchmarks product online. Yey!

I remember my sister in law who has stretch marks when she carried my niece and I was like “What on earth is that!?!” It’s gross! heheheh!

Slowly But Surely

This year I promise to watch my diet. That’s my resolution for years already but I am not able to accomplish it. But this time I need to be strict and really watch what I eat. After giving birth last October I weigh a little less than my pregnancy weight now. Slowly but surely. Nope I won’t be needing those best diet pills that my friend told me. I just need to be really careful with my eating habits. I am still lazy about the exercise thing but I am getting there. Discipline is what I need to practice as well.

Happy New Year!

I know I am late with this greeting. It’s been a week after the new year started. I was too lazy to do anything maybe because of the holidays. All I do is eat, take care of Cate, surf the net and help my friend to search for some available jobs for her. I don’t have the energy to blog, scrap and clean our room. Ugh!

This year I told myself that I will scrap more and document the milestones of my baby. But due to laziness I haven’t done this goal of mine. I need to push myself to do more creative stuff. I badly need to scrap. Procrastination, please go away!

So how was your new year? Let’s talk.

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