January 2013

Little Drummer Boy

My friend's son loves to play the drums at a very early age. I think he is 7 now. Yes that early. I love it that they trained their child and followed what he really likes. Even if his passion is so expensive they still pursued his dreams. WTG my friend! They told me that the great Pearl Drums will be their gift next Christmas. Aww that is so sweet right?

Lens Tumbler


I love my lens tumbler. My sister’s boyfriend gave this to me last Christmas. Thank you!

I love drinking my milk (I am not a coffee drinker) on this tumbler every morning.

The other day the maid didn’t washed this so i asked her why. She just said she thought it was the lens of my camera! Oh how I wish I have a lens like that. haha!


I went to the mall yesterday to buy essentials for Hans' birthday coming next next week. I noticed a man looking for something at his bag. He kept on rummaging his bag but cannot find what he is looking for. I wish I can help him but I am shy and of course it is not good etiquette. And then his buddy came and I heard him asking if he knows where is his cigars. He said it is important because it is a gift from his wife that was purchased at the padron cigars online. His wife will be mad if it was lost. And then I left. I hope he find it soon. Poor man.

Two Weeks

Two weeks from now it’s my son’s 1st birthday already. I am now busy planning and preparing for that. The loot bags arrived last Saturday and I am excited to organize them. I still need to design the thank you card print then and attach them to the bags. Plus we need to buy candies and biscuits to add to the bag. I am scheduling that this weekend as our maid is here to help me. I am one excited mom! I hope my son is excited too!

Arch Support Inserts


I have a runner friend who always complain on his tired feet after running in the morning. I should have given him the best arch support inserts last Christmas. Oh well his birthday is near I will just give him that instead. Thank God i still have time to save up for that. I know it will benefit him a lot. I hope he won’t complain aching feet after his birthday. I heard this arch support inserts are the best one so lets see if he will like it. I can’t wait!


My two kids got sick since last week and i am thankful that they are getting better today. They are still in meds as cough won’t go. But thankful no more fever now. I am so worried when they both have high fever. My poor babies. =(

I Need Some Pampering!

After the Holidays my body needs to relax. All the stress and the traveling back and forth at the mall to buy gifts caused these achy body parts! And I wish I can have a hot bath in a Jacuzzi! Too bad I can only drool on the beautiful Jacuzzi's at qualitybath.com. I wish we have those here. Our shower doesn’t release hot water so we have to rely on the hot water in the kettle. LOL! But I hope to have at least a bath tub or a water heater when we construct the 2nd level of our house. Wish! wish wish! oh should I say save! save! save?

If you are also like me who needs pampering go visit qualitybath.com for jacuzzi tubs and enjoy your relaxation moment as soon as it is installed! I envy those who can right now. =(

New Bottles For Cate


We purchased new Avent bottles for Cate as the maid forgot that she was sterilizing the bottles and all of them got burned. =( She has 6 big bottles before and now counting this 2 new bottles she only have 4. I got mad with the action she did but I calmed myself and talked to her that those bottles are not ordinary ones. I just thought that it is time to replace those bottles as Cate is using it for 2 years already.

Welcome 2013!

I was looking at the photo of the maha mh-c9000 when I suddenly thought of not having to post here for January 2013. Totally no relation to what I am doing but it just popped and tadah! I haven’t blogged! And I am right It’s been a month already! Eeeekkk!!! I am so sorry for not updating this blog often. It’s just that I can’t find time to sit, think and blog my thoughts right now. I am one busy mom. But I hope to update more often this year. I think that is my resolution.

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