February 2007

I've been tagged

Rissa tagged me... So here are my answers...

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Fried Chicken This will always be my all time favorite.
Literary: Blogging I know I am not a great writer but who cares its my own blog. LOL!
Audiovisual: Princess Hours I am a fanatic of this Koreanoovela. The story was soooo " kilig"
Musical: Cuppy Cake I really love this song of Strawberry Shortcake. The voice was soooo cute!
Celebrity: Eva Longoria I just adore her sexy body and I love Desperate Housewives.

Now I tag:- liza B., Leirs, Cabbie, Nina, Pia, Ria, Janujen, Joanne and Cata.
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MIA Again

I've been MIA(Missing in action) again... hmp!!! We had no internet connection for 6 days and the telephone company was too slow to fix our telephone and the internet connection. I called them for like 3 times already. grrrrr!!! And now at last we had the connection back. I will die if there is no internet! Talk about internet addict huh! LOL!


Huey got a new haircut today. I'm sorry I have no picture to share because our digital camera is with my sister in Los Banos and my cameraphone was with Jun and he is out right now. Maybe tomorrow I can take a picture. He was sooo cute with his new haircut. I just adore my kiddo. LOL!

Jun was out today. He was with my brother. They went to Bulan, Sorsogon for a joy ride. I wish I could also accompany my husband but no one will take good care of Huey and it will be a 2 and a half hour ride to reach the place. So imagine riding a motorbike for two hours? OMG no way!!!! My butt will hurt like hell if I join them. LOL!

I was here in front of my computer all day long... Surfing and surfing and surfing.... Checking emails, Visiting and posting in forums, Uploading CT LOs.... And at the same time watching tv.


As for my scrapping I have two paper scrapbook and a lot of digital ones. I am too lazy to upload now, will do it tomorrow.

Im sick!

I have colds right now. I am pissed by this! I hate to feel sick... It makes me lazy. I just hope this will be gone tomorrow. I'll drink my medicine later. As much as possible I don't go near Huey because I might give him colds too and that will freak me out.

Im still sleepy right now. This colds makes me sleepy but I don't want to because I have tons of work to do. I haven't done my Lo for Angela and that makes me sad. So sorry Angela... I promise I will do it tonight.


Here's my new LO for Victoria Feemster. This was a scraplift to the PAPER scrapbook of my friend Pia Lopez. I scraplifted her Cradle of Love LO. I love her works so much! I am really a big fan of hers. She has nice pictures in her LO's.

This was the LO of Pia that I scraplifted. Isn't it beautiful????

Esteem Kit by Victoria Feemster
Cafe Rojo
I edited the picture. Changed the color of my top to make it purple. It was originally orange. And I Made the background to white for a cleaner look.

Happy Valentine's Day!

To all the lovebirds out there and to your husbands and wives Happy Hearts day!!! I hope all of you are happy this day and full of love...

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Huey's fever went down this afternoon. Thank God he's ok already. Right now as I wrote this blog he was playing with his gym. In fact he was smiling and laughing. He had so much fun with that toy.


My Ct duties...

This is my dad during his high school graduation in the year 1968.
Primitive Times kit by Melissa Bennett.
Carpenter ICG, Another typewriter

This cute baby was my friend Lira's daughter
Off the Wall and Itty Bitty Flowers kit by Melissa Bennett. Template by Sarah van Dyke.
CK Cursive

I made this as a gift to my Friend's daughter.
From the Love Shak Mega kit of digiscrapshak. Yellow green paper by Claudia Campbell, Polka Dot pp by Carole Neale, Pink ans yellow pp by Jannylynn, Swirls by Manuela Zimmermann, Fabrics by Amy C. Designs, Alpha Charm by Veronica Peralta, Lace and pin by Vickie, flower and ribbon by Valorie Brown.
CK Cursive

Honey went to Manila

Honey went to Manila this morning for a travel service. I am soooo sad because he won't be around Valentine's day. Last year he was absent and then this year he is still absent. wwwaaaaahhhh!!!!

I guess thats why I've been lazy about Valentine's and have no plans this past few days is because I have no one to celebrate it with. Poor me. =( =(

So my plan is to sit here in my desk and surf the internet all day on Valentine's day. huhuhuhuhu!!!!


Huey has theraphy today. He was cooperating very well with Ate Joy (theraphist). He doesn't have tantrums. And he doesn't cry that much today. He was a very good child to me this past few days... He was like sleep all by himself without the pacifier and wake up not crying and asking me to get him. I hope this would last. I was too tired when he has tantrums. I don't know what to do if he acts like that.


I've been digiscrapping a lot this past few day for my CT assignments. I was really overwhelmed by the kits they are giving us for free. I love being a CT. I love free stuffs!!!

Here's my latests:

A LO I made for my cousin.
Urban Plunge kit by Victoria Feemster, Template by Angela Sharrow, Stamped Alpha by Meryl Bartho
Highland Perk

These are some of the things I love.
This Magic Moment Kit by Victoria Feemster
DSP Pollyanna

I love this picture of my sister in Cagsawa Ruins. In the background is the famous Mayon Volcano.
Off the Wall kit by Melissa Bennett
Letter Chipboard from reto kit by Melissa Bennett
Font: DSP Pollyanna

A me and my Dad Lo. Love this kit so much! It has the feel of boyhood.
Daddy's Closet by Jannylynn of DigiScrapShak
Font: DSP Pollyanna

This was taken last March 2006. Huey's 2nd birthday.
Jealousy kit by Angela Sharrow
Font: Selfish

Princess Hours

I am loving this Korean Drama. Princess Hours is about an ordinary girl married to a prince just because of an arranged marriage. Despite the fact that they are agaisnt this marriage they end up falling inlove with each other. How sweet no?

Yoon Eun-hye & Joo Ji-hoon

Kim Jeong-hoon & Song Ji-hyo

I really like this song of Yeng Constantino...


Kung ito man ang huling awiting aawitin
Nais kong malaman mong ika’y bahagi na ng buhay ko
At kung may huling sasabihin
Nais kong sambitin, nilagyan mo ng kulay ang mundo

Kasama kitang lumuha
Dahil sa yo ako’y may pag-asa

Ang awiting ito’y para sa yo
At kung maubos ang tinig, di magsisisi
Dahil iyong narinig sa labi ko
Salamat, salamat

Sana’y iyong marinig, tibok ng damdamin
Ikaw ay mahalaga sa akin, ang awitin ko’y iyong dinggin
At kung marinig ang panalangin
Lagi kang naroroon, humiling ng pagkakataon

Masabi ko sa yo ng harapan
Kung gaano kita kailangan

Ang awiting ito’y para sa yo
At kung maubos ang tinig, di magsisisi
Dahil iyong narinig sa labi ko
Salamat, salamat

Ito na ang pagkakataon
Walang masasayang na panahon
Mananatili ka sa puso ko kailanman
Para sa yo ako’y lalaban, ako’y lalaban

Ang awiting ito’y para sa yo
At kung maubos ang tinig, di magsisisi
Dahil iyong narinig sa labi ko
Salamat, salamat


Woohoo!!!! I am on Melissa Bennett's Creative Team...

Valentine's day

I have no plans this valentines day. I just don't feel it. I dont know if Honey has any plans of going out. I don't even plan of giving him anything! Bad wife!!! LOL! I am so sorry guys don't expect me sending you an e-card either! I don't know but I just don't feel valentine's day right now. It's not that we are fighting nor I have a problem. Like I said I just don't feel it. Or am I just too lazy to feel valentines day. *sigh*


Huey never sleeps well these past few days. Like last night or should I say this morning coz its 3:30am and he is still awake... crying and crying! I don't know what's going on with him. I am still sleepy right now.


I Got good news!!!!

I am now a CT for Melissa Bennett. Gosh She has great designs! I love her goodies a lot. And I haven't told you that I also got accepted as CT to Angela Sharrow. She's very very nice. Right now I have 3 CT's. Angela Sharrow, Melissa Bennett and Digiscrapshak.

Here's my new LO's:

credits: Retro kit by Melissa Bennett
font: DSP Pollyanna

credits: Happiness Is kit by Angela Sharrow, Handstamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman, Heart doodles by Kate Hadfield, Brush by Jason Gaylor, Tear template by Vickie Fernandez.
Font: Selfish

Credits: Bold & Sassy kit by Angela Sharrow, Word Art by Dani Mongstad.
Font: DSP Pollyanna

The Supertyphoon that hits us.

Here are the pics after the storm last November 30. I think you guys are so curious about what happened here. So here it is.

Look at the front of my parents house. Disaster!!!

And Mom's garden. aack!!!

This is near our place... There are a lot of house here before. Now all I can see are big rocks!

This place is far from our house but still in our town. Half of the house was full of mud during the storm. I wonder where the people living in this area go during the storm.

There's no river here before the storm but look at that!! The road was damaged and there's a river in the middele of the house.

I am soooo excited

Yup! I really am excited to transfer to our new house... Honey updates me about the improvements of the house renovation and the pictures he took really makes me excited to transfer. Haven't seen the house for a week already because no one will take care of Huey. I think we will transfer middle of March. And that is a month before already!!!!

He took this last week and wow! what an improvement.

And this is the kitchen. This is my place... =)

Everything is not yet finished. Maybe ill post the finished product later...

And this is our CR. I soooo love how this turned out. It was totally different from the CR before.


And this is what I've done today.

Credits of all is here

That's all for now... I am trying to update this blog everyday.


Here's another LOs that I made during the 2 months that we have no electricity because of the supertyphoon that hits our place. Thank God for generators I was able to do this LOs.

Credits here

Credits here

Credits here

Credits here

Credits here

Credits here

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