January 2012

MIA for a while

Ok soon I will be MIA again here. I will be giving birth in a few weeks. On my 37th week now. I don’t know when will I be able to blog again. I hope soon. I will try. But for the meantime please bear with me as I deliver my baby and recover from it. I hope to “see” you all again here soon.

Ah Spa!

I wish we have spa at home so I won't have to travel for 30-45 minutes to go to the nearest one. It is so relaxing to go to a spa. A simple nail cleaning is relaxing to me. What more if I will have the massage too. I will need that after a few month of giving birth.  It will relax me for sure. And to prepare too for the unending mommy duties.

If you are looking for spacoverdirect spa covers then you all should visit www.spacoverdirect.com. They have all the nice covers for your spa. Will suggest this site for a friend who is looking for a cover the other day.

I am Thankful


I am thankful for my family.

I am thankful for my ever supportive husband.

I am thankful for the food I am eating right now.

I am thankful for nice quiet afternoon while my daughter naps.

I am thankful for my beautiful sweet daughter.

I am thankful for my little baby boy inside my tummy who is coming out soon.

I am thankful for the internet, I get lots and lots of information in it.

I am thankful for my friends.

I am thankful for everyday.


I am just waiting for my downloads to finish and I am off to bed. So for the meantime I am just here checking FB and twitter from time to time and looking at these beautiful outdoor gazebo that a friend share on my email. I am looking for some inspirations on the design as hubby wanted the carpenter to make one for our house. I am too excited for this project. I just hope it will be finished before I give birth or if so I will just enjoy it after the baby is born. Will just have to rest and heal the wound for a week or two. Wish me luck!

Please Go Away Cough!

My two loves (hubby and Cate) has cough right now. I am worried with their condition so I asked hubby yesterday that we go to the doctor and have them checked. Now they are taking their meds and I do hope that they will be better soon. I don’t want to give birth and worry about their health. Please pray for my two love ok? Thanks!


Ok it is 12:12am already I am still awake. Hubby told me to go to sleep already but I disobeyed him. Shhhh... I still need to find those al capone cigars for a friend. And I am scrapping gallery hopping right now. I need inspiration to scrap. I wanted to finish an album for Cate before the second baby arrives. But in a week? I don’t think so.

Ready To Pop!

I am now on my 36th week and I guess I am ready to pop. But I still need the baby to grow inside so he will be healthy when he says “Hello World!”. A few more weeks and I will meet our little bundle. Cate is excited to see him. We are too!

Will post pics as soon as I am cable of doing so.

Wish me luck!

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