February 2012

Getting Married

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she is looking for some sample photos of diamond wedding rings. She is getting married in June that's why. I really do hope she got one already. If not I will recommend a site for her. I am happy that she is finally getting married. I think they are together for 8 years already. This year will be the right year for them to get married. I wish them the best and a happy married life.


Here's a photo of my baby boy.

DSC_6484 copy 2

Isn’t he adorable? He is one tiny little baby. I love to cuddle him. He is such a good boy. Lets Mama sleep and work just by being behave on the crib. He also sleeps most of the time. I love him as much as I love Cate.

still here

Sorry for not updating all of you. I am recovering very well and baby Hans sleeps most of the time. Yes I gave birth already and we are fine, just lacking sleep as of the moment. I still need to find some cufflinks for men that’s why I am still awake at 1:30am. My friend needs them not me. I am just helping him for his project. Oh well, will continue looking for a nice cufflinks and then I am off to bed. So Bye for now!



Stubborn Me

Ok I am still here. Baby Boy is also still in my tummy. 38 weeks now. Here I am looking for some hip hop clothing for a friend. Nope I don't need a hip hop clothing right now. Just being a good friend. A helper indeed. I wonder where she will need to wear that clothing. Oh well, This week I am finding it hard to sleep early. I always tell myself to go to sleep after Cate sleeps but after I sit down on my work area I can't stand up, close my laptop and sleep. Ugh! My hubby kept on reminding me that I need to rest. Bad me! Ok my two loves are now in the dreamland and I think I need to join them now.


Good Night!

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