March 2013

Good Morning Ate!

I was looking into Premier Mounts Store when my daughter woke up. She was smiling and giving me kisses. She woke up in the right side of bed halleluiah! It is not that often that my daughter wakes up happy. Sometimes she is irritable. Having a good and long sleep makes her morning happy. She slept at 8pm last night. I wish it will be like this forever but that's impossible.

Good morning everyone!


I am again hooked on this site! Totally addicting!


I was a member since 2010 I think and I stopped using it as I am not happy with it. And now I decided to give it another try and yes I am pinning like crazy! I love what I see in that amazing site! lots of tutorials, tips and inspirations.

I can now say that I am a Pinterest addict! LOL!

Old Times

Hubby was telling me stories on how they were before when we haven't met yet. He was into band before together with his brother. He told me they have been traveling from one place to another to perform. They have a markbass bass speaker for him to use before. I wonder where it is now. He should find it so Hans can use it in the future. Or maybe it was with his brother who has a band right now. He said he will ask him. I am imagining my son playing guitar in a band and that will be so cool right?

A Vacation Soon


I can smell vacation already. Yey!

Lenten season is just a few weeks from now and my family are thinking of going to Garchitorena for a vacation. I want to go there as I need a vacation right now. Plus my kids needs to visit their great grandparents. I love to go to the beach there too! Ooohhh I am so excited already!


I need music therapy right now.
Today has been a quiet morning for me as my daughter is still asleep and my son is outside with nanny taking his nap. I am happy with the silence but it was like I am deaf. I cannot work without music or any sound in the background. So I played pitch perfect movie and let it be my background music or sound. I saw it already so no need to let it open and watch it.
When I heard the music where the scene was the Trebles are performing on stage, I pictured them on my head and imagined I was in the audience. The sound was like they holding a guitar. They are accapellas group so no musical instrument was used. I think this movie is a great one! The music was like they are holding the best seagull guitars in town. So cool!



I need some Me time a lot.

I need pampering.

I need a massage.

I need a vacation.

I need new clothes.

I need new shoes.

I need to replace my phone.

I need a wifi.

I need a new lens.

I need to cook.

I need to take a bath.

I need to scrap.

I need to start project life.

I need to sew.

I need to stand and stretch.

I need to go out.

I need some cuddle time with hubby.

I need 8 hours of sleep.

I need a chitchat with my friends.

I need to print my photos.

I need to take 8 glasses of water a day.

I need to take a photo for my project 365.

I need a hug.

I need to eat breakfast. My tummy is grumbling.

I need music.

I need internet.

i need photohop.

I need to blog.

I need to go. Bye!

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