November 2010

Bathroom Design


My husband and I are talking a while ago about the renovation of our bedroom and bathroom soon. He was asking me on what things I want, like the color of the walls and the tiles the workers will be putting on our bathroom. I said I wanted something similar to the photo above. Tiled area will be only on the shower area and nothing on the rest of the bathroom. I also love the green color but I decided to have an orange bathroom. Yes a very bold orange. I am so excited with the transformation it will do for our home! Our life changed when our baby came last month and soon our house will also change! Woot!

Ok now I am off to check out the weight loss product that my cousin is asking me to look on the internet. She needs it badly.

Dad’s Shampoo

When I took a bath this afternoon, I saw lots of empty containers of shampoo and conditioners. Mom, I think you need to clean those up. I saw also dad’s shampoo for hair loss on the floor. I picked it up and shook it and found out that it was empty as well. I wanted to put it on the trash right away but I am afraid dad might still need it or take not of the label in it. He kept on forgetting things like those so I am putting it up again on the rack.

We Are Sick

Almost all of the people here at my parents house are sick. Cate, Me and my husband has colds too. Ugh! This colds is viral and we can’t avoid it. I just need to take extra care of Cate and I need to be well as I am the one who takes care of Cate most of the time. I am now looking for a good multivitamin for my husband. He never takes one as he is too stubborn to take one everyday. Don’t worry I will force him for the sake of being healthy everyday.

Ipod Nano

Maybe an 8g ipod nano is the perfect gift I can give for my friend who is addicted to music for Christmas. This friend of mine always borrows her sisters ipod nano and her sister is always pissed when she gets it without any permission. And if I save up a little higher I will surely give that to her. Wish me luck in working hard so I can satisfy my friends music addiction. =)

Recent Pic of Me and Cate


This is my recent pic and as you can see my face is flawless here and I don’t need the best acne products in town. I edited this one on Adobe Lightroom. I love that software! But don’t let this picture fool you. I have a few pimples on my cheeks when this was taken. I just removed them when I edited this. =D And yes that’s my little pretty baby Cate in the picture. Isn’t she adorable and Cute? I love her to bits! I am so happy she is mine.

Slowly But Surely

Looking at those models below makes me want to take some weight loss product so I can attain that body fast. But I am slowly going back to my old weight and I am happy with it. Slowly but surely.

The other day I need to go to the bank to get the debit card that I applied last week and I need to wear good clothes and not maternity clothes. So I tried wearing my old jeans and a new blouse that my mom got for me. And it fits!

I am so happy!

Retro Costume

I am now looking for a retro costume for our Christmas party on December. I’ve seen these cute ones:

6828013 flowerpower

I really love the first photo. I hope to find one at the mall. But if I won’t find the same design I might ask my mom to make that for me. Mom is a very good seamster. I just need to buy fabric with great design.

On the other note I need to get the top cigars which I am planning to give to my baby on the exchange gift. Will be searching the web later when Cate is sleeping.

Annoying Sounds

I am hearing a lot of hammering every morning just when I was about to sleep. Ugh! It was really annoying! We are here at my parents house and there are workers doing some renovation at the backyard. I am so pissed as I need to sleep and Cate too. Sometimes we need to transfer to my parents room so we won’t be disturbed. But it was really a hassle transferring from one room to another. Sigh! I can only imagine if we are staying in the city with a lot of those steel buildings being worked on. It will be mind blowing! My baby might cry all the time as she will be disturbed big time!

Invest Now!

Did you ever think to invest in gold coins nowadays? I did! I was planning of investing into something that will gain fruit in the future for me and my family. Something to never think more of the future. I know that it may be a little bit expensive to buy those precious metals. It may be just a bit small investment compared to land investment, I know that it will still give me income when I am short of funds to buy stuff and other necessities that my family needs. This form of investment is the most common one in terms of investing.

Dora Party

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Episodic Art_3 
 (L-R): Dora, Boots Photo: Nickelodeon ©Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Tomorrow will be my niece’s birthday. She is 2 already. We will be having a Dora themed party. Time really flies so fast isn’t it? It was just a few years ago when I was taking a picture of a little baby named Nadine and now she’s a cute toddler with full of wit! I am so thankful that she is my niece.

Happy Birthday Nadine! We love you so much!

Busy Day


I have a lot of things to do today. This will be a busy day for me. Tomorrow will be my niece’s 2nd birthday and I will be helping my sister in law to prepare for the things needed for the party. I also need to finish a lot of tasks. Some already expired as I was very sleepy last night. Oh well I know that God will still bless me with a lot of tasks even if I didn’t finished the one assigned to me last night. Plus I will be taking care of my little Cate. Busy mom here huh!?

Metal Investment

I heard mom telling my brother about the importance of saving up. My brother stays at my parents house and ever since he had a family they just relied to my parents all the time. Well I thank God that my family moved out of my parents house and surviving in our own house. I am also proud that I am thinking of saving up for my family. And guess what I am looking for a gold bar investment company who can offer me gold at low low price. Investing is the most reliable form of surviving the future. Even if the economy is bad you are assured that you can get something in the future. So why not visit US Gold Bureau site and start to get informed about precious metal investments.


My friend is looking for the best web hosting since yesterday. And she kept on asking me about my hosting. I am so pissed already as I told her that a friend of mine is my host. Which doesn’t accept hosting as of right now. Now I am searching web hosting sites for her to make her stop. hahahah! Sorry friend but you are annoying.

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