October 2012

And We Are Back!

We just got back from our vacation to Manila. We are back to our normal routine. I am happy to see Mt. Mayon again. I missed seeing him everyday. It’s good to be back!

The problem is I think I need a vacation after the vacation. haha! My body hurts from the travel and I need to sleep. Our ride was bumpy that’s why I wasn’t able to sleep well. The road in Quirino is horrible!

But I need to go back to work and do my duties. I am in need of new floor flange too, so will look on that at the online stores that a friend recommended later. Will attend to my kids first and then work work work!

She Turned 2


My dear daughter turned 2 last October 17. She grew up so fast! I got sentimental whenever I see this photo. She is so adorable and she looks so big here! You will always be my baby dear Cate! I love you so much!

Extra Curricular Activity


My nephew and niece on hubby's brother is in need of an affordable flute for their extra curricular activity at school. They have been enrolled in so many activities and this time the flute instruments are the ones they are trying to learn how to use. I am so happy that they are interested in so many things. They went swimming, taekwondo, ballet, and so many other things. I hope when Cate goes to school she will join many extra curricular activities as well.

Sweet Lemonade Party Shoppe


Mom’s balloon business is booming! I love her creations! Just look at the photo above. Her latest masterpiece. This is for the newly opened restaurant in our town. I am loving her new designs in balloon decorating. Now I know where I got my creative side. Thanks mom!

Winter Wishes

41555_7 41625_1
Upon watching Barbie cartoons that my daughter loves, I wish there's winter here in the Philippines so we can also wear these Mobile Warming clothing. There was a scene at the Barbie movie that she was skating and a scene where she wore mobile warming clothing. I wonder how it felt to wear that kind of clothing during winter. I bet it is comfortable. If you’ll wear it here you’ll sweat like a pig! hahaha!

Pre Birthday Photo Shoot for Cate


I wish I can have a photo shoot with my daughter like the one in the photo above. But I need a nice place to do it. Our backyard is not that much good looking right now. Weeds are everywhere! If we have time we can go to a nicer place to have a birthday photo shoot. This Sunday I will ask hubby if we can go somewhere. Maybe at the zoo or something. Will update you all. If not, our backyard will do.

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