October 2011

Wedding Invitations

My sister handed to me one of the two wedding invitations on her hand last month. It was the wedding invitation of my dear classmate from elementary. It’s been years since I saw her and I am happy she still remembers me. I really would like to come but I can’t. I don’t have someone to look after Cate and second, I don’t have something to wear. I don’t like wearing dresses now that I am pregnant . I think I am having a boy as I feel ugly all the time! haha! I just let my sister give our gift for the newly weds.

Black Friday Sale

Last Black Friday I shopped a lot and I don't think I have the budget right now. Work is slow right now and I didn't save up as well. =( So it will be a sad Black Friday for me. Will look forward to the next one and I promise I will save up for that. I have a lot on my wish list right now. I hope to slash it all off next time.

Happy shopping to those who are planning to shop this coming Black Friday. I will just be contented with window shopping this time. =)

Opal Birthstone

I don't know all the monthly birth stone but I know mine and Cate's. It is only now that I learned that those who were born in October have Opal birthstone. haha! Oh well I should have given my cousin an opal birthstone jewelry instead of the simple birthday greeting that I posted on her Facebook. Oh well there will always be next year!

I am saving up for these lovely:


1 More Week To Go!


And we will have a Purr-fect Hello Kitty party for my baby. I can’t wait! I am one excited mom right now! I planned this for my little one and I hope she will enjoy this party. I know she won’t appreciate it now that she is still young but she will when she grows up and see those nice pictures of her. I will be the happiest mom when the time comes that I will be seeing her browse those pictures with a smile.

Advance Happy Birthday my baby Cate!

My Friend, The Photographer

I am so happy for my friend who is now a photographer. She is so good! She told me she has now a lot of bookings including next year! I never imagined her being like that. She is not a fan of photography before. And she told me that she is a fan of raleigh wedding photographer and plans on doing wedding sessions soon. She is right now a party photographer. Tried doing wedding shoots last year and she said she loved doing it! i hope when my sister's time to marry she will be available. I wish her good luck and more bookings. I am so happy for her!

Look Mama!


"Look Mama I have a baby in my tummy also!"

I laugh whenever I saw this picture of Cate. One afternoon, we we're playing at the bedroom with her ball given by her aunt and then I put it inside her onesie and she loved it. She was giggling while the ball is inside her onesie. I think she is happy to be like Mama too!

My baby is getting bigger and bigger day after day. It is just a few months ago when I gave birth to her! And now we are busy preparing for her 1st birthday! I just hope after I blinked my eyes she won't be telling me that she is applying for the Network Architect Jobs. Yikes! I will be old by then!

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