July 2007

Great Kit!

I saw this on Juz's blog and wow! this is sooooo beautiful!!!! I love Kay Miller's Designs! For sure when I get back to digiscrapping I will buy her stuffs at her shop! I am so excited! Yummy!


France is my favorite place to visit. It is always on my top lists of places I want to visit someday. They said when you go to Paris, France you got to have your husband with you because it is the most romantic place on earth. I really want to visit France most specially Paris. I want to see the magnificent Tower.

If you are going there you should visit this site first. For your Hotels in France to stay in, it should be easy access and cheap. And also if you wanna tour around France you can travel via the high speed TGV Train. It will save you time than traveling with a car. And also check out the Hotels in Paris if you are heading that way. You can also check out Francia Hoteles the Spanish version of the site.

It is always fun to travel isn't it? You have the satisfaction inside you when the travel is already done. For me traveling is the best way to learn a lot of things that you can't learn in school. It is also the best time to bond with someone whom you are with.

I wanna SCRAP!!!!

My mojo is still not coming back! Yoohoo!!! MOJO where are you???? No matter how I look at those beautiful LOs on twopeas and the new LOs that my fellow paper scrapper at Scrapbook-Exchange shared, I am still as lazy as I am! Grrrrrr!!!! My mind has a lot of ideas already but my body doesn't allow me to scrap! Hmp! I WANNA SCRAP!!!!! help anyone? hahahah! i think I am crazy now!

Tagged again by Jen

I was tagged by Jenny. Thank you so much Jen for always remembering me.

I am Tagging: Pia, Jen, Raissa, Lee, Qielle, Liza, Mia Caniza, Joanne, Iris, Ria and She!


1st step - Post a short blog article that includes a photograph (or a series of photos) showing the face behind your blog. If you already showed a photo somewhere on your site (such as in your about page), then make your post more interesting and choose a photo that’s not currently online.
2nd step - Include links to other people that have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference.
3rd step - Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.
4th step - If you link back to me here and send an email I’ll be sure to include links back to you. Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

This is our last family picture. :( This was taken last Christmas and New Year. I never knew that it will be our last. We were so happy back then. I am sad right now seeing these pictures of my family with Huey being alive. I miss him so much! This coming Christmas and New Year (If I am not yet preggy) we will celebrate it just the two of us. Really really sad. I hope I get pregnant really soon. I wanna have a baby already! Somebody blow your dusts to me now! :)


I always loved silver than gold in choosing my accessories. It is somewhat classy when you wear them. I also love the look of silver when I am wearing them. Silver nowadays are so precious. It is in demand right now.

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By: Bo Sanchez

Let me tell you a story. Three construction workers were on top of their half-finished skyscraper. Rrrrring!" the lunch bell sounded, and the three men sat on a steel beam jutting out of the 56th floor with their lunch boxes in hand.

The first guy opens his and groans in exasperation, "Tuyo!" There is not a day that I don't get tuyo for lunch!" He turns to his buddies and announces, "Mark my words. If I still get tuyo tomorrow, I'm going to throw myself from this building."

The second guy opens his lunch box and moans, "Tinapa". Everyday, I get tinapa!" He looks at his friends and declares, "Believe me when I say this. If I get tinapa tomorrow, I'm going to jump and kil! l myself."

The third guy opens his lunch box and it was his turn to despair. "Galunggong" . All I get is galunggong!" I'm telling you, if I still get galunggong tomorrow, I'm going to jump from this building and die."

The next day, the lunch bell rings and all three men are again seated on the 56th floor. The first guy opens his lunch box and starts crying, "Tuyoooooo!" And so he jumps and crashes on the ground.

The second guy opens his lunch box and wails loudly, "Tinapaaaa!" And he also hurls himself off the building and dies.

The third guy opens his lunch box and screams, "Galunggonggggg! " And so he too jumps off the building and splatters on the ground.

Days later, during the funeral of the three men, their three wives embrace and weep together. The first wife cries out, "I didn't know my husband didn't like tuyo anymore! Why didn't he tell me? If only he told me, I would have prepared something else."

The second wife echoes her statement, "Yes! If only I knew, I would have cooked something else, not tinapa!"

The third wife, between sobs, speaks up, "I don't know why my husband killed himself." The two wives look at her curiously.
She went on, "Because ... my husband prepares his own lunch everyday..."

I love this crazy story because it presents a very important truth: all of us prepare our own lunch. If we don't like our jobs, if we don't like the state of our relationships, if! we don't like what's happening to our spiritual lives - we have no one to blame but ourselves. Because God has given us free will. He has given us the power to prepare our own lunch.

If you want to earn more and be free from debt, if you're sick and tired of your bad habits, if we want to put more joy in our marriages, if we want to grow in our relationship with God - then go back to your kitchen and prepare yourself another dish. Because you design your own future. You create your own destiny. Ask yourself what kind of future do you want to have? What kind of life? What kind of eternity? You decide.


Mingle2 - Richmond Singles

I got this link to Jenny's blog.

This is so cool to know that my blog is for General Audiences. Well I don't really know who reads my blog. If they were young or old. All I know is I am posting entries here because this is my opinion. This is me. Thank you to all who are never tired of reading my blog. Thank you!

Go check your blog rating...

Go to this site.

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In our forum we have a study group session on photography. I super love reading those lessons that Abie is conducting. And the assignments she gave was super fun to do! Now I am discovering my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150. I am still saving for a DSLR camera so for the meantime I will play with my current camera. Thank you Abie for the superb lessons!

Here is my 1st assignment: About White Balance

And my second assignment: About Focal Length and Aperture

This was shot with focal length of 115.2mm, f/5.2.

Jenny tagged me

Jenny Tagged me and here is my answer. I am tagging anyone who wants to answer this. Enjoy!

What's Your Best Quality?
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Sense of Humor
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Shower Faucets

Wow! I like how this shower faucets look like. I want to see this in my bathroom. This is so neat. I love the polished brass look of these. Faucet Direct has a lot of shower faucets in their site. You wanna check out their different brands of shower faucets and affordable prices that is suitable to your bathroom. I guarantee you that you will like their products. Go now to Faucet Direct and enjoy buying your bathroom/shower materials. Happy Shopping!

Sister is home

My sister arrived yesterday morning. She was here because she miss us.. haahhaha! I think she is here because she will distribute the sponsorship letter of their organization in UP Los Baños. Actually I really miss her being here. I miss the kulitan and the things we do as sisters. I will surely miss her again tomorrow because she will go back to UPLB already. Take care sis!

Pictures from our Bulusan, Sorsogon Trip!

Honey and I at Franz' Kubo

My college classmates Franz and Emil. They are such a great friends!

Me and my college friends Honey, me and Emil at Bulusan Lake

The beautiful Bulusan Lake

Sweet huh!

Just me

Mt. Bulusan at the background

I am so sorry this was late already. I am so busy at home I wasn't able to update this blog.

The trip was really fun! We went there by the way because Franz invited us to their FIESTA. We ate lunch there. The food was delicious! I super love the fried Chicken with ATSARA. Franz' mom cooked the foods with the help of their relatives. I had so much fun going to their place. It was so far from our place, its 2 hours away, but I had really fun! I invited Emil to come with us since he was also our classmate way back in college and he was a great friend. After we ate our lunch at Franz' house we dropped by Bulusan lake. It was my first time there and wow! It is so beautiful! I super love nature and that place is great. There was a family there, I think they are on an outing. That place is perfect for family outing and dating with your partner. The ambiance is so fresh and you can see a lot of green there!

We headed home after that. I hope you like the pics as much as I love shooting them!

50 kilos

I've been 50 kls for a month already! I wanna lose weight right now. It is so good to feel that your weight is below what you have right now isn't it? And your husband or partner will be so proud of you if you lose weight and have a sexier body. I wanna experience being sexy also! hehheheh! I wanna have a nice diet that I can do because I got so bored at home I ate everything I see at home.

I found this web site about losing weight for free. And wow this is so great! They have a calorie counter which I can count how many calories I already have. It is so good to track how many calories burned in a month. I also want to try their diet journal so that I can track my calorie count easily. I want someone to teach me to pick the right food to eat and get support from someone who tried to get sexy easily. And My Fitness Pal is the right place to go. My fitness Pal is so effective and essential to people like me who wants to lose weight. If you are like me who desperately needs to lose weight, go now to My Fitness Pal and be sexier in a few months!

Bulusan, Sorsogon

We went to Bulusan, Sorsogon today.

Will update you about this next time... I will go home already.


KAYA Entry

This is my Kaya Challenge number 3 Entry. I had fun stamping away in this LO.

Hobby- Scrapbooking, Food- Spaghetti, Person- Jun, Color- Purple, Make-up- Blush on, Accesory- Earrings, TV Program- America's Next Top Model, Singer- Carrie Underwood, Song- Not your Ordinary Love, Movie- Pretty Woman.

Materials Used:
Basic Grey pps, BG Letter Stickers and tag, 7gypsies numero, Karen foster Loopy Brads, CI Letter stickers, Prima Flowers, Colorbox ink, Signo white pen, Letter Stamps, Buttons, Lace, Fiber.

Techniques Used:
Stamping, Doodling.

Bar Stools

My sister-in-law has a bar on their house. It was amazingly beautiful. It has a lot of expensive glasses and some wine. Guests are wowed by their bar stools. It was carved around the bottom and painted with different colors. I too would like to get a bar at our house. But Jun was not an alcoholic one. He occassionally drinks alcohol. I am so happy he was not like other men who has alcohol in their breakfast, lunch and dinner! But still I wanted to have a bar on our house. LOL! I think it will be a great decoration there.

Our Bus Blessing

We had our new bus named Diane (Yup my name is there! hihihi! I am blushing here!) blessed this morning. We woke up at 6am to go to the church to tell the priest to bless our bus and another one owned by my parents-in-law. The priest is having another appointment near my parents-in-law's place, so he said he will drop by there instead. The priest arrived at 9am and the so little celebration ( without any food and guests! hahaha!) happened.

Jun was eager to finish the bus, have it blessed and have the windows tinted because our budget is going down already! We are paying a lot of debts foe buying that new Bus. It should be on the high way already so that money is coming into our pockets also.

I have no pictures to post because as we are leaving the house of my parents-in-law, the priest came in. So we didn't got our pictures. :(

Digital Camera

I am itching to buy a new digital camera. A DSLR one like Canon or Nikon. I want to have great pictures for my scrapbooks. I have been wanting to have a good picture for my scrapbooks. I can't scrap well with a very bad picture. But it was sooooooo expensive! I will still save for it. Waahhh! When will that time will be? I WANNA HAVE A NEW CAMERA NOW!!!!! LOL! Ok I am such an idiot!

I browsed Buy.com and found my ever love, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. I was salivating at the picture! LOL! I wish I had those! If I have enough money on my savings for sure I'll buy that one!

Honey is home!

Yey! Honey is already at home. He arrived yesterday afternoon. He has a lot of POMELO for pasalubong (Will send you one here in my blog okie? LOL!). He also got me two Davao T-shirt, one is black and the other one is yellow, and durian candies. I super love durian candies! I love to eat them after meals. I will also ready myself for some toothache and tonsilitis! LOL!

I am so happy honey is already home. I miss him so much! I hugged and kissed him when he arrived. He was only away for 1 week but I miss him like he was gone for a year!

He didn't noticed my new hair! grrrr! I told him "you didn't even noticed my new hair!". He smiled and touches my hair and said " Wow a new haircut! It's beautiful!". I am happy he like it!

He went straight to bed for some stretching and relaxation. He was sooo tired from the trip and his eyes are so sleepy already. Poor thing! I joined him to bed and asked him how was his trip to keep him awake because we haven't eaten our dinner. I don't want him to sleep without any food on his stomach. After dinner he fall asleep so quickly. He was so tired so I let him sleep already.

Bed and Breakfast

Honey and I are planning to go out of town on my birthday (August 31). I wanted to go back to Leslie's in Tagaytay. I asked him if we can go back there again. And he said yes. But business is not cooperating right now so we'll see if it will push thru. Waaahhh! I wanted to have a vacation!!! I've been dreaming about this already. Like last night I was dreaming about me and honey traveling outside the Philippines! At least in my dreams I am on vacation! Hahahah!

I found Pennsylvania bed and breakfast on the net and I think it was a nice place to have a vacation. They have a lot of lodging choices also. Oohhh! I love scenes like that! A romantic feel of the place is the best vacation I wanna have. I wanna visit Pennsylvania also. I wanted to go out of the Philippines to try and see their culture. I wanna have challenge in my travels so this place is a great one to visit someday!

Diane's needs!

Saw this at my Bebots friends blog. Will try this also.

Here's how it goes: Google your name and the word "needs," all in quotation marks (ie: "Diane needs"), then share the funniest hits. You can also try to using "loves" or "wants" instead of needs.

Here's what I got:
Diane needs to get out of my boyfriend's life (say what????) - what????
Diane needs to be more sexy - Yah I badly need to be more sexy! This is so true!
Diane had difficulty accentuating her voluptuous figure. - Wahhhh!!
Diane needs a pigfoot and a bottle of beer, some reefer and some gin, and crawlin' - I am not alcoholic no!
Diane needs to get some sleep - True!
Diane needs each and everyone of you to take stock - Stock what?
Diane needs skin care advice. - hmmm... Maybe!
Diane needs a kidney - I still have a kidney. I don't need a new one!
Diane needs: a little discipline and a little training. - I think so!
Diane loves pretty pink paper. - Yah!
Diane loves to travel - I love to but I can't!
Diane loves arts. - Supah dupah! Over to the Maximum level!!!! hahahhaha!
Diane loves animals. - Yah I love them!
Diane Loves Lucian - Who is Lucian?
Diane loves me - Who are you?
Diane loves games - Yah! I love games!
Diane loves to experiment - I don't think so!
Diane wants a hero to idolize and adore - Hmmm.. My hero is my dad!
Diane wants to contribute something positive and loving to the world - Correct!
Diane wants reassurance from Cowboy that he will keep her in the game - What?
Diane wants to sell her stock back to Excel - This is so funny!
Diane wants to avoid these taxes - Haha!
Diane wants to stay! - I want to stay here in front of my PC...
Diane wants that karma boomerang to come around - NOOOOOOO!!!! LOL!
Diane wants to practice what she will say to julie. - And who is Julie?
Diane wants him to leave all the laundry stuff out so she can do hers next. - I hate laundry!
Diane wants a man to love her for herself - I found him!!! I love you Honey!

This is so much fun! I am laughing at the results. LOL!

Real Estate

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Go now to their site and have a blast!

Digiscrapping... Missed!

I miss digiscrapping. I haven't been scrapping digital way because my lovable PC was left here in my parents house. We have no internet connection at our new house that's why we left her here. Huhuhuhuhu! I wanna digiscrap!!!! I wanna use my stagnant digi kits! waaahhhh!

I hope I will have time to open my photoshop and digiscrap away... But I can't because whenever I am here at my parents house I just consume my time checking tons of emails, blog, visit my online scrapbook community and chat to my friends. I was also busy browsing for inspiration for my paper scrapping.

Please.... let there be internet connection at our house!!!!!! Grrrr!!!


These pictures is soooooo beautiful isn't it? I wanna spend my vacation with these cabins. The ambiance is so relaxing. I love the look of these cabin. I see a lot of wood and wow there is also a swimming pool. Very nice! I wanna stay in those kitchen too. I wanna spend my time cooking in a great kitchen like that. LOL! And the bed is so large I might not go out. Hahaha!

If you want to rent Cabins go to Pigeon Forge cabin rental and for sure you will have a great time with your vacation. Treat yourself to very nice and relaxing vacation and pick a cabin now!

New Me!

Yesterday we (Me and Bebe) went to Legazpi to run an errand for hubby. And then we went to the grocery to buy some sugar, milk and hotdogs. After that I decided to go to the parlor and have my hair cut. I think it was time for me to have a new look since I have not gone to the parlor for quite sometime now. And here is the new me...

Do I look OK with the new look? I hope so.

Sometimes I regret cutting my hair very short. But now I don't regret I had it done like this. For sure I will miss my long hair but change is also good to me.

I wanted to change my looks. I wanted to change everything and I am starting with my looks. Wish me luck on the other things I wanted to change. (No! I am not having a liposuction! LOL!). I wanted to change my attitude towards life. I wanted to change my weight, I am so heavy already at 50 kls. I really wanted to lose weight. Stop being lazy and go out a lot. And a lot more things to change.

BTW, Honey doesn't know I cut my hair. Shhhhhh! I will surprise him. heheh! He will arrive tomorrow from Davao City. I miss him so much! I hope he will like my new look.


When Honey and I are still dating (first date to be exact) I got butterfly in my stomach because it was not an ordinary thing to me. I am so nervous at the same time happy. I was afraid what will happen next. But it was the happiest moment of my life. We ate at a very romantic restaurant (with floating cottages). Ordered our favorite foods like pork chop, chicharon bulaklak, chiken, mango shake etc. That night was so romantic I won't forget it.

The Simpsons

I super love this family when I was a kid. I love to watch them together with my parents and siblings! I enjoyed watching them specially Bart. He was so cool! I super love their super weird hair and their skin color! LOL!

And now that they are having a come back! For sure I will watch this movie. I miss them on my TV and when I am slowly growing up. They are part of how I lived my young age. I love The Simpsons!!!

Lighting Direct

I would like to have a chandeliers on my living room. It kinda feels classy if you have one. My guests will be amazed if I have one, eventhough we have a little house over here. LOL! In my mom's house she has chandeliers. I would like to ask for it since she was not using it anymore. But having a brand new one is great too.

So who of my friends here has chandeliers in their house? Come on tell me who has it! LOL! And can you guys show it to me? I would like to see pictures.

And Oh! If you don't have one go to this site and order now!

Letter D

Rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...They MUST be real places, names, things...NOTHING made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. Make sure each answer is different.

Your first Name: Diane

1. Actor/Actress: Drew Barrymore

2. 4 letter word: Date

3. Street name: Dovehouse street ( I really don't know where this is. =))

4. Color: Dark Violet

5. Gift/present: Diamond

6. Vehicle: Delivery Truck

7. Tropical Location: Davao

8. College Major: Dance

9. Animal: Dog

10. Thing in souvenir Shop: Decorative Movie Accessories

11. Boy Name: Dhale

12. Girl name: Divine

13. Movie Title: Dennis the Manace

14. Beer: ????

15. Occupation: Driver

16. Flower: Daisy

17. Celebrity: Denise Richards

18. Magazine: Digital Photographer

19. U.S. City: Detroit

20. Band/Singer: Dido

21. Fun Place to Have Sex: Dinning table (haha!)

22. Ways to get from here to there: Drive

23. Alcoholic Drink: Derby Fizz

24. Game: Dinner Dash

25. Thing you scream in anger: Damn!

I'm tagging: Anyone who wants to answer this!

All about Automotive

Hubby is a mechanic. He always tell me things about his job but I couldn't understand what he was saying. Those parts of the car, some weird words and so many more. I want to understand him but I simply can't!

In this site I found out that there are so many Automotive detailing supplies in terms of taking care/beautifying of cars. I still can't understand some. But I am trying to. Honey can explain to me these things when he arrived from his Davao tour. I promise I will be a good girl and listen to everything he will say (fingers crossed at the back! LOL!).

Weird stuffs

Your real name:


2. Your Gangsta Name: (first 4 letters of real name plus izzle:}


3. Your Detective Name: (fav color and fav animal)

Purple Bird

4. Your Soap Opera Name: (middle name, and childhood street)

Vibar Ilawod

5. Your Star Wars Name: (the last 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 3 letters of mom’s maiden name)

Lesdiriv ( Cool!)

6. Your Super Hero Name: (2nd favorite color, favorite drink)

Pink Coke ( Is there a pink coke???? LOL!)

7. Your Iraqi Name: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your mom’s maiden name, 3rd letter of your dad’s middle name, 1st letter of a sibling’s first name, last letter of your mom’s middle name)

IRDINHA (Sounds like an Iraqi name huh!)

8. Your Witness Protection Program Name: (grandmother/grandfather’s first name and Jones)

Tomas Jones ( Is he Tom Jones? LOL!)

9. Your Goth name: (black, and the name of one your pets).

Black Trixie

I wanna see yours!!! Happy answering!

Drug Addiction

According to Wikipedia:
Drug addiction is a condition characterized by compulsive drug intake, craving and seeking, despite negative consequences associated with drug use.

I am so afraid if drug addiction enters our family. It will damage the bond that we all share. I don't want it to happen to us. I am sorry for the family with drug addict in their families. There is still hope for them. By the prescription drug addiction it will be treated. I just wanna say to them that it is not the end of the world. Drug addiction now can be treated by retreats and rehab center world wide. Thanks to them!

Connie Talbot

This kid is soooo talented! I love her voice. I got teary eyed while watching this.

Here's more about her:
Connie Talbot is a six year old singer from Streetly, Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, England. She started singing aged 18 months.

She reached the grand final of television reality show Britain's Got Talent, singing The Wizard of Oz's Somewhere Over The Rainbow during both the audition and final stages. "I will win Britain's Got Talent in memory of my Nan", she vowed.

Connie was joint favourite (along with Paul Potts) to emerge as the winner of Britain's Got Talent.[citation needed] Potts won as the result of a call-in vote on the night of the final.

Show judge Piers Morgan called her: "pound for pound, inch for inch, the best 6-year-old singer in the world." Simon Cowell told her: "I just adore you." Show judge Amanda Holden was brought to tears.

Simon Cowell was so impressed that he has preliminarily agreed to sign her to a seven-figure deal with his own record label, Sony BMG.

Gift to Honey

This watch is a nice gift to my honey. His old guess watch is already damaged so he badly need another watch. I gave that old watch to him as a gift on his birthday. For sure he will like this because it is black (black is one of his favorite color). Hamilton watches are nice gifts for your husbands and friends. They have a wide variety of watches. They have watches for men and women. And different designs. For sure the person that will recieve these gift will surely be happy. Happy shopping!

MLA Valerie's Sketch Challenge

Here's the Sketch:

And here are my LO's:

Happiness in your Hammock

Pinky & Macky


I hope I gave justice to the sketch. I am happy creating this 3 LO's. If this won't win its ok at least I made this LO's with a smile on my face. I am satisfied with this 3 LO's. Goodluck Nette on the Challenge! And Goodluck to Val for picking the best entry.

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