February 2011

Recent Me

Yaiks! I saw a recent photo of me and I badly need acne scar treatments. There are scars which I never noticed before. Now they are getting larger and larger. Multiplying and invading my cheeks! My smooth face during my pregnancy are gone now. I am so sad. If only I can be pregnant all my life. hahahha! Oh well I know that with the treatment I will be fine soon.

Mom’s Bake Mac


This is my mother's yummy bake mac. You can skip taking phenphedrine first and have a bite on this one. haha! I requested mom to make one last monthly birthday celebration of Cate. And I am so happy when she started making it in the afternoon. I was so excited to taste it! Due to unavailability of ground beef, mom used corned beef instead but the taste is still good! I loved it! Hubby loved it too! I asked mom how to make this one as I am planning of making it as well when we return to our house soon. This can be a good snack for me and the husband. Oh well, this food is making me hungry, I will check the kitchen now if mom cooked dinner already.  I need to stop craving for this! There’s no available ingredient to make this right now.

I Love My Iphone!


Before I read about the pre workout supplements let me say that I am so loving my iPhone right now. I am so thankful I have it. It gives me access to internet while taking care of Cate. Specially when I am breastfeeding her. I am still in the loop with the cyber world even if I am busy. You all know that I am an internet addict and I can’t live without the internet. I stay online 24/7. It is my world and my life is in it.

And I super love the Instagram app! I can take photos of my everyday life and post it in twitter, Facebook and Flickr, so my friends are still updated with what’s happening to my life as a wife, mom, daughter and friend. I guess I can’t live without my iPhone.

Why Babies Cry While Sleeping?

Do you really get scared to hear that your baby is crying while sleeping in the nighttime, but when you go into her room and you find that she is having a comfortable sleep? Most of the mothers really get confused that what is all this? Here, we are looking to make you calm and relaxed that baby’s cry in her sleep is not a matter to get worried. It is a common exercise of all the babies and it is not a matter of big concern for the parents.

Now let us reveal you the main reasons why babies are found crying during their sleeping hour as this is important for your newborn baby care. One thing must be very clear in your mind that cry, laugh, giggle, talk etc are very common observations during infants’ sleep. As we all know that the first couple of years of the life of a baby show a very rapid ratio of their growth and most of the growth occur in the sleeping time, therefore it is very normal for a baby to cry while sleeping.

One of the main reasons for their cry in sleep is due to the pain that they feel due to the growing teeth. It is a very painful experience for every baby, so it is natural that they will cry feeling this pain.

If you have found that this is not the reason why your child is crying. Then the other possible reason for crying may be the nightmare. There is always a chance that your baby is having painful dream that is becoming the cause of her cry. Whatever may be the reason, you should not worry because it is common in all babies and not a thing for what you need to get worried.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/babies-articles/why-babies-cry-while-sleeping-1870673.html#ixzz1EOeTPTG7
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Now I know why Cate cries while sleeping. I am so worried she might be in hurt that's why she is crying. My poor baby. Maybe she is just having a nightmare or dreaming on the lipozene side effects that mom is blabbering about the other day. haha! Don’t worry baby I am not yet trying to take some diet pills. =)

We Matched!


Look! The colors and patterns in our clothes matched! I didn't noticed that Cate and I are wearing almost the same clothes that day. Hubby told me about it and I was shocked that we really matched! I love the color combination in the photo. I love it! Hubby took the photos and as I view it in the camera I was already thinking of what patterned paper to use when I scrap this photo. hahahha! Talk about being a scrapper mom.

And oh did you notice Cate’s legs? Makes me want to eat them as I am imagining that they are chicken drumsticks! hahahha! Never mind my thighs I need usp labs oxyelite pro for me to slim down. LOL!

Touch Screen

I love borrowing dad's iPad. I love playing smurfs in it! He got it a few months ago. And he loves it to bits! How I wish I have one too or the blackberry Playbook. But I have my iphone so I am fine for now. But bigger screen will be the best. I need to save up for that as it is my wish for Christmas. I hope Santa is reading this post so He can give my wish on Christmas.

Over Time

I should be sleeping now as Cate is in dreamland already. I need to sleep when she is sleeping so I can have the energy for tomorrow. She is getting bigger and bigger my back is aching already at night. So I should rest and sleep to charge. But my tasks are waiting for me to finish as deadline will be tomorrow and I also need to find the best radar detectors for a friend who is asking for a link on where to get it. Sigh! this is the life I should be happy with it.

Juan For All, All For Juan

I was so touched by the story of the winning entry on Eat Bulaga's Juan for all, All for Juan today. The person who was picked is a graduating student and he is already 28 years old. He went back to schooling as he wanted to have those in demand technology jobs someday. He wasn’t able to take his exam yesterday because they don’t have money for his tuition. He was so lucky to be picked today. Now he can pay his tuition and take his exam tomorrow. I am so thankful for programs like what Eat Bulaga is doing. They give chances to poor people to hope and live. Thank You Eat Bulaga!

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