October 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

We don't usually celebrate Halloween in our place unlike in the US. But my cousin decided to start celebrating it since some of our relatives are home. so later we will be attending our first Halloween Party! Weeeee!!!

I have a lot of things to do first today. I need to check on the carpenter who is working at the grave of my son at the cemetery. We had to put some roof on his grave so that if ever it will rain we will have some place to stay as we intend to stay until the wee hours of the morning.

Ok I need to remind my mom to have her necklace repaired. Mom needs to go to her jeweler today as her necklace has loose diamonds, so she needs to get it fixed. She will use it in an important event next week. Ok off to go to my mom now. Later!

Grocery Time!

Just went to the grocery today with my dear brother. We got a lot of candies and biscuits for our Halloween party on Nov 1st. My brother was looking for a Backwoods cigars but he didn't find any. I guess he should order it online instead. I on the other hand was looking for a biscuit which my sister in law recommended to me. I tasted it when we visited her and I love it. But sadly I cannot find any at the grocery. Oh well I will just check next time.

Hanukkah Invitations

It's almost Christmas time again and on other religion Hanukkah are being celebrated too. They sent out Hanukkah Invitations to their love ones and have a get together just like the how we all celebrate Christmas. I don't have a friend who celebrates Hanukkah so I don't really know what's going on their feasts but all I know is that it is time for the family.

I saw a site that has beautiful Hanukkah party invitations, it's at Holiday-Invitations. They got Free Hanukkah invitations for you to grab. You can also avail of their free shipping for your orders. And if you order invitations with them a proof will be emailed to you within ONE hour during the business day. Customer can make unlimited changes at no additional cost. Great deal right? So why not create your invitations Hanukkah with them from now on. Visit http://www.holiday-invitations.com/now!

Oh My!

This is so true! Ouch! I need to get up and go outside. My social life is dying!

Let's all meet someone new today. Or we can discover something new again with God.

Have a Blessed Sunday Everyone!

By the way I got the image above from Caryl's blog.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I had a good sleep last night and I feel good waking up with my family. Yes hubby and I slept here at my parents house. Hubby woke up early as he needs to go to work. He needs to supervise the workers for our bus. I woke up late and didn't ate breakfast. I am not a breakfast eater so I just skipped eating today and drink Milo instead. I will just eat heavy lunch later.

So many things to do on a Sunday. Later hubby and I will go to church and maybe eat dinner at our favorite restaurant. I also need to finish a lot of online tasks. A day of not being able to check mails and other online forums I am having a hard time keeping up. So I am working on a Sunday. But I am ok with that. That way I am free on my to do lists.

Need to Make a Baby Birth Invitations?

I wanted to make a Birth Baby Invitations for a friend who just gave birth a few weeks ago. But I was not that confident to make one right now so I go to http://www.cards-411.com/ which I came across last month to get some baby birth invitation. Because at Cards-411 you are able to make beautiful invitations baby birth with a few clicks away. They print and ship your order the SAME DAY it is approved. Why not get your invitations birth baby from Cards-411 from now on and have a unique and specialized design on your cards. That way you'll make a big impression not only by announcing the newest addition to your family but with the cute baby birth invitations as well.

Work Area

I wanted to have a work space like the photo above but I don't think my husband would agree to that. He said my small place in our bedroom is a mess what more if I have that one. LOL! Oh well I will just look for small spaces work area tomorrow. My eyes are hurting from too much staring on my laptop screen. I need to rest.


It's almost 4am already and I haven't took a sleep. I am finishing a lot of online tasks right now. I need to cram as the deadline is tomorrow.

Ok it is now finished. I am free to go to bed and sleep. Yawn. I need to rest now. I'll go back to the other online tasks I need to finish tomorrow.

Good Night I mean Good Morning everyone!

Good Luck!

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Be A Designer!

Ok here's the Scraporchard announcement of adding some new designers to their store! I can't wait for them to discover who are joining their team. I know I will be again shopping in this site. This is exciting!!! I can't hardly wait!

If you are an aspiring designer then Scraporchard maybe the best time to get it your home.

I want This Book!

Ok here's a new book from Elizabeth Kartchner. I want to have this soon. I hope to get it on my favorite online bookstore bookoto.

I've been a scrapbooking Magazines and books collector. But I don't have a lot of it. So I need to update my stash and start ordering books that are good.

Wish me luck in choosing the right book.

Nursing Graduation Announcement Cards

A friend of mine will graduate this coming March and she was busy preparing for her big event. Nursing Graduation Announcements is what she asked me to do. She said it can also serve as my gift to her. haha! As I still have a lot of time to do it I said yes. So when I uttered the YES word I immediately searched the net for some nursing school graduation announcements for inspiration. The site has uniquely designed nurse graduation invitations and it is exclusively designed. I was also thinking if I can just order her nursing school graduation party invitations there so that I won't have any problem at all.

At http://www.graduationcardsshop.com/ proof will be emailed to you within ONE hour during the business day. Customer can also make unlimited changes at no additional cost. And with that offer who can resist that? I will save GraduationCardsShop site and order my friend's nursing graduation announcements card.

Dream Vacation

My friends are talking about vacations on our online forum right now. I wish I can also talk about something but there is nothing to talk about. We never went out of town these past few months nor we went abroad. I wish I can talk about the time we were in Orlando and stayed in one of the great orlando hotels but that never happened. It will be wrong if I say that as I will be lying to them. Oh that only happened in my dreams. hehehhe! I envy my friend who can go to their dream vacations. I hope soon I can also go on one of my dream vacation spots.

Business Plan Consultant

My MIL's business is on a recession mode. I think they need a business plan consultant to boost the income. I just hope that they will get back to the high income that comes to them. Economy is really tight today so we all need to think of better plans for our businesses. So I go for a business plan consultant. Will tell this to my MIL and I hope they will get back on their feet.

Colon Cleanse

Just when I was about to sit on the dining table last night I felt a sudden pain on my tummy. I think I ate a lot of unhealthy foods yesterday. I was thinking I need to go on a colon cleanse. Maybe this colonetix will help me with my problem. Just like a computer scan for viruses I need to check if my tummy is really ok. so a cleansing is needed. I hope to do this soon.

First Timer

I am a first timer in baby showers event. I never attended one or had one when I was pregnant with Huey. And I guess a Baby Shower Party Guide will be needed if me and my husband will have a baby shower soon. I wanted to have one on our next baby. I guess it will be cool to have new stuffs for the baby and enjoy being pregnant before the baby comes out. Now I am excited. Nope, no baby yet on my tummy but I am excited for that time to come.

Did you know that Birth-Cards offers Free Invitations Cards and Free Shipping for their customers. And proof will be emailed to you within ONE hour during the business day. Customer can make unlimited changes at no additional cost. Unlike those sites whom I visited they limit their customers to 3 renovations only. I hate being limited. So for your party baby shower visit http://www.birth-cards.com/ now!

PBB Show

I love watching Pinoy Big Brother Double Up. It is a reality show on ABS-CBN. I specially like Melay among the housemates. She is very funny! There is no time I am not laughing while watching the show. great job to ABS-CBN for having a great show like these. Bravo!


Yes! Me and my sister in law scrapped today! She wanted to have a handmade scrapbook guestbook for her daughter's (my niece) first birthday this coming November. Thank God my mojo is here. I think I made a great job as she kept on saying that she loved the page we made. Thanks Sis! I can't wait to see the layout framed and signed by the guests.

University Online

A friend told me today that she is moving to the US early next year. She's still attending school here in the Philippines. And she doesn't want to stop schooling because she's the only one who can save her family from financial crisis so as early as now she is looking for a school to transfer. I told her that she can try enrolling to a university online. I recommended to her Capella University which was an online university offering different courses that she will like. Capella is the leading online university for students in any age and any situation you may have. Whether you are working or just a stay at home mom.

I love this site because even if you are busy with work you can still finish a degree. This is really a great site for my dear friend. I hope she'll like it also.

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I miss my friends today. I just want to go out and invite them all but I knew that not all of them are available today. I wish that someday we will see each other again. I just need to plan everything. Ask what are their free time and maybe have lunch or dinner together. I value my friends so much because having them is one of the most memorable thing that has happened to me in my entire life. I love you friends! I miss you!

Early Bird

I am early today as I need to work on my tasks before the deadline. I also need to scrap today with my sister in law for her daughter's guestbook/layout. I am excited! Finally I am paper scrapping again. My tools will be used and the cobwebs will be removed. LOL! So wish me luck that today will be productive for me.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

No Bridal Shower Invite

I learned today that a friend is getting married next year. I am so happy! But I was kinda sad because she didn't gave me one of those cute Bridal Shower Invitations she gave to a common friend. Oh well maybe she just forgot about me or she's just busy to drop by our house or I am not invited at all!

Oh well, I am just sad because I should have recommended her at Express-Invitations which has beautiful bridal shower invitations. I browsed their site and they got beautiful and exclusive designs. And also you can print and ship your order the SAME DAY it is approved. Pretty isn't it? And another thing you can add a photo, picture or logo to any card on their site.

So for your bridal invitation or rehearsal dinner invitations you can check out http://www.express-invitations.com/. If you are a friend I am good in games. =)

My Favorite Despearte Housewives Cast

I love Gabrielle Solis and Bree Van De Kamp among the 5. Gaby is the kind of wife who'll sacrifice just for the family but always love to shop beautiful clothes. Gaby shows every housewife that it is ok to have make up even if they are married already. Your Husband will appreciate you if you take effort to beautify yourself.

Bree on the other hand is the perfect housewife. She cooks delicious foods and create a beautiful house. I wanted to be a good cook also. I love to learn how to cook just like how Bree does it.

So tell me who's your favorite among the casts?

Up To Date

Now I am up to date on my favorite TV show Desperate Housewives. I am on season 6 already. I can't wait to watch season 6 episode 2. The show is getting more exciting! I love the new addition to the casts, specially the new family who moved in at Westeria Lane. A very mysterious family indeed. I wonder what they'll do to the lives of the main characters. Exciting right? You should watch it too!

It took me 3 nights to finish seasons 4 and 5. Oh I am by the way awake until the wee hours of the morning. I sometimes sleep at 3am just to finish the show. Poor husband of mine, he always sleeps first. Sorry dear!

Give Sympathy Cards to say Thanks

At Announcements-Shoppe, Sympathy Bereavement Cards are made with so much love and respect. I remember when I got one bereavement card that's kinda not so sincerely written. I wish I've known Announcements-Shoppe site back then. That way I was able to recommend the site to my friend and she would have given me a decent card.

So if you aren't sure of what to put on your Sympathy thank you cards you can visit http://www.announcements-shoppe.com/. They have free invitations cards and free shipping offered for the customers. And you can view your personalized invitation BEFORE you buy using their patented instant preview features. That way you can make sure that every detail is perfect.

If ever (knock on wood) we need a sympathy bereavement card I will surely get it at Announcements-Shoppe. Get yours there too!

Desperate Housewives Fan

I've been a Desperate Housewives fan ever since it started. I got the DVD from season 1-5 right now. I am currently watching season 4 as I need to catch up. They are airing season 6 already!!!! I better hurry up and maybe start on a marathon. Good luck to me!

It's nice to see the five gorgeous girls plus another one. Katherine is the new addition to the neighborhood. The story is getting exciting! I should watch season 5 after this one even if I sleep at 4am. Talk about being an addict!

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