April 2012

How to Replace Car Seats

I was wondering how upholstery shops do their job. Just like how I am curious on any other jobs out there. This is the question that’s in my head these past few days since I saw my father in law at an upholstery shop the other day. I asked hubby on how to repair leather car seats as it’s been bothering me how they replace those very ugly seat cover and make magic to get a very nice one in the end. Hubby can’t fully explain it well to me so he said one day he will bring me to his friends upholstery shop and let me watch on how do they do it. Yey! I am so excited!

Signs That You’re Addicted To DrawSomething


This is so cool and funny!  I guess I am addicted to Drawsomething too!

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

We are here at Casa Basilisa Resort. Having a dip at the pool with my husband's family. The fresh air is so calming. Even Hans is sleeping so peacefully. But sometimes it is so hot, this resort should get the outdoor ceiling fans at PalmFanStore.com. I saw beautiful ones in their site. For sure this resort will be a hit if they install an outdoor ceiling fans in each cottage.

Metal Coat Rack


I remember we have a metal coat rack when we are still little and we hang all of our hats there. Not much of a coat hanger but a hat hanger! hahahaha! I can’t remember if we have a photo of that. And I am sure I won’t be able to find it if ever we have a photo of it anyways! I am just reminiscing those wonderful time when I was a kid when I saw these metal coat racks from CoatRacks.com. They are so nice! Perfect for a beautiful home! I wish I have one too here in our house. For sure Cate and Hans will have fun hanging their hats there too! We’ll see if we can get one at the mall soon.

American Idol Top 6


Wow Jessica Sanchez is still on Top 6! Woot!

Go Jessica Sanchez!

I love supporting fellow Filipino. And we are so proud Jessica made it to Idol and even made it to Top 6! She is one talented young lady. I love her! She has great and powerful voice. If only voting is possible here in the Philippines, I will surely vote for her.

Can’t wait for the next performance next week!

Grocery Shopping

We went to Embarcadero last Sunday with the family to get some groceries at Puregold. I heard they are having a sale there so we opted to get the groceries there. We got some home care products, toiletries and some snacks to fill up the pantry. I am happy that we got new stocks of food this week. I love seeing the pantry full of canned foods, junks and biscuits. But I totally forgot to get bread. I got spreads but I forgot the bread! Ugh! Now we need to go back and buy the bread at the bakery.

Back to Sleep

I want to go back to sleep right now. But I still need to finish I think two more blog posts. I need to hurry up so I can still go back to bed before the sun comes up. It is already 4:34am and I hope to sleep for at least an hour or two before my two babies wakes up. Wish me luck on this one. I need to rest!

Gifts for Girls

Now I remember today was also my friend's birthday! I should get something for her later. I will have to look at the newly opened gift store near our place later. Maybe there is something I can get for her there.

It is so nice to pick gifts for girls than with boys. I always had a hard time thinking on gift ideas for boys ever since. Thank God no boy friends will celebrate birthdays in the near future. If there is I will just give them a T-shirt. haha! A very lousy idea. Ugh!

Cup Cake Design Ideas


I have been browsing Pinterest for some cup cake design ideas for my son’s monthly birthday. I decided to use cupcakes instead of the usual round or square cake that can be bought at the bakery. Why? I just want something different this time.

I found a really nice baker which can customize to the design I want. And I am so happy with the one she designed for me on my son’s 1st month birthday cup cakes. Today marks the second month of my son and later we will pick up another set of cupcakes and I am so excited!  Will post photos of the cupcake soon!

And oh that photo above is so cute! I might ask the baker to do a robot themed one.

Rocktron MIDI as a Gift for Hubby

Hubby plays the bass guitar during his teenage years. They have a band called Rubber Band. Very silly name right? Now I can see that he misses performing. I should push him to go back to his first love. And get the Rocktron MIDI which he's been dreaming of getting. I should start saving up as his birthday is getting nearer. 7 months to go. haha! I still have a lot of time to save up yey!

Graduation Day

Tomorrow will be our helper's kids graduation day. We won't be able to attend the event as the weather is unpredictable and no one will take care of Hans. Two of her kids has honor and she is so proud of them. And the other one will receive a trophy for winning the basketball tournament in school. I heard the teachers are looking for trophies at AwardsForAnything.com last time I talked to them on the phone. I guess they are looking for sponsors and was planning of asking me if I can donate a trophy or money to buy one. But she hesitated. Oh well there will always be next time.

I am also proud of our helper’s kids. They are like family to us. Their accomplishments makes me happy. Good Job kids!



This was a gift from my sister’s boyfriend who went to Bohol last month. I saw this on my friends Instagram and I was too curious on what’s the taste and i am so happy when a package from my sister’s boyfriend arrived. I asked my sis if I can take a bite and boy it was so good! This goes on my favorite food! If you are also curious on the taste you have to get one of these whether in Bohol or at your groceries if they carry it. I definitely recommend this! ♥

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