April 2011

Bored Who?

We are back from our Holy Week Vacation. We are out for 4 days and that was really long, specially for my husband. Hubby was not complaining though but I know he is sometimes bored. Thank God there is a place there who has billiards with complete billiard supplies. He sometimes play and sometimes just watch to entertain himself. Thank God he is not that bored there while I am busy bonding with my relatives.

New LOs

It’s been a while since I shared my digital scrapbook pages here. Sorry. I was focusing on sharing my recent pages on my digital scrapping blog here: http://www.dianemiraballes.com

Visit my there too ok?

I hope you like these.



You can view these on my gallery here:


Thanks for visiting my blog!

Gorgeous Dresses

My niece Nadine will be a flower girl for the cousin of my sister in law. They will get married on April 16th. My SIl showed a photo of Nadine this evening and she is soooo cute! Too bad I cannot share it here as it is on my SIL's phone. I wonder what are the bridesmaid dresses. The dress of the flower girl is gorgeous already what more to the bridesmaids. I hope my SIL will take lots and lots of photos so I can see those dresses too. I cannot attend the wedding as I need to take care of Cate.

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