June 2007

I am here blogging

I am here at my mom's house to check email and to blog.

First thing that hits me? Another miscarriage from our phpdigiscrapper forum. Wanda had her misscarriage. I know it was really painful! I can totally relate to her post on her blog. I am so sorry for this Wanda sis! I want you to know that I am just here for you. There are so many who loves you. And I am one of them!

I am slowly getting bored at home. I scrapped and scrapped and scrapped! Here are my LO's.

I am all of these
My entry to Lasting Impression's Scenic Route Challenge

Going Bald
Another entry to lasting Impression's challenge

Close your eyes when you're Happy
Based on Valerie Salmon's Sketch


Thank you for being my dad

I am inlove with the scenic route papers!!!! I wanna have all of them! LOL!

And I tell you I made this 5 LO's in one day!!!! Yey! A very productive day! I am happy!

Wish me luck on the challenges!

I know...

I said I will be away to my last post...

But Jun arrived late yesterday. He arrived at 8pm so we decided to just sleep here at my parents house. I thought we will already go back home when he arrived but he said he was to tired to drive home. So yey for me I can blog again and be with my dear pc! LOL!

Today he attended a baptism. He invited me to go but I said I will be out of place there because the attendees will be all of his friend whom I haven't met yet. So I passed this one and he also agreed with me. I am not a very socialize person. I get shy whenever I am in front of so many people. And I don't wanna be called a snob.

Later we will go to my OB. I hope things will go well today. Wish us luck guys!

Got Sketch?

LO for Sketch 11
Dream High
On the picture is my sister Chin
Pia gave this papers and flowers to me.
I love bright colored pps. Thank you Pia for this pps! :-)

LO for Sketch 12
Easter Angel
On the picture is my cute cousin Shasha
I rotated the sketch because my pictures are portraits.

My two new LO's has been added to Valerie Salmon's Got Sketch Blog! Woohoo! Thank you so much Val for posting my LO. For sure I will make another one. I super duper love your sketch. I am so amazed how you make them. I am a fan! Thank you also for being so nice! I am proud that you are a filipino. You make all of us proud!

You can view her beautiful Got Sketch Blog here.


Will be away and absent again because Jun will arrive later from Manila and we will be back to our own house. Huhhuhuhuhuuhu! Goodbye my dear PC. I will surely miss you. I will miss you guys also and the cyber world. Will go back from time to time here in my parents house but not always. For sure what I will do there is to scrap because MLA's package arrived today. My prize for winning their Fancy Pants challenge. It has lots of papers from Fancy Pants for me to work with and an alphabet too. I am so excited! Will share what I can come up with next time I am here. I have lots of ideas in mind right now and I hope I can finish at least two LO's until I come back here for all of you to share.

"See" you guys soon! Mwuah!

House Blessing Pictures

Here are some of the house blessing pictures last May 15, 2007 that I promised to post. Haven't had the time since my pc is in my mother's house and we have no internet connection in our new house. And also of what happened to me. Sorry this was too late. Thank you for viewing!

Yum Yum Yum!

The Blessing

Click here for more pictures.

I won!!!!

This is so late already but I want to share this news to all of you. I won in My Little Attic's Fancy Pants Design Challenge. I was really surprised to hear the news that I am included to the Top 3 winners. Thank you Cabbie for letting me know that I won in this challenge. Thank you Ate Nette for this wonderful challenge that motivates me to keep on scrapping and believe in my creativity.

I once lost my mojo in scrapping because my one and only subject in scrapbooking is already gone. Huey inspired my to create pages so that when he grows up he will have a memorabilia of how he was when he was young. But I realized that Huey was never gone. He will remain in my heart and I will surely scrap his pictures soon. I am not yet ready now to see pictures of him. I cry and get sad whenever I touch his pictures. It takes time to be ready again.

Again THANK YOU Ate Nette, Ms. Leah Fung and Ms. Jodi! And to all of those who congratulated me THANK YOU!

Here's the Announcement:

JUNE 2007

Dear friends,

The top 3 choices of Ms. Leah Fung and the grand winner chosen by Jodi of Fancy Pants are finally here! I am so happy to announce the winners and would like to thank everyone who submitted their layouts and have been patiently waiting for this announcement.

All the winners will be getting scrapbooking goodies as promised. The grand prize winner will be receiving an extra gift from MLA.

Congratulations to the winners!! You all deserve it!!!! Here they are...

by Diane Miraballes

According to Ms.Leah Fung, "This page immediately caught my eye. I love the vibrant colors that she used - it's an unexpected color scheme for a beach page - love that! The hand-painted doodles with little flowers were a great addition and they add a lot to the charm of this page. I like how she added flourishes, trim and colorful brads which made the page eclectic in style. Side note: I loved Star Fish Encounter too!!"

The other winners are Au Lim and the Grand Prize winner is Carrie Cordero. Congrats ladies!

Thank You so much!

Thank you so much to all who texted, emailed, ym'd me when I announced that I lost another special part of my/our life. I was really really sad when I learned that baby in my tummy is already gone. I cried and cried until my tears won't flow into my eyes already. This is so painful. I am not yet fully recovered to my previous loss on Huey and now this. I am not blaming God on why He has to give me this trials. I just pray to Him that in time He will still give me a healthy normal child. I also pray that He will give us more strength to face other trials that He will give us.

Thank you to all my friends and blog readers who comforted me with warm and kind words. Thank you so much! Words are not enough to thank you all for uplifting my spirit (and Jun's also) to fight on this trial.

I am now resting and recovering. Will ready myself for the consultation to the doctor for the work up on our next child.

Another Sad News...

Baby on my tummy is now gone. ='( According to the ultrasound and what the Doctor said baby on my tummy has no heartbeat found and with massive subchorionic hemorrhage. Baby is already 6 weeks and 1 day old. I will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow at 8am. This is super painful on my part. I've lost two of my kids already. I cannot believe this would happen to me. My last check up and ultrasound was last May 28, 2007 and the baby was fine and now this news hits us... Really really sad! Will continue coping for my son Huey and little baby. I really don't know what to do right now. I just want to write this here so that everyone knows what happened to me.

Thanks for reading!

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