November 2009

Saving Up for a Car

I am reading some car reviews as my husband and I wanted to get a car. Not soon because we are still saving up for that. I just want to be informed about the things I need to take note in getting a car of our own. It is important to read reviews first before buying so that you'll get a good buy. It is not easy regretting your purchase when you didn't read the reviews. Getting informed is also knowing what is good or not.

Hubby said he was thinking of getting a dodge but I don't think our budget can afford that. Even if the reviews said that it is a good buy. Maybe a second hand chevy malibu will do as we can save up for that. I also read a lot of good reviews about this car. I am eager to save up for a car as it is never easy traveling in a motorcycle. You get wet during rainy season. I also want to learn how to drive a car. So as we are saving up for a car I think I will ask hubby to teach me first how to drive.

Good Luck to me!


Our desktop computer is not working right now. I guess it was due to not being used all the time. I will bring this to my brother and let it fixed. I hope everything is still intact as I have a lot of files in there that needs back up! Please don't make me buy another one as we don't have a budget on it. Our computers are very important to me but with only me being addicted in using it i can't use 2 at the same time! Wish me luck on my desktop. =(

Mardi Gras Invitations

The Mardi Gras Invitations that my friend gave to me last year was so bad. I am sorry I am just being real here. The wordings are horrible. I should have told her to get the Mardi Gras party invitations at Invitations-Shoppe. Because in their site offers a modification of the invitations as requested. And you can add a photo, picture or logo to any card on their site. Plus they got really nice mardi gras sayings. So get your free Mardi Gras invitations over at I am sure your guest will love the designs and wordings of your invitations.

BDJ 2010 Planner

Mine arrived today woohoo!!!! I am really excited for 2010! I hope this coming year will be as fun and as happy as the look of the planner. It was colorful and has a smooth inside pages. I think it was better than this years planner. Kudos to the BDJ team for making a very nice and pretty planners like these.

Cute Kid Birthday Invitations

Looking for a cute Kid Birthday Invitation? Then look no more as CardsShoppe is here to help you. They got kids birthday invitations with pirate design like the one on the right and a kid birthday invitations with a photo in it. Ain't that cool? At you'll get free invitations and free shipping if you purchase. And if you didn't find any card design that you liked in their gallery they can make the children birthday invitations that you want. If I were you I will bookmark this now and order a kid's birthday invitation soon!

Friends Going Abroad

My friends were thinking of celebrating their Christmas abroad. They wanted to try the night life of New York. They are such party animals! I envy them again. I don't have money to go with them. =(

Oh well! I will just tell them to book their tickets now as it will be too late to book it next week. They better get those new york city hotel deals now or else they might get an expensive trip. I will just drool with their pictures posted in their FB. Sad. =(

Buying Books

I miss buying some new books about scrapbooking. So it's time for me to check on those Amazon books that are on sale right now. I will ask my friend to buy me what I like as it is inexpensive to buy it in the US than buy it here. I want to get the new books from CK. Will search more for new books. I am so excited!


I love browsing my favorite blogs about interior decorating. I subscribed to their RSS feed so that I will be updated if they posted new photos. I specially like the arrangements of the furniture and the colors of the wall on their photos. The modern furniture are to die for also! I wish I can have something like that. You know I love to decorate. I love arranging our furniture and purchase different kinds of figurines to accessorize the house. I am not saving up for a cabinet for our clothes. I hate it that we have no cabinet to place our clothes. Right now everything is scattered all over the bedroom. So good luck to me!

Cool Frames

The Holiday Fun Eyeglasses over at Zenni Optical are so cute! I particularly like the eyeglasses above. I wanted to try wearing a red eyeglasses. I think it will suit me well. Something not from the usual that I will wear but I want to experience change. It's not bad to try!

If you also want to try the $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses you can check out their New Arrivals first because it is full of beautiful frames. I am drooling when I visited the site.

College Graduation Announcement Cards

Another friend is graduating this coming March in College. He told me that he will be graduating and his College Graduation Announcements will be given first week of February. And I was like hello? It's only the first week of November and we still have 4 months before March. I think he is so excited. hahaha!

Ok after he told me that he said to me to make him a graduation cards. And I am a good friend so I said yes. I will just look at CardsPersonalized for his college graduation announcement cards. That way I will be able to modify the design and color as long as my friend will be satisfied with the result. And a print and ship the order is offered in their site. They also have a high school graduation cards for you at Visit the site and order your announcement cards there. Good Luck!

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