Saving Up for a Car

I am reading some car reviews as my husband and I wanted to get a car. Not soon because we are still saving up for that. I just want to be informed about the things I need to take note in getting a car of our own. It is important to read reviews first before buying so that you'll get a good buy. It is not easy regretting your purchase when you didn't read the reviews. Getting informed is also knowing what is good or not.

Hubby said he was thinking of getting a dodge but I don't think our budget can afford that. Even if the reviews said that it is a good buy. Maybe a second hand chevy malibu will do as we can save up for that. I also read a lot of good reviews about this car. I am eager to save up for a car as it is never easy traveling in a motorcycle. You get wet during rainy season. I also want to learn how to drive a car. So as we are saving up for a car I think I will ask hubby to teach me first how to drive.

Good Luck to me!

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