March 2011

Beauty Help

Anyone can give me some skin care tips so I will at least have a healthy skin? I was having problems lately on why my face right now is getting a lot of pimples. Oh well I am the only one to blame as I never take care of my skin that much. I always go to sleep without washing my face. Ewwww! I am too lazy to go inside the bathroom and wash my face. And even if I do remember, I will just wash it with water and that's it.

I am thinking about how I will look like when I reach old age and I am so afraid that I will look terrible. I badly need help!

Nikon F50 Camera


My sister owns this old film camera. She used this when she's still in college and took a subject for photography. She was the one who taught me how to use my camera. She told me that it is so nice to develop a photo inside the dark room and that she misses doing it. We hope to find a dark room so she can develop great photos again. A friend of hers would like to join too! I never experienced going inside the dark room so this will be a first to me and I am so excited already! Now all we need to do is to ask around if there is available dark room with developing materials in it. And let us use the room for a day or two. My excitement is the same as getting a new PS3 Move. haha!

I heart Adobo


I super love dried adobo. Specially if our maid cooked it. I will have extra rice whenever we have adobo on our table. I can also cook this one. My MIL taught me how. And I am happy that adobo is my specialty. Though I cannot promise that it tastes good. =) haha!

Ok now I am hungry again. Will just look for an alternative on the adobo. It’s 12am already and adobo is not a good midnight snack!



My sister in law always updates us with their life in the US through photos. It feels like we live next to them even if they live miles and miles away whenever I see their photos. I remember one photo with my brother in it suited in his nursing scrubs before going to work. He was doing this very weird pose and I was laughing really hard about it. That photo made my day!

Photos are a big part in communicating these days. Even if you don’t talk to your love one orally, send them just photos and they will know how’s your life. If you are doing good or not.

Backing Up!


I am backing up all my photos and scrapbook kits on DVDs now. I am so afraid the other day when my laptop died. I was thinking this is the end of my 2 year old laptop . But when I looked at the charger it was not connected. Thank God the cause of the blackout is only the battery. I got panicked there! So even if my laptop is fine I am backing up my files. What if it is not the battery that is the problem? All my important files will be gone in a minute. Yaiks!

Pray for Japan

With all the things that are happening in Japan right now all we can do is pray. Only God knows when these calamities will stop. I just hope that 2012 is not true. I am so scared just by thinking of it!

I watch CNN to get updates on Japan. Everything is so heartbreaking! I saw some people crying and looking for their love ones. And for sure they will need the disability application later on for those who was injured my the Tsunami.

We can never tell what will happen in the future all we need to do is to help each other to move on and pray.

God Bless us all. God Bless Japan.

New Point and Shoot


Not mine though it’s my moms. =)

My mom wanted to have a new camera and she was asking me what are my recommendations. So I told her to get the LX5. This camera have great reviews plus almost all of my twitter friends have this camera. And they told me that it is worth buying. I wanted to own one too but since mom bought this already I will just get the newly released Olympus Xz-1. It is still pricey and not yet available on my favorite camera store. I will also wait for the price to lower down a little bit. =)

Birthday Plans for my Catie

Now that Cate's baptism is now finished, I can finally start planning her 1st birthday party which will be in October. I am already looking for ideas for her theme. I was thinking of a princess theme but it is too common already. I want something never done before. But the problem is if I find a theme that is unique will I be able to find giveaways and other stuffs for my baby's birthday? And also will I be able to fund it? Might try the personal loans that a friend suggested a few months ago. Gosh! all these party planning is harassing me already to think that the event is still happening in 7  months! Ok time to rest my mind first in this early planning, I have a lot of chores to do. Later!

The Impact Wrench


I asked a friend to buy this for my husband as he kept on borrowing my uncle's impact wrench. It arrived last month and hubby was so happy about it. I am not yet sure if he already used it. The last time I asked him he said he doesn't want to use it yet as it might get dirty. LOL! My husband is so funny!

He plans to try the camacho triple maduro buy online as he wants to give it to his friend who is celebrating his 38th birthday in April. Men are really more on either gadgets, tools or cigars.



Cate is now a Christian.

She was baptized last February 27th at St. Jude Thaddeus Church in Legazpi City. The celebration went well. Guests enjoyed the event and we are so glad they did. Kids enjoyed as well. They played with the balloons at the reception after eating. I super love the decoration of the venue which mom made. Thanks mom!

I cannot wait for the next party planning which will be Cate’s 1st birthday! And it will be in 7 months! Yaiks! I am already looking for possible theme for her party.

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