April 2009


Just look at how nice these patio furniture covers are. I want to get one of these when our patio is done. I wanted to have a patio on our house. Something hubby and I will have a place to chit chat and just to watch the sunset go by. It is super refreshing whenever I watch the sunset. And it is super romantic to watch it with someone you love right? So someday I will have a patio in our house. Someday!

Random-ness. Again.

1. What are you looking forward to in the next month?
Nothing. I want to travel and I am not yet sure if our Baguio trip will pursue.

2. Where’s the last place you went besides home?
Manila for the Bebot EB.

3. Would you ever change for a boy/girl?
Nah. I love being a girl!

4. Is there anyone that you wish was out of your life?
Hmmmm... none.

5. Were you happy when you woke up today?
Yes. But happy with pressure because I need to finish doing online tasks.

6. Happiest moment of 2009 so far?
The Bebot EB as of the moment. I am happy to meet them finally!

7. Have you ever asked a boy for advice?
Yes. Long time ago.

8. Do you have a gay friend?
Yes. But we are not that close.

9. Do you lie about your age?
No! I love being 26!

10. Describe your life for the past month in one word?

Ok I will go back to what I am doing. Need to finish looking for a key man life insurance for my cousin.

Jeepney Trouble

I remember when we went to Garchitorena last Holy Week we got a lot of road trouble. The jeepney went on a 2 flat tire and they needed the service of car lifts to see what's the problem on the engine. We wanted to transfer on a different jeepney but the driver said their jeep is already done. So we just waited for a few minutes and went back to traveling again. Thank God we didn't experience any accident.

De-Stress Your Life

Got this from Faye.

Breathe Deeply

* Concentrate on your breathing for five breaths. I always do it every time I'm stress or can't sleep at night. Just close your eyes and focus on each breath as it comes in and then goes out. Focus on the breathing and let any other thoughts drift away :) Try it, it helps ;)

Take a Walk

* Getting up and moving around gets your blood flowing and calms you. Try walking around your backyard, at the park or going outside for 10 minutes to get some fresh air.

Focus on one thing

* Instead of trying to do everything at once and multitasking, learn to do one task at a time. I just notice that multitasking is more stressful and less effective. Because you were preoccupied with so many things, you may tent forget some in your to do list. Try to focus on one thing, It's less stressful and more effective ;)

Choose 3 tasks

* Instead of trying to tackle a lot of tasks and projects, pick the three very important tasks that you want to accomplish today. Focus on doing those before anything else. It can help you to think clearly ;)

Simplify your schedule

* If your schedule is packed with appointments, meetings and tasks, have you noticed, it's stressful. Try to schedule less, which means getting out of less important commitments. Leave space to breathe.

Take Time for Important Things

* Whether it's spending time with family, exercising, reading, pursuing something you're passionate about or just taking some quiet time, put it on your schedule and make it an unmissable appointment :)

Live in the Moment

* Most of us are worrying about what might happen or replaying things that have already happened. Obviously that's very stressful ways of thinking. Instead, focus on what is happening now. Practice in five- to 10-minute intervals at first, and you'll begin to improve :)

What Kind of Happy Are You?

You Are Affectionate

Your life is full of love and friendship - and you always have more to give.

You have an open heart. You are willing to take that leap and put your faith in people.

You see the good in everyone and everything. You are a very sympathetic person.

The people you love make you very happy. You feel warmly toward those around you.

Awww... this is so sweet. I admit I am really like that. I value people around me. I have friend who also loves and treasures me and I have a family who's there for me no matter what. This quiz made my day!

Sabing in Gold Form

Today I realized that we haven't saved a lot. Enough to sustain our future. And again some of our savings was used for the renovation of one of our bus because of an accident. I was really sad about it. I have a lot of plans but we are stuck here without savings still. How can we sustain our future family? I wanted to save up to buy some gold coins for our savings. In that way we can really save and never use it. Saving in gold form is a better way to really save. I am into that idea and I will consult this to hubby if he is agrees. Wish me luck!

Some Photos

... from our vacation.

I am still in the process of uploading them to my flickr so I will just share a few of my favorite shots from our vacation. Enjoy viewing them ok?

Going to Garchitorena, Camarines Sur

Hubby and I

Jumping for Joy!

Star Fish

Summer Glow

I love Caramoan so much. Not a lot of people go there and you can really rest and enjoy the beach. I want to go back there soon!

I am Back!

... from our vacation in Caramoan, Camarines Sur!

I am back last Saturday. I still need rest because our trip was really really tiring! Imagine traveling for 8 hours in 3 different transportation! My back hurts and I had headache after that. Going inside an airconditioned car and then out in a very hot weather is causing my headaches! Thank God I have medicines with me. Thanks to my husband who reminded me to buy some before leaving.

So I am still on vacation mode. I might not be here for a while. I have a lot of backlogs to do and I need to upload photos from our vacation on my flickr. I wish I have 10 hands to do those. LOL!

I will be just here. It's good to be back!

Collector of What?

If you were to ask me what are my collections I will gladly answer that I love collecting art supplies. From pens to notebooks to different things that an artist use. I asked my friend what they collect and some answered me shoes, bags and clothes. I am not a collector of those. I am satisfied with what my mom gives to me as a gift or what I see at the mall that I really like. In terms of shoes I am not a shoe person. I am comfortable in wearing just slippers in all of my get ups. Well, not on any formal events. hihihi! I admire other women's shoes also but not to the point that I am eager to buy everything that she has. hihiihih!

Camera Strap Slip Cover

I love my camera strap slip cover! Really nice design! Look!

DSC_9163 copy

A very beautiful damask slip cover from Shey. Bought this here. I bought the black and red damask slip cover. I super like it so much!

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