July 2008

LO Share: Bride

And this time I am the bride!

I love this kit of Kathryn Wilson called Zen Garden. I love the papers and the asia inspired elements. Perfect for this photo.


You can view the credits on my {we are} storytellers gallery here.

Thanks for looking! I hope you like it!

Sexy Again???

As I was facing the mirror this morning I noticed that I lose weight already. My bulging belly and arms is now gone. It is still big but not as big as before. Yey! My diet is working! I won't need to take Fentraphen now! I am so happy! Hubby is telling me also that I lost some weight and he was happy for me too! I need to maintain this so that I will feel good about myself. Wish me luck in maintaining this weight!

Felt So Ugly Today

Have you ever felt at one time that when you wake up and faced the mirror and said to yourself how ugly you are today? I felt that today. I don't know why but these acne on my forehead is the suspect that is why I feel so ugly today. My husband said it is nothing and I am still beautiful. Yah right I think he is being biased to me. I am having a self pity day today. So just leave me alone. =(

Layout Share

I made a lot of LOs and never share it here. Gosh I am so bad!

Enjoy all of my pages!

View the credits here.


True or False

I am a morning person: True.
I am a perfectionist: True.
I am an only child: False.
I am currently in my pajamas: False.
I am online 24/7: True.
I am very shy around the opposite gender: False.
I can be paranoid: So True.
I currently regret something that I have done: False.
I enjoy talking on the phone: True.
I have a lot to learn: Very True.
I have a secret: True. Lots of it. hahaha!

Door Hardware

I am staying at my sisters room when I go here at my parents house. Mom put my computer on her bedroom. Yes I am a squatter! LOL! I want to work in a peaceful room so this will be fine to me. But recently the door to this bedroom is hard to close. I think this needs to be replaced. I need to check our local door hardware if they have the same size. Gotta call my husband first to see if he is available this afternoon. I need a driver you know!

Damaged Shower Faucet

This morning just when I was about to open the shower faucet I noticed a crack behind it. And the OC in me brought in. I needed to go shopping and search for a new and good shower faucets. I hate seeing a lot of damages in my house. Now it is on my shopping list already. Let me see if I still have money for it!

New Phone for Yaya

Our maid has a new phone today. Mom bought it this afternoon in Legazpi. It is the time for them to have a cellphone said my mom. They are old already and they don't know how to operate a cellphone. Our maid was very happy. She can now text her love ones who is in Manila and keep in touch with her family. She still needs to go to the unlocked phone centers so that she can use the phone with two network providers. Good Luck Yaya!

Saving up Early

I want to plan ahead hubby's birthday. And what to give to him. I want my gift to be special. Something he will appreciate and love. So right now I am thinking of getting those mens gold watches for him. I know it will be expensive. So this is the right time to save up! I will cut off my digiscrapping shopping from now on. Oh God! Can I do this? LOL!

Missing Vacuum

Mom wants to borrow a vacuum to us because she cannot find the vacuum she bought last year. She will be cleaning her office furniture because it is full of dust already. I think there is a visitor coming to her office that is why. But the problem id we also cannot find our vacuum! Will try later again to search for it.

What Flavor Lip Gloss Are You?

You Are Cherry Kiss Lip Gloss

You're a total girly girl who's every guy is sweet on.

You take pleasure in the simple things in life, from cute t-shirts to stuffed animals.

Any guy needs to match your romantic idealism to win your heart, which is why few have.

No wonder Cherry your signature flavor. It's delicious, sugary, and fun - like you!

Used Harleys

Hubby is a motorcycle lover. He has the Suzuki Raider R150. He loves it to bits! He washes it daily and put on special oil and buys original parts for it. He said one time that if ever he has a lot of money he will get at least those used Harleys. Harley is so expensive here in the Philippines. We can't afford to buy one right now.



I have a tootttt…

I am so happy to be on Julie Billingsley’s Creative Team! She is an amazing designer that I always admired on SSD. And I am so lucky to be chosen and invited to be on her team. And oh Jacq, who is also a bebot and my idol, is on her team also. I am soooo excited!

My Old Fashioned Name

Your Old Fashioned Name Is...

Florence Etchingham

New Paper LO

Come look at my latest paper scrapbook LO here.

Thank you so much for looking in advance!

Saving for the Future

It is an essential need to have money right? Well to me I need money to live and to prepare for the future. That is why I save to my bank account. Saving is a very helpful way of preparing and securing the future. And as soon as I found the Monex site that is a coin dealer also. I think of this a lot. Maybe this is a nice way of saving for the future too.I should ask my husband about this and as soon as he agreed on me I will try this. There is nothing wrong in trying right? If you want to do the same then you should check out www.monex.com now.

Beautiful Poem

I found this poem from Leirs blog.

I feel her pain. She is facing a very tragic incident right now.

Leirs, I just want you to know that we are here for you and we love you so much! Be strong! You and your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

This poem is perfect for what I felt when my dear Huey was gone. =(

When tomorow starts without me
and i am not here to see …
And if the sun should rise and find your eyes filled with tears for me,

I wish so much you wouldn’t cry
the way you did today,
While thinking of the many things
we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you love me,
as much as i love you …
And each time you think of me
I know you’ll miss me, too.

But when tomorrow starts without me,
please try to understand …
That Jesus came and called my name
and took me by my hand

And said my place was ready
in heaven far above …
And that i’d have to leave behind
all those i dearly love.

So when tomorrow starts without me,
don’t think we’re far apart
for everytime you think of me,
I’m right here in your heart.

by Mellise

July Guest CT


I will be on Edeline Marta Design CT for July. And I am so excited! I already made my very first LO for her. She won’t be selling in Scrapartist and will be on a new store. I still can’t tell you where. Watch out for it on July 3rd!

Here’s my LO:

Click for credits here.

Thank you so much for looking!

Just Prints

I want to share this freebie to all of you. You can find it on Jacq’s blog.

WTG Jacq! You make beautiful freebies!

This is a very beautiful one!

Make Someone Beautiful

I always go to the parlor at least every two months just to update my look. Sometimes I have to get a nail polish or a hair cut. Girls should be beautiful all the time right? I am such a vain person. LOL! I admire those who work in beauty salons and those who wants to get jobs in the beauty industry. They are the reason why we are beautiful everyday! I salute their dedication to their work and their talent to make someone beautiful. So if you want to find a job in the beauty industry, I have good news to all of you.. Go to this site www.beautyjobs.com and they have jobs for you. Go and make someone beautiful soon.

New LO for {we are} storytellers

I just love the colors of this new kit from {we are} storytellers. This was from Kathryn Wilson. She is one amazing designer!

Beautiful With Attitude: {ruby blue} Mini-kit by Kathryn Wilson

And here is my LO for this beautiful kit.

Credits can be found here.

It's A Beautiful Day in the Dinohood

It’s A Beautiful Day in the Dinohood by ScrapKitchen Designs & Mandbean

I really love the colors of this kit. So sweet and so girly.

Here is my LO using the kit.

Thanks Lee for providing the photo!

Credits can be seen here.

To be an Equestrian

I want to ride a horse all my life. Yah I rode a horse already in Baguio but I am not contented with it because it doesn't move. We just had a picture with the pink horse. I want to ride a horse all by myself and go around the place in Baguio. I need to practice it though and I am not a Baguio resident so it will still be a dream. I am not that good also in riding a horse through the saddles. But I love to learn. I love watching equestrians on TV. I admire them a lot!

Go buy it!

I want a handcrafted jewelry right now after browsing www.wendyculpepper.com. They have a very nice line of jewelries. I want one right now!!!!LOL! Well this makes me happy and as what some people say what makes you happy go for it! But there is one thing that is lacking for now.... Money baby! I want money first so that I can get that damn beautiful bracelet I am eying at the site!!!


This is my entry to the KAYA 14 challenge last month. TFL! You can also view it on the Kaya blog. And guess what??? I won in the digital LO category!!!! I am so happy!!!

Diane says, KAYA!

This challenge is so much fun Jenn! Thanks! I had fun creating this Buko LO of mine. I smile whenever I see this photo so I have to scrap it.

I feel summer when I look at these photos. Buko is one of my favorite summer food. I can eat a lot of those if possible. I love how it refreshes me and how yummy it is. This photo was taken last March 30, 2008. We visited our nanny’s house to celebrate her birthday and she served us with a lot of buko. I love going to their place. I am sure we will be back for some more this year. I can’t wait!

Bloom & Grow Kit by Zoe Pearn at SSD
Template by Tiff Tillman
Memory Date Stamps by Miss Mint
Font: CK Love Note, CK Handprint

Layering, using template, drop shadow for depth of the page, image editing.

Arrival of Mom and Sister in Law

Mom is home now. She went to Manila with my niece to fetch my sister in law at the airport from Kuwait. We are so happy to see them this morning. Mom also went to duty free and gone shopping. She said she found the top wrinkle cream that she was looking for there. She is very happy as she was telling us that. Mom is a very vain person so I am happy for her too.

{we are} storytellers LOs

I am sharing again my LO’s for {we are} storytellers.

You can view the credits on my gallery here.

THanks for Looking!

Good Hands

One of the office mates of my dad was found dead last week at his dorm. It was a very tragic event on their families lives. If that will happen to me, which is I don't want to happen, my whole world will collide. I simply can't accept such tragic news. I really don't know that man but I know he became a part of dad's life in his office. He and his family is in my prayers and I hope they will soon get over it and move on. I hope they also got burial insurance for him so that they won't be problematic about the burial also. I am sure he is in good hands already.

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