August 2007

Thank you!

To all of my friends, relatives, classmates, scrapping buddies and my family, THANK YOU SO MUCH! for the greetings on my birthday! I won't enumerate you all. I am really happy! Because I received a lot of love today! THANK YOU! And to scrappinmoms thank you for the gift of moving on to Round 4! Although this round is again hard I am happy to be on this group once again. THANK YOU! I love you all!


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UHU Glue

I super love this glue. This is my glue when I scrapbook. I ordered this to April and I am really excited to get it. Woohoo! More scrapping LO's with this kind of glue!

Coke Zero

This is a cool new product of Coke called Coke zero. There is has no sugar in it. But still yummy like the regular coke. And have you seen their new website in which you can win by simply submitting your directed movie and have it rated by your friends? The site is so much fun! I wanna try directing my movie there too!

Their site campaign is “Life as it should be”. Go now to the site and have fun!

I am 24 now!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

to me!!!!!!!!!

Wow I am already 24!!! I can't believe it I am already old! hahahahah!

I will cook spaghetti later. I will have a small celebration here at my parents house. I cannot celebrate on our house because there is a "pabasa" for Jun's Lola. It her first death anniversary. Mother-in-law and other relatives of Jun will be there. I will bring spaghetti there instead for the snack.

My brother will be coming home from Kuwait together with his family later. I am really excited!

Well I already have a gift from my sister-in-law. She paid the UHU Glue I ordered from April. Yey! More scrapbooking glues for me!!!!

Honey is very silent about my birthday gift. he doesn't tell me. I don't want to bug him. He might not give me any. ahahhaha!

Another gift just came in!

Woohoo! I am moving on to Round 4! Thank you so much scrappinmoms for giving this as a gift to me. I really appreciate it! Mwuah!

You can see the announcement here. and my entry here.


I made a tarpaulin for my niece who is coming home from Kuwait. She will be baptized here on Sept 4 so mom asked me if I can make a tarpaulin for her. This is what I made for her.

Sister-in law liked this. And I volunteered to make an invitation also. I will make that tomorrow. I can't wait to see my niece and nephew on friday!

Christmas Shopping

The "ber" months will be here again. And Christmas day is 3 months to go. Wow I can't wait to celebrate Christmas once again! Last year was so sad we had to celebrate Christmas without electricity because of the super typhoon that hits the Bicol Region. Although this year will be the saddest Christmas to Jun and I because Huey will be not celebrating with us anymore. We won't be receiving gifts for him anymore. =(

Anyways, I am already listing my gifts for those who will receive gifts to me. So guys if you are saving and buying gifts already for your love one and for your relatives don't forget to check out online coupons on the web. It will save you a lot of money. You can get the
Shoe Buy Coupons and Circuit City Coupons for your online purchases.

Go get one now!

Bithday Wishlist

These are my wishlist for my birthday. Of course all of these won't come true. heheheh! Day dreaming again!

> Scrap materials - BG infuse, Swirl and alpha chipboards, Prima flowers, Albums, Stamps, American Crafts stickers (alpha), American Crafts Rub ons, Different Cardstocks, UHU Glue, more to add... hahahhaha!

>Things for our house - dish rack, vase, cabinet for our clothes, photo frames, throw pillows, additional electric fan, pillows, blender, measuring cups, tupperwares, venetian blinds, plants.

> Personal things - New blouse for me, pants, rubber shoes, socks, jogging pants, bag, make up, contact lens, hair relax.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I think every woman wants to be beautiful, in fact I wanna be beautiful! heheheheh! I always admired those celebrities on TV having a sexier body, and those models with fair skins on the magazines. I wanna have those too! But sadly I was born like this, a very petite lady, flat nose, curly hair and not so fair skin. I hated my hair being curly so I had it done straight. I also use whitening creams, lotion, soaps to have a more fairer skin. And sometimes I daydream of having a cosmetic surgery travel. My goodness this is a very expensive dream! LOL! This is to change my not so perfect body. I wanna do it in Beverly Hills. Just to have a different location and environment.

I also dream of trying the los angeles breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Come on this is my blog I wanna say what I want! It is not a crime to daydream! LOL! I wonder what it feels after the surgery! hehehehe! Maybe all of the guys will look at me! (sorry hon! heheheh!). And I will become (my greatest dream) a super model! LOL! I am such a crazy woman right now!

I am happy day dreaming of something that is super impossible to happen. But if you will ask me if ever this dream will come true, and one day I have all the money to go on a cosmetic surgery travel? Maybe I will pause and think if I will really do that. Because this will change everything. Maybe I will be super busy I have no time already for my hobby (Gosh!). I will be out of town most of the time for work. And this might cause the breakage of my family! hahahahha! Honey might leave me if I will be followed by a lot of men! LOL!

So I should think twice right?

Idol - Round 3

Yey! I am finally done on my Round 3 entry. I already submitted it. This challenge is really tough! I am glad I am already done. Nothing to bother me now. LOL! I will just wait for the announcement if my entry passed. Gosh! it will be announced on my birthday! I just hope that this will be a good birthday gift to me. Ill post again on Friday if I made it or not. Good luck to me!!!!!

Good Product Review Site

Are you interested in using a product but don't know if it is the best thing to use? Did you know that there is a site in which you can read the reviews of people who uses a certain product? Yes, is a site in which people review the product they used. It is a great site for people who are in search of a product they are interested in.

Like for example the provillus, it is the best product used to treat hair loss according to people who have used it. Provillus aggressively seeds your scalp to create the optimum environment for new, healthy hairs. It supplies the proper nutrition required to bring damaged, dead hair follicles back to life.

And if you are having hot flashes, anxiety, irritability and mood swing you are already on a menopause. Those are the symptoms of a person who is on a menopause. You have to check the site and see the best product to use. The cellulite cream are the best product to use to reduce your cellulites.

Isn't it great? I will surely check this site more often to see whats the best product I should use. I find this interesting because you can now see that a certain product is the best one to use for you!

Pictures of yesterday

This is our pictures yesterday. This was taken at Liñon Hill. We are there every morning. It was such a nice view. You can see the majestic Mayon Volcano and Legazpi City. My brother and sister-in-law joined us on our morning routine yesterday. It was tiring to go up and down there. But I am happy because I can finally lose some weight! woohoo! LOL!

A Candle Lover

I am a candle lover. When my husband is still courting me, He asked me what are my favorite things to collect, and then i said I love candles. I love the smell of candles and the way they look at the living room. He will buy me a lot of candles in different shapes and sizes. I totally love them!

I have seen a petroleum based candle wax here but a Soy bean wax is not yet familiar to me. I discovered while searching on the net that Cater Pillars Candles is now selling Soy Candles. This is really unique. I've never saw a candle made out of Soy Beans!

They have the Best Soy Candles on the web. Do check them out! And they also sell Wholesale Soy Candles for you to sell also to your friends and relatives. I am sure this is going to be a HIT to buyers and candle lovers. This is something new to the market and a lot will try this one. I want to have one too!

Digiscrapping CT

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yey I am now ready to take jobs as a CT again! And Jennifer Howland is super nice to take me to be on her CT! Thank you so much Jenn! Mwuah! She makes a very beautiful Digi kits! I love her stuffs!

I am still downloading one of her stuff to work on. I will post the LO I made with her stuffs here. Stay tuned!


I've been so "big" lately. I don't weigh the same anymore. I gained 2kls already (Yup that bothers me already! hehehhe!) If I will let this just like this, I will surely blow like a baloon! heheheh! I was really upset with my body, so I decided to go on a jogging every morning to Liñon Hill. I asked hubby if he can join me, and he said yes. Yey! I wanted to stay slim just like before. So that I can wear my already-small-for-me blouses and t-shirts. I am running out of clothes!!!! Waaahhh! I need to exercise!

Honey and I wake up everyday at 5:30 in the morning to go to Liñon Hill. There were a lot of people there trying to lose weight or maybe just being fit. I saw a man going up and down 3 times! Whoa I can't do that! Just by going up I am catching my breath already. But it was really fun! I am determined to be fit now! haha!

Well, If I am in Los Angeles I will try the los angeles tummy tuck. I wanna get rid of the belly I got when I was pregnant 2 months ago (before the miscarriage). I always check the mirror of what my body looks like and I am so annoyed by my belly. I wanna get rid of it!!!! Grrrr!!!

A lot of people are trying california plastic surgery and california breast augmentation. I know they are safe in their centers. A lot of people are doing this already so this is not a shocking news now. Plastic surgery, Breast Augmentation or tummy tucking are now considered beauty. It is now an essentials to a woman. Well yeah they still have a choice if they will do it or not. One must think twice if they will be doing this. But if your braind told you so and your heart follows, why not give it a go.

If you are thinking of having one you might want to check them out.


I am really excited at the same time nervous yesterday because I might not be included to the Top 24 contestants anymore. I am really excited to know who will be included to the Top 24. This morning I texted Issa if is it a Bad news or a Good news. I am not at my parents house so I cannot check the announcement. And the Issa replied Good news Diane we are still in!!! Bad news the next round is so hard! I am happy upon receiving Issa's txt. I made it to Round 3!!!! Thank you scrappinmoms for picking my LO again. Mwuah! You can view my LO here.

I am puzzled on what the next round will be until I came here at my parents house and checked that it will be about Altered item! OMG! I haven't done any altered item! And this challenge is so hard because they twisted it. The altered item should be not of its original purpose. For example *an altered picture frame is NOT allowed if you will use it again as a picture frame. (*Taken from the site). My goodness! What will I do? What household item should I use? Until now I have no idea.

This challenge is really tough! Whew!

Memory Makers Masters

Wow! I am so happy to see a familiar face on the announcement of the 2008 Memory Makers Masters. It was the face of the beautiful woman below named IRIS BABAO-UY!!!!! I am really happy for her. This was her dream. Congratulations my friend! I am so proud of you! How I wish I can also scrap the way you scrapped. Well I can only dream! LOL! You can view the announcement here.

Online Chatting

I always chat with my friends. I love it when I talk to them. I got their news in no time and got updated with their everyday lives. Sometime I got to see them through the web cam. This completes my day. Having a conversation with family members, updates with friends, good and bad news from a certain person and so on and so forth. This simple thing makes me happy.

Isn't it cool to have a free chat rooms? Have you tried it? Where you can find lots and lots of chat mates. And maybe you can also find the right man for you. Of course I don't need that anymore because I finally found that someone! And I love him! ha ha! Well if you are looking for someone, whether it is a friend, a special someone, mr. right or just anyone whom you can share your interests, you can go to Their chat rooms are free. You can meet new people, express yourself, Create and Join Clubs, Connect with your Friends, Meet someone special, etc.

I have a lot of friends who met their husbands online so you might meet yours too! Go now and try Enjoy chatting!

Our Dog

Her name is Pepay ( I didn't name her. Someone from Jun's family named her.) LOL! She is a dachshund.


I remember when i was still in college my teacher always tells us what a software means. They teach us on how to make them. I am a computer science graduate and until now I can't fully understand on how to make a software. Even a simple one! LOL!

I am saluting the people behind this site. They are so good in coming up with an ecommerce software. They help people with an online business about shopping cart softwares, internet programming and digital imaging. So if you are looking for a software for your online business, you can vsit Their team are all professionals and trained well by the management. Previous customers are well satisfied by their service. They have been in the business for four years already. Wow for sure you will also be satisfied with their work.

Go now and contact them for your software and internet programming needs.

Good luck!

Last Sunday's Pics

Here are the pics last Sunday. I know this is late, forgive me. Enjoy the pictures!!!

Me and Chin on the background. On our way to Airport for some bbq.


Me and my Isaw. Chin being silly with her Isaw! She is so funny!

Jun and friend Mcdo.

Paid Blogging

A lot of my friends asked me on how to earn from blogging. Well this post is for you guys!

First you have to have a paypal account. You can sign up at But if you are from the Philippines you have to hitch from a friend or a relative who is in the US so that your payment will reach you. Paypal here in the Philippines is not yet receiving any payments so your earning won't go to your paypal account here in the Philippines. Then you should have a blog. Best if you have a long running blog. Or a blog with high Page rank. Mine is Page rank of 2. Higher is better.

Then sign up on Smorty. It is a service in which it connects the advertiser to the bloggers. You will receive tasks from them and then if you completed the task your post will then be submitted for approval and then they will pay you if they approved your posts. Thats it! It was so simple.

Isn't it great that you just have to blog for money? I am so happy I am now able to earn money without the hassle of applying for a real job. I hate intervies you know! LOL!

So to my friends who are always bugging me about this, go and sign up now!

I digiscrapped again!

Credits: Everything from Melissa Bennett except heart doodle by Ida, Ribbon with clip, journal paper and Staple by Jessica Bolton, Twill by Victoria Feemster, Stamped Alpha by Meryl Bartho, Wild tear action by Atomic Cupcake,

Credits: Everything from Bren Taylor-Boone. Color Frilly and Fabulous Funky kit.

I made this just now. I've been blank about the Idol LO but I got to make a digital LO. hahahahah! I don't want to think about the Idol challenge right now though the deadline is already on thursday! ahhahahahah! BAD GIRL!

Anyways, I made this for my two beautiful cousins. They asked me to make a scrapbook LO to post on friendster. This is what I came up. I hope they liked them!

I digiscrapped!

Credits: Spring Fling Kit by ACOT designers, Ribbon frame by Redju, Flower by Bren Taylor-Boone, Alpha by Lauren Reid, Bloomin' flowers by Christy Lyle, Date stamps by Holly Mccaig, Staple by Jessica Bolton.

Yey! I am so happy I finally able to digi scrap! I miss doing these.

Our Sunday

Yesterday we (Mom, Dad, Chin, Me and Jun) went to Naga City to attend to the burial of our Ninong Edmundo Simando Sr., the ex mayor of Garchitorena, Camarines Sur. It was a sad day. I saw his family crying and very sad. The scene was the same when Huey passed away. But I didn't carried by the tears overflowing on the funeral. I always tell myself that Huey and Ninong already met in heaven. They will take care of each other. I was also sad but I didn't cry.

Ninong was so good to us. He was a great person. He died of a certain illness I cannot tell exactly because I really don't know what happened to him. Jun and I are thankful he came into our lives. Rest in peace Ninong Edmundo.

We arrived at home at 3pm so I asked Jun if we can go to the Airport to just have a fun time with my sister. To eat bbq and meet up with his friend Mcdo (hihihih! i don't know why they call him Mcdo). It was a blast! I enjoyed talking to my sister about everything under the sun and laugh at the jokes of Jun and Mcdo. We ate bbq and fishballs. Drink Pepsi. And at 6:30 we went home.

What a day! After a sad scene came a very fun and wonderful ending of my day.

Thank God for this day!


Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

I just hope I am lucky enough to be picked! I am not hoping but who knows I will be picked? LOL!

Go to his blog now and enter to have a chance of winning that large amount of money.

Yummy cake

My sister bought this all the way from Los Baños, Laguna. This is so yummy!!!!

This cake is a bit early for my birthday but who cares I wanna eat it now. hahahahha!

Thanks Sis!

Gifts for me pls.

My birthday is fast approaching. August 31 is so near already. I will be 24 by then. I will cook spaghetti and maybe order a cake. Will have a little celebration because my brother and sister-in-law will be home by that time from Kuwait with their childrens.

Well, I hope someone will give me a gift. hahahahah! Honey are you reading this? LOL! Who wouldn't want gifts, right? Hmmm... If you are thinking of giving me a gift, I would like to have lots and lots of money to buy scrapbooking stuffs! hehehe! That will make me happy right now.

Btw, Have you think of something unique to give to someone who is special or maybe to me(hahhahaha)? Well think no more, check out these Personalized Gifts that is so unique! I would love to have one like these.

The Photo Blankets and those Photo Pillows are cute! It is so unique to have your pictures in it. And who knows you might even have a dream of the person or thing on your blanket and pillow. It will feels like you are hugging the person on the pic. You may put the picture of your crush and dream of him and hug him.

Go get one now!

QK Blogger

I've been tagged by Cabbie as QK Blogger. Thanks Girl!

I am tagging: Mia and Me-Anne

The person who has been tagged should take the banner from your site and post that they have been tagged on their blog and then pass it along to at least one more person but no more than 5 at a time.


I made it again to TOP 27!!!!!

Thank God!

This challenge is really stressful! I am now thinking of what to do with the next round. I might be one of the 3 who will be removed from the Top 27 this time. It will be ok for me if I will be removed because I am so stressed just thinking what to do on my LO's! LOL!

Thanks scrappinmoms for including me again to Top 27! Thank you so much! It feels great!

You can view the announcement here and the LO's submitted here.


When I was still in high school cellphone was a hit. My friends and classmates has them except me. Mom and dad won't allow me to have a cellphone at that time because it was expensive. I envied them because they have the best cellphone at that time. Come graduation day, dad gave me a gift and then when I opened it, it was a cellphone! I was really really happy! I was jumping up and down. It was really a dream come true. It was my first cellphone. It lasted 2 to 3 years to me it think. Its not that I don't want it anymore. It's because I already have a new one. I asked mom and dad if I can have a new cellphone and they agreed and gave me money to buy a new one. And then when Jun and I got married he lend me his new camera phone. My old cellphone is nowhere to found. So to sum it all, right now I have no cellphone at all! hahhahaha! The cellphone I am using right now is owned by Jun. LOL!

I wanna get my own cellphone if I already save enough money. I wanna try the new Motorola RAZR 2. It is sleek and classy! I love a cellphone like that. seems to match my personality. It also have a bigger screen which I need also because having a small screen on my cellphone can make me headache. My eyes are not 20/20 anymore so big screen is more preferable to me. This cellphone is so thin I can just put it in my pocket without worrying on the bulkiness on my pants. And wow the screen on the cover is a touch screen! You can browse the music folder, control the music player, check recent calls, and manage messages without opening the flip. Amazing isn't it!

I think this will be a hit! If my saving are already big I will get this phone for sure. Will buy it because its worth it! So you guys who are planning to buy a new cellphone you can check out the new Motorola RAZR 2. I still don't know how much it is right now, but no matter what price it has, its all worth it!

You can check the Wirefly blog for more details about the new phone.

Well having my own cellphone is an achievement for me. Specially if it is from my own money. And from my own sweat. I will never be guilty anymore of asking money from someone just to buy my favorite phone if I will buy with my own moolah! hehheeh! I will be happy if it came true!

Money Matters

Woohoo! I am P11,600 richer today! That was my money from blogging! I already got it from the bank. Amor sent it yesterday via and I got it this morning. I am really happy I finally touched my own money from my own sweat!

But so sad to say it is for the payment of the windshield of our Bus. We will buy windshield in Manila. Damn that accident that crushed our bus windshield! Damn that Bus driver who quickly stopped and the bumper of his bus hits our Bus. Grrrr! I am so pissed! The worst part of it he did it in purpose! And he went off without any sorry from us! Grrrrrr!!!!

Well at least now I can share to Jun. I am sad seeing him so problematic about debts and money matters. Thats why I already got the money from Amor. I will start saving again for my dream camera. ;)

I made this

This is the invitation I made for my inaanak Gaby. Her birthday party will be on August 19. Her actual birthday is on the 20th. Her mom made it on Sunday because she has work on Monday. I can't attend her party because I am here in Bicol. I ordered a cake for her to Ria as a gift. Her cake looks so yummy!

Happy birthday Gaby my dear!

New Look

I changed the skin of my other blog.

Visit it here.

I have a headache now! Those codes really is a challenge! Whew!


... do visit my old blog HERE.

I am reviving it and hopefully will continue posting there.

Thank you so much!

Family Outing

We had our outing today. It was so much fun!

First we headed to Tiwi, Albay to attend a Sunday Mass. Then we headed to the beach for some picnic. The kids of my cousins are so excited! Right after the car parked they jumped off and headed to the water. I didn't swim because I didn't bring clothes. But it was fun watching those kids enjoy the water! My role for this day is a photographer, so I clicked my camera all day!! hahahaha!

We went home at 2 pm. It was tiring but full of FUN!!!!

Plastic Surgery

A lot of people was having a plastic surgery nowadays. Even some people are thinking of having a plastic surgery right now. We know that celebrities are known for plastic surgery. They are most of the customers of plastic surgery centers here and abroad. I can hear a lot of celebrity gossips that they under go plastic surgery. It is really frightening doing those things but I know that they do it for their job. They will be famous having a breast implants or have a nose job. It will make them more money thats why!

Me? If you will ask me, I won't change anything on my body right now. I love how I look! Even though I have a flat nose, not so flawless skin, small breast and large eye bags. But I don't wanna close anything yet. I might do plastic surgery in the future who knows! LOL!

Are you looking for a site to read and best for plastic surgery? Go now to Rodeo Drive Plastic They can help you with your plastic surgery inquiries and advice you on whats the best thing about having a surgery. Their center and facilities are accredited by AAAHC and Medicare. They have the latest equipment in their center so that the surgery will be fast but safe. Their philosophy is "Plastic surgery is your first step to permanent lifestyle enhancement". Their suite is 5,000 square feet, including five exam rooms and a state of the art surgery center. If you are shy about having a plastic surgery they ensure your confidentiality and offer private access through a discrete back entrance. So what are you waiting for? This is the best site you are looking for!

And oh by the way, If you are in Los Angeles do try their los angeles tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, and los angeles breast implants. For sure they will make you more beautiful in a safe way and in the way you want it to be. Good luck and Enjoy browsing the site!

Honey is home

I am so glad he was already home!

I miss him so much. He was away for 1 week and sleeping without him by my side is surely not fun. I miss hugging him and kissing him goodnight. Now I can do that again and again and again! LOL!

He arrived at 8:00am today with lots and lots of fruits. He has a box full of Mangosteen and Pomelo. Yay! My favorites!

Thank you honey for the fruits! I am glad you are home! Mwuah!

Top 30

Woohoo! I made it to Top 30 contestants to the Scrappinmoms Idol Challenge! I am so happy they chose me to be a part of the Top 30. Thank you so much Scrappinmoms! I am so happy today! I feel like I won already! Hihihiihihih! And to all of my co-Top 30 contestants congratulations! Goodluck to the next round! I am so stressed thinking what to do this time! I haven't done a scrapbook with only cardstocks in it! Whew! Off to think of a LO. Bye!

Can you see me? I am the only picture there with a name in it! hahahahah! For sure you won't miss seeing me there. LOL!

Yesterdays post was about sadness. And now it is about happiness! Thank God for making me sad yesterday. Because that may be the reason why I am happy today! Thanks my dear Huey for praying for Mama to be in the Top 30. I always believe that you are whispering to God and saying "God, make my Mama happy today, she was so sad yesterday so please make her happy this day!". Thank you so much my baby! Mama and Papa always love you! Continue praying for Mama ha? We miss you so much!


I was browsing my old blog and came across Teacher Precious' (Huey's Physical Therapist in Manila) blog. I already read this but I don't know why I re-read it again.

Here's her post last March 10, 2007.

for Huey...

it has been a long time since i updated this blog. i wanted to write a lot of new stuff... my trivial realizations and juvenile discoveries... but too was too bus
y to write them down... Now that i have a little time... im actually making time for this... and its not even a good one.. i received a sms from an old friend... and i just cant accept her message. i wanted to think that it wasn't true or i misinterpreted it. but i don't think i did. it was exactly what it is... a lost of a loved one... (please, let it be untrue!!!) he and his family touched me in so many ways... change my life in so many ways... their lives will never be the same again... mine will never be the same again. things like these makes me rethink my closeness with everybody around me. there are times i wished i never made contact to anyone, just far away, distant from each other. so that when the time comes, you wont feel anything... numb of the pain of losing... but "living alone" ain't living at all... i have to cope well with the coming and going of people in and out of my life.. our lives will never be the same again... i hope it goes better anyway.... soon.... ************
i'll miss you, see you baby Huey....

Posted at 3/10/2007 9:45:58 pm by myPrecious


I am crying right now. After reading that post I can't control my tears and it kept on falling down my eyes. I MISS HUEY SO MUCH!!! And tomorrow is his 5th month anniversary. I will still visit him even if Honey is on his way back here in Bicol.

Teacher Precious was very special to Huey and to us. She was the only teacher of Huey that I am comfortable with. She loved Huey so much. She cared for him. I can see the love she has to Huey whenever we go to CHIPS for his therapy. I also miss her. I miss going to CHIPS every Tuesdays and Fridays. But I hope we won't be there again, except for some visit I think.

God Bless you Teacher Precious! We will never forget you. Huey loves you so much!

Missing Honey

I miss my honey so much! I called him last night and he said they will be leaving Davao City today. Yehy! He will be home soon with some Pomelo from Davao City! I love Pomelo so much! I can't wait to see him again. And eat those yummy Pomelo!


Today is the 4th birthday of my Yaya's son. I will cook Bihon later and buy some cake. They are like family to me already. I treat them as my brothers and sisters. My yaya was there for us when we are young and I am always thankful to her.


I have one scrapbook LO to share with you today. I made this last week and haven't had the time to scan and upload it. This is my nephew Lilo with his favorite blanket. He can't live without that blanket on his side. Heheheh!

Have nothing to say much today. Bye for now!

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