August 2009

Beautiful TV Stand

I am working beside the TV and I can see the beautiful tv stand. I wish I have that too. So here I am browsing some site that offers affordable tv stands. As of now our tv is on top of the sewing machine stand and I wish to get a beautiful tv stand like these of my parents soon. I still need to save up to buy what we like. I hope it will be soon.


I admit I am not a book lover so reading is not my passion. But I am slowly loving it now. I am currently reading The Time Travelers wife and little by little I am enjoying reading a book. It was owned by my sister and I borrowed it. I am still not half of the thick book. I am slowly reading the pages. I am not a fast reader too. I am just fine with this and in fact I have the time to read the book as my sister already read that novel. And I can say that it was a very good book.

Walk In Tubs

Look at these walk in tubs it is so classy! I want one on our bathroom but I think it won't fit there anymore as we have a small bathroom. I hope when we put the second floor we will have something like these. I will soak in there and just relax and put on some scented candles. This is also good for my husband as he is always stressed. This will calm him and soothe his mind for a good day.

Fashionable Eyeglasses

Do you need to replace your old eyeglasses and have no time to go to the nearest optical shop? Then worry no more because Zenni Optical is giving you an $ 8 Rx eyeglasses which you can afford! They offer good quality and fashionable eyeglasses that will suit your look. And if you are asking How You Can Start Spending Smart ? Then you should watch the video at They featured Zenni Optical there.

My favorite high fashion eyeglasses can be found at Zenni Optical and I am excited to get it soon. I also need to replace my eyeglasses because it's giving me headache nowadays.

Newly Painted Nails

Yes I went to the parlor today to have my nails done. I love it! I had a Black Orchid color on my hand and toes. I totally love it! I feel beautiful when I have a beautiful nails! Oh what a girl needs to uplift herself. hihiihi!

Ok now I am just here surfing the web and checking emails. I am waiting for my husband to finish checking his account at MCP and then we will go home. I can't wait to go home as I will continue to read the Time Traveler's Wife book. I can't wait to watch the movie of this best selling book.

Ok hubby is finished now. Bye!

Web Hosting

I am thinking on whether to renew my other blog for its hosting or not. I am low on budget right now and expiration date is near already. Even if I don't want to let go of my other blog I will still lose it as I haven't got a payment for it. I am sad about it. But I am also trying my best to find a way to pay for it. A little sideline here and there and maybe I will retain it. Or maybe I will transfer it to another webhosts in which offers a lower payment. I will visit tomorrow to find a good webhost that is appealing to me.

My blog gives me income so it is important to me. I guess I need to keep my blog so that income will still come into my pocket. And with that I will be able to pay for the hosting and domain registration of my blogs. I will take note of this site. It is a great reference for web hosts. Oh if you are in need of sites to host your blog you can go to They can help you to host your blog.

Japanese Sweet Corn

I love love love eating this one. Mom's friend gave her 1 plastic of this Japanese Corn. Mom love it too! I missed eating this one. Whenever we go to Manila we see to it that we buy Japanese sweet corn in Katipunan. I hope I can buy some when we go to Manila this week.

Ms. Universe

I can't wait to watch the Ms. Universe tomorrow. I will tune in to ABS-CBN tomorrow. I still don't have any bet on who will win but I hope Ms. Philippines will do good on this pageant. Let us all support Bianca Manalo. Go Philippines!

I better work on a page for my CT now. I am not a good CT member nowadays. =(

Make Up

This is my recent make up purchase, a lipstick, gloss and a blush on (2pcs). I got this from my kikay friend Kathy. Now what I need to do is to learn how to apply these make ups. I admit I am not good in doing my make up. I still need practice. Maybe enrolling myself to a cosmetology school will make me a good make up artist too. Who knows I will be a good one soon. If only I am in the US I will enroll myself to the michigan cosmetology schools. I heard they are a great beauty school and a lot of aspirants who graduated there are satisfied. And got a lot of good work after graduating from that school. I wish I have a lot of time for this schooling. Sigh!

Busy Blogger

I've been updating all of my blogs today as a lot of work are piling up already! Yaiks! Thank God I am in the mood to write. I need to do this as I need moolah for shopping. I want to buy a new sewing machine that is why. So wish me luck on this one too. I badly need to get a sewing machine for fabric sewing and also for scrapbooking. So God give me a lot of strength to finish all my tasks.

Wedding Photobook

This is what keeps me busy these past few months. I am making a wedding photobook for a client. I haven't done a wedding photobook before so this is a tough one for me. In the long run I am enjoying it. I discovered some techniques in photoshop while making this. I can't show you what I made as I don't have the permission to do so. So just wish me luck in this and I hope to finish it soon.

Business Gifts

Been searching for the best business gifts for my friends company right now. I found a great site which I can really recommend to her. So I hope she will like what I found today. I will just bookmark this site and then will email her later.

Ok I am off to watch The Buzz for a little celebrity scoops. Chikka time!

Yummy Chocolate Cake

I have been busy baking this chocolate cake these past few weeks. This is our constant afternoon snack. I am happy to say that I did a very delicious cake! Thanks to this recipe at The Daily Digi. try it and I have to warn you now. It is really really DANGEROUS!!! Enjoy!

Hot Hot Hot!

It is so hot in here! I was sweating like a pig! The electric fan is in number 3 already but I am still sweating. Sigh! And now it is raining. Yah right! talk about the smell of the newly wet ground! Ewwww!!

Ok so instead of complaining how hot it is here, I will just check out some paper scrapbook gallery to keep me inspired. I also need to finish the photo book for my client.

Okies, bye!

Stock Options

Been wanting to learn more on the stock options subject but I always forgot to browse websites about this. But now that I finally remembered about this I will bookmark some site that I will see today. First I need to know more on what really is stock option trading. I have no idea what it really is. But thankfully I found which discusses more about stock options. So I will frequent this site and learn. I learned that if you are in a business you can get a stock option trading to boost your income. Hmmmm.. I will suggest this to a friend who wanted to get a high income in his business. Thank God I learned today.

Sound Tripping

I am here browsing the net and checking emails while listening to Carrie Underwood's songs. I love her and her music. She is damn good! And I am glad she won the Idol. Way to go Carrie!~

Ok I need to finish this wedding photo book for my client so I need to go now. It's freaking hot in here. The electric fan is so slow! LOL!


For Little Abi

I made this LO for the cute daughter of my friend Kaje. I hope she'll like this. I used the template of Tiffany Tillman available HERE and Fee Jardine's Sweet Love kit which is also available HERE. Isn't she a cutie in this photos?

Kisses to you baby Abi!

Wall Decor

I love to have a metal candle sconces on our living room wall. Something like this:

I needed to decorate that bare wall now. So that our house will look good even if it is still unfinished. I also need to frame our wedding portrait and hang it on our bedroom. I think we are the only married couple who doesn't have a wedding photo hanged in our bedroom. LOL!

Ok off to browse some other sites about wall decors now. Later!

Vilma Santos

I am watching the Vilma special today. I am a fan of the legendary Ate Vi. She is one superstar here in the Philippines. I just love here. I love how she still looks so young and never gain a lot of weight. I know she doesn't need the Avesil pills because she has a great body. She's still looking young and beautiful. I hope that abs-cbn will bring back her movies and TV shows.

Cute Pink Dolls

I love this cute pink wooden dolls I saw from the cabinet of toys of my nephew and niece. I took a photo of it and made it as my photo a day. I love this cute dolls but they are already ugly as there are a lot of stain on them. But I will love seeing them displayed at my brother's family room.

Sad Day

It's been raining here all day. The sky is mourning too to the death of former president Cory. The news on TV is all about Cory's death. I am working online at the same time watching the TV. I am very sad about this happening.

Have a nice day everyone! Bring umbrella if you are going out ok?

Lady in Red

Look how my sister glares with her red dress paired with her red nails. I love how beautiful she looks in this photo. Funny pose but I think she is still beautiful. Right?

Ok I need to finish a lot of things online right now. Maybe I will be resting tomorrow so I might not go online. Sunday for me is family day so let us all celebrate family day tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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