Web Hosting

I am thinking on whether to renew my other blog for its hosting or not. I am low on budget right now and expiration date is near already. Even if I don't want to let go of my other blog I will still lose it as I haven't got a payment for it. I am sad about it. But I am also trying my best to find a way to pay for it. A little sideline here and there and maybe I will retain it. Or maybe I will transfer it to another webhosts in which offers a lower payment. I will visit www.wpdesigner.com tomorrow to find a good webhost that is appealing to me.

My blog gives me income so it is important to me. I guess I need to keep my blog so that income will still come into my pocket. And with that I will be able to pay for the hosting and domain registration of my blogs. I will take note of this site. It is a great reference for web hosts. Oh if you are in need of sites to host your blog you can go to www.wpdesigner.com. They can help you to host your blog.

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