I Need Some Pampering!

After the Holidays my body needs to relax. All the stress and the traveling back and forth at the mall to buy gifts caused these achy body parts! And I wish I can have a hot bath in a Jacuzzi! Too bad I can only drool on the beautiful Jacuzzi's at qualitybath.com. I wish we have those here. Our shower doesn’t release hot water so we have to rely on the hot water in the kettle. LOL! But I hope to have at least a bath tub or a water heater when we construct the 2nd level of our house. Wish! wish wish! oh should I say save! save! save?

If you are also like me who needs pampering go visit qualitybath.com for jacuzzi tubs and enjoy your relaxation moment as soon as it is installed! I envy those who can right now. =(

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