Future Musician

I miss watching ASAP on TV every Sunday. It’s a noon time variety show here in our country. I love being entertained and seeing my favorite starts perform. I love to hear my favorite songs being sang by famous stars. And music can calm me when I am stressed.
When I became a mom, I got busy and my Sunday is spent at the mall having quality time with my family. I know that someday I will go back to what I love most. When my kids are all grown up, I will have the time all for myself and for my husband. There will be family time but it will be not too demanding of my time. I just hope that my kids will still remember how important time spent with family.
Speaking of musical shows, my daughter loves to watch movies and TV shows that has music in it. I guess she got those with me. And I am happy that she loves music. If she wants to be a musician someday then let it be. I will support her. I guess there will come a time that she’ll tell me to buy genelec at Musicians friend, or download a certain song for her to listen to. And I can’t wait for that to happen. i love you my future musician!

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