Once Upon a Time TV Series


Now that there are only 2 more episodes to wait for Desperate Housewives I need to find a good TV series to watch. And a friend suggested this one. They loved it and I am convinced to try to watch it too. I am now downloading this one as I missed the first 20 episodes. I cannot wait to watch the first episode. I am so excited!


Emma Swan gets the surprise of her life when Henry, the son she gave up 10 years ago, arrives on her doorstep. Returning the boy to his adoptive mother becomes complicated when Henry reveals a stunning theory to Emma. Everyone in Storybrooke, Maine is a fairytale character under a curse, and Emma - as the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming - is the one who can save them all. The story unfolds; interweaving scenes of the drama in the sleepy New England town and the the inhabitants' past lives in the world of fairy tales. The timeless battle of good vs evil is ready to begin again.Written by L. Hamre

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