December 2008

2009 Plans

I am thinking of making a big change on our life this 2009. We want to get pregnant in 2009 and I hope the baby plans will be successful. I hope to have a healthy baby this time. We are also allotting some of our savings to continue renovating our house. I wanna paint the external part of our house. And also get a new tv stand for our TV in our bedroom. I wanna get a water purifier and some furniture for our kitchen. I hope to get this done before 2009 ends. Wish me luck!

Marriage in 2009

In February, 2009 my friend Melissa will get married to hubby's friend Jeff. They are a great couple and friends. I am happy that they are settling down already. Melissa told me that she still wants to have a simple kind of engagement rings before she gets married. Well it is up to Jeff if he will still give my friend a simple one right? What is important is the wedding and their love to each other. I love them both!

Wood Flooring

I always want to have a wood flooring but with the cement floor we have we need to use tiles on our floor. But my dream house has wood flooring. I remember when I play The sims2 I will always get the wood flooring for my house. I am happy when I use the wood flooring on my house in Sims2. The house is neat and in proper order. It is a great design to the house also. If I won the lottery I will surely buy my dream house first and of course with wood flooring in it!

To Be Sure

I am watching the news right now and there are a lot of road accidents in Manila. I hate seeing a lot dies in car accidents. There are drivers who are so irresponsible and doesn't even care about the rules and watch traffic signs. And because of that I am thinking that term life insurance is really important to everyone. One should get one to be sure. You'll never know what will happen to you next. Knock on wood.


I can't sleep well yesterday and so is hubby. I don't know maybe our bed is the problem. You know we sleep on a single bed. Yes, in a single bed. We can sleep there. That is why maybe it is uncomfortable to sleep with. I need to get a larger bed with heated mattress pads. It will change our sleeping I guess. I saw this site that offers a great deal and I can't stop drooling about that mattress. I love the colors of the bed sheet and I want to have it. But it is so sad I still don't have the money for it. :(


This is so cute right?

I bought this at for my little niece Nadine. It is so cute I bought it the day i saw it on etsy. My sister in law wanted to have a crochet shoes for her daughter while she was still pregnant. This is my Christmas gift for her. She loved it!

New Light

I have been searching for a nice lighting fixtures online. I want to put one on our living room. I am on a shopping mode but sadly no money yet. I am waiting for someone to pay on my paypal. I hope I can get before new year starts. I want a beautiful living room to start a year right. And I want a nice light for our house. Our light there right now is dim so I need to get a bright one. Ok browsing some site again. Later!

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