December 2009

Travelling Hubby

Hubby will be traveling again soon and I will be missing him. But thank God he will be home for the New Year. I don't think I can celebrate New Year without hubby by my side. He is now looking for a cheap travel insurance and then he will get ready and off he goes. I wish him a safe trip and be back home soon Hon!


A few more days and it will be a brand new year for all of us. I am thinking of my New Year's resolution and I think I will focus more on losing some weight. Some friends told me their resolutions to find a job which they are comfortable with. I really wish that all of our resolutions will come true. I should focus on my resolution as I really want to slash a big part of my weight. Wish me good luck!

Send Some Nursing Graduation Invitations to your Friends

I remember when my brother graduated from Nursing and he sends out his Nursing Graduation Invitations to us, we were so glad that he finally finished college. He is our eldest and we are really really proud of him.

Some of his classmates also sent him their nurse school graduation party invitations and he wanted to attend all but of course his body is just one so he just chose where to go. or should I say he chose where the food was delicious. hahahaha!

If you are looking for nursing school graduation invitations, you can get one at They will give you unique and exclusive designed nurse graduation announcements. Proof will be Emailed to You within ONE Hour during the Business Day. Customer Can Make Unlimited Changes at No Additional Cost. Visit GraduationCardsShop now.

Hubby's Horoscope For Today

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

The Bottom Line

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Don't give up. You're almost there.

In Detail

You're a magnet, pure and simple, and you know it. You always have. So when that magnetism pulls someone toward you who isn't quite what you had in mind, back off and be direct. You have little time at your disposal, and you won't want to spend it on mercy dates -- especially when there are so many wonderful folks who've also had a taste of your charisma.

My Sewing Machine

This is my sewing machine. Sewing is love. I wanted to create new dresses that's why I bought this sewing machine. i used it already for my scrapbooking and I am loving it to bits! I can now sew on my pages!!!! Weeee!!!

I already tried to sew on my pages but as a first timer my page turned out not a good one. The stitches were not straight at all. hahahha! But i still love it. I will just practice more so that I can make a perfect one. hihiihi!

Luxurious Vacation

Today almost everyone is busy with their line of work. Even I am busy. We all need a good vacation. Either with our family or with our partner in life. We all need to remove our stress from everyday that we do. I saw an Adults Only All Inclusive Hotel online and I want to share it with you all. It was a romantic place offered by Karisma Hotel in Mexico. I read that they got some amazing and luxurious environment. Your vacation will surely be enjoyable if you spent it with this place. Not only they serve good food but they will pamper you like a king and queen. Check out their site now and experience the comfort of being away from the reality.

Pizza Hut Lasagna

I love lasagna so much. I always eat the one from Greenwhich. But when hubby and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last Nov 29th in Pizza hut in SM Naga I was in love how yummy it was. I love it! I will surely order that the next time we visit Naga. I hope it will be soon as I am craving for it right now.


Whenever my internet connection is slow I play the solitaire here in my laptop. Until my downloads are complete I never stop playing. I am so entertained by this game. Dad introduced me to this game when i saw a child. He always play after work before going to bed. I always watch him how he plays it until I get how this game is played. And until now he play this but the difference is that he plays it in his laptop. hahahha!

Will I Send a Baby Shower Invitations Soon?

I was thinking if ever I will have the chance of sending out some Baby Shower Invitations soon. But I can't send them without a baby on my tummy. So the first thing I needed to do is to get pregnant. hahahah!

But who can blame me for looking on this free baby shower invitations and printable baby shower invitations over at Cards-411. I love the site as it has a lot of free invitations and also gives a free shipping. Who can resist that? And they will print and ship your order the SAME DAY it is approved. So why not get your baby shower invites at from now on. Go check them out.

Will Visit A Friend

I will visit a friend today. We haven't seen each other for a long time and it is now the time to update each other. I will bring my camera with me to take pictures of us. I will post them here after. I can't wait to meet her again. I only see her in facebook. I am so glad she was here in Bicol.

In Demand Birth Announcement Cards

Birth Announcements are really in demand today. Another friend gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week. She was asking me to be one of the Godparents of her cute son. And today she contact me and was asking where to get the baby invitations. So I pointed her to which has a patented Instant Preview Features that she can use to view her created cards before buying. This friend is OC so she needs to see first if it is cute or not. The site also has a wide variety of unique and exclusive designs of baby shower and baby announcements. She will surely love the Birth-Cards site. I am recommending this to her.

Reunion Dilemma

I am wearing my tights right now and all I can see are fats! OMG! I need those fat burners that a friend recommended. I badly need it as we have a coming reunion this 26th! Yaiks! For sure my classmates will be so shock about the changes in me. I hope to lose weight before the reunion but I am sure it won't happen that fast. So I will just do some magic in my outfit. =)

Plan of Moving?

I saw this Moving Announcements this morning and I was thinking when will we send some cards with this theme too. Moving is not in our plan right now as we love our house. But who knows what God plans for us. So I am keeping this site that offers a print and ship of orders the same day it is approved. And you can also request to them if you didn't find anything you like in their gallery. So for your moving announcement, open house invitations, and housewarming invitation go to and create your pretty moving announcement cards. Because at Express-Invitations your special day is also important to them.

August Says That You Are Confident

August Says That You Are Confident

You are a very passionate, intense person. You go with your gut, and your gut has never led you astray.

You trust yourself to make the right call, and because of this, you can be quite stubborn.

You don't back down when you know you're right, and you don't mind telling other people what to do.

You are very ambitious, and you have the resources to get what you want. You're the type of person who will set the world on fire.

Muscle Pain

I am having a muscle pain on my thigh part right now. I think this happened to me because of not exercising regularly. I worked on our Christmas decorations in a squat position yesterday. I didn't feel anything until I was going to bed last night. And this morning it got worse when my brother and my sister asked me if i wanted to go to Kawa-kawa which is a hill in Ligao. We went up that hill with the use of our feet. So yeah it doubles up even triple up the pain on my thigh. Ugh!

Help on College Graduation Announcements

A few more years and my cousin will be giving us her College Graduation Announcements. Time flies really fast, I remember attending her pre-school graduation and now she is a fine young lady. This reminds me that I am getting old already and that makes me sad. =(

Anyways, I saw some great graduation announcement designs at Announcements-Shoppe this morning and I remember she was asking me the other day where to get unique and exclusive designs for her graduation invitation. Now I can recommend something to her. I will tell this site to her later. This is the perfect site to get her graduation party invitation as the site offers a Print and Ship our Order the SAME DAY it is approved. Get yours now too!

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