January 2010

Online University

Getting an online degree is not that hard these days. With the comfort of your home you are able to learn and at the same time attend to your family. They accepts any age and any gender. Wasn't that amazing? A lot of our friends attended online universities. I wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid and this dream will be easy to come true if I will enroll myself at Western Governors University. You can also get an online teaching degree at www.wgu.edu. So why don't you try them out and finish college or maybe a second course now. Good Luck!

Weight Loss Success Stories

Those weight loss success stories that I've read on some blogs is really inspiring. I've been wishing my resolution this year which is go on a diet will be successful also. Facing the mirror is really hard for me right now. I know that I am not that fat but I still want to lose some weight. I want to bring back what I have used to before. Wish me good luck in this.


I am reading a lot of diets for quick weight loss on my bloglines before and how I wish I can also take those. I wanted to lose weight fast. Just like what my friend did. I was so shock when I saw her picture the other day and see a lot of difference in her body. She lost a lot of weight and I envy her. It's my resolution to chop off at least a little portion of my weight. It is so uneasy having this kind of body. I want to wear clothes that are a few size down than my current size. Sigh!


I heard a lot of proactiv reviews from my friends and on TV. I wanted to try it too. But I am hesitant to use it. It might not work on me or my acne will got worse. Oh well if given the chance of having money to buy it then why not right? This will help in cleaning my face and skin.

I Miss Home

I want to go home already. I am in Kalibo right now for a business trip. And I think we will be able to go home next week. That's a little bit too far from today. Ugh! But I am also enjoying my stay here. I ate a lot of foods and I am sure I will gain weight after this vacation. Where was my resolution go? Losing weight is really hard to do. bwahahaha!!!

I better go now and check this hgh supplements for my dear friend. I have a lot of things to finish today. Bye!

Best Diet Pill

My friend is asking me what diet pills is ok and is safe to use. She wanted to plan her family well. He old diet pill was giving her constant headache and wanted to switch to other brands. So I searched the web for some diet pill reviews which I can give to my dear friend. Thanks God there's dietpillcomparison.net I am able to find what's the best for my friend.

Backing Up

I am currently organizing our photos on our desktop. I burn them on CD's and store them to CD cases. It was time consuming and tiring to do all of it in just a day. I might grow old fast because of this and will need an anti wrinkle cream soon. hahahaha! My CD burning is currently on hold as I was away from my PC. But when I get back I will continue backing up all of my files on my desktop.

Back to Reality

Tomorrow it's back to school for students and back to work for workers. And one of those workers includes me. Even if I don't go to a real office I am still working and earn some money. And right now I am researching the best life insurance rates that I can find. I was asked by a friend to research on it. I hope to find one tonight as my dear friend needs it tomorrow.

Extra Kitchen Faucet

While I was taking our breakfast this morning I am at the same time listing things I need to buy on my planner. It was a to buy list. I was not listing it to buy immediately but a prompt for me to work harder so that I can buy those things. My list includes two kitchen faucets. Our current faucet is broken again. So I want to make sure that I have a spare one. It is better to have an extra one right?

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