June 2010

I love my Iphone

I was so happy when I got my iphone last February. It was something I didn't expect to own. And for a great deal, it was one thing I will forever treasure. I love my iphone so much. Even if I cannot use the iphone warranty that comes with it if it crashes as it is only a second hand. I am taking care of it everyday. I cannot afford to buy a new phone with my own money soon. So I am crossing my fingers that it will last. I really really love all the applications I have on my iphone. Love the games and the archie comics.

Thank God for Security Cameras

I watched XXX last night in ABS-CBN and saw the episode where there are 3 foreigners doing some unusual things while transacting at the money exchange shop. They got Php70,000 without the tellers knowing their acts. Thank God there were security cameras all over the place they caught it on video. But sad to say that they didn't got the suspects to go to the prison. The video was released to give alert to every pawnshops or money exchange shops. Everyone should be careful nowadays. Sigh!


I love looking at myself in the mirror today. I have a small bump already! Weeee! I am so happy. Husband is delightful that he is now seeing a baby bump in me. He loves to touch my tummy in the evening waiting to be kicked by his daughter/son. But no kicking from him/her yet. I think we need to wait a few more days or months to feel that.

Meanwhile I am busy looking for an apidexin reviews as a friend is asking me to help her with this one. Will attend to this now as she is so hurrying me up. Bye for now!

Wedding Invitations

I was asked by a friend last month if I am making some wedding invitations. And I said no. I only do birthday and baptism invitation layouts. She said she was asking me because she is getting married in a month! That was one great news I got during that stressful day of mine. I am so happy for her! I really wish I can do her favor of making her wedding invitation but I can't. Yes I did our wedding invitation way back in 2003 but I have no more mojo of that today. =(

Pregnant and Happy

I am getting bigger and bigger month after month. But I am not worried at all. Nor looking for slimming pills to be slim again. I will handle this topic when I give birth already. This are some perks of being pregnant. You can eat whatever and whenever you want to without being guilty at all times. I love being pregnant! let's all get pregnant and happy. LOL!

Guide to the Right Path

I have a friend who previously worked in a guidance in a university. And being a guidance counselor she needs to guide the students to the right path when they graduate from High School. They teach students to research college degrees that will fit them well. They conduct some written and oral tests to find the best career, college courses and the path that every student should take. I am happy that we have a guidance counselor in our school. This is how I chose my college course. I was glad they were able to help me out in deciding. I hope you all got what you really wanted during college too.


We went to get some grocery at SM savemore today. I am so happy that at least we have SM savemore here. I love shopping at SM. They got some groceries that aren't available in Gaisano or LCC. I am glad we have a lot of options now on where to get our groceries. I can't wait to bring hubby there. His favorite snack can be found in that grocery!

Goodbye Summer

According to the news rainy season is coming so we all need to prepare. I on the other hand need to find where my only umbrella is. I remembered bringing it to the last time i went to my parents house. So maybe I left it there. I will look for it tomorrow.

reminder everyone, be sure that you all bring your umbrellas ok? You'll never know when the rain will pour in.

Investing for the Future

Most of us want a secure future for our family, especially our children. That is why many of us put aside some amount as savings. But I believe that the wiser move instead of saving our money in the banks is investing in gold. Why? Because through the centuries, gold is proven to be one of the most important commodities. Gold is even considered safe-haven investment because its value rarely depletes and the returns is most often high. If you think that to buy gold coins is a wise move, then you are right! But if you are clueless on this investment just like me, there are many websites out there which offers help and information.

My Tummy

I have a bulging belly before I got pregnant so right now I look like a month ahead of my real month of pregnancy. I am on my 14th week now but I look like on my 18th month. Sometimes I don't see myself being pregnant on the mirror. It was like the normal me. Silly isn't it?

The Last Prince

I am hooked in watching this TV show in GMA. I love the story. It was a fairy tale story between Lara and Prince Almiro. Starring Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica. Every evening I tune in to GMA to watch this. And my husband watch it too. He have no choice but to watch it. haha! I'll watch again tomorrow as the show is getting more exciting.

Beauty School in Virginia

The Regency Beauty Institute is one of the best beauty schools in the United States. It was founded in Minneapolis 50 years ago and from 2 campuses, it has grown into almost 50 campuses in nine states. It’s vision? Provide relevant and quality education to make its graduates highly competitive and in demand in the beauty industry. Their campuses mirror upscale salons and this a contributory factor to the effective training of their students. Most of the Regency graduates are successful in their field in various salon, runways and cruise ships. So if you are looking for a Virginia Cosmetology School, why not give Regency Beauty Institute a try.

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