July 2010

Now I Can

... sleep.

I am so sleepy already. I am done with work now. Thank God! Will just turn off the lights and the TV and I am off to the dreamland. Thank God for this beautiful day. I am so sorry for not visiting you today. I may not able to go to church but I am a believer of God's teachings. I pray everyday and talk to him most of the time. I love you Lord! Thank you for all the blessings! Good Night!

Cupcake Quiz

Your Cupcake Says You Are Your Own Biggest Fan

At parties, you tend to be a social butterfly. You enjoy making conversation and making sure everyone is having fun.

You hardly have any restraint. You only hold yourself back when absolutely necessary.

The most important thing in your life is fun.

You are dominant, vain, and a bit of a show off. To know you is to worship you.

I love cupcakes with sprinkles!
I love fun things. I enjoy life and don't take problems to take over me. I just clear my mind with all the pollution it has and enjoy life. This is me and be happy with it. =)

Invest in Gold Now

I hate it when my husband and I talk about money. Sometimes it will lead to misunderstandings and never ending discussion. But yesterday as I am talking to the husband I am glad that we are earning a little higher than the normal. I am not that helping with the expenses but at least I am contributing once in a while. I am guilty most of the time but with the coming of this baby I am thinking twice to take action which our family will benefit in the future. Well I am considering to buy gold bullion and invest in it. Save it for the future of our family and get secured.No one knows when our time is and if it is really the end right. So it is still the best to act now and invest.

Fast Internet

I missed having a fast internet connection. We are here at my parents house and I am doing online work and God I miss this fast internet connection. Our internet at home is horrible. I have to connect and disconnect from the network every time there's no signal. And I hate it when you have a lot of work to do and there's no internet. It is really annoying. Well as you can tell I cannot live without the internet. This is my work and my life. I am earning from this so I need to have a connection everyday. I just wish that when this baby comes I will be able to adjust well to not use the internet from time to time.

One More To Go

... and I will be joining the husband in bed. I still need to finish work on a Sunday night. Tomorrow will serve as my Sunday and today is my Monday. Weird right. well with this kind of work you'll never know when really is your Monday. But I love my work and this is where I am good at. I just have to be patient with this. Yawn!

TransUnion Lawsuit

I was reading an article about TransUnion Class Action Lawsuit when I was interrupted by a tv show so I had to stop first on what I am doing and watch the show. In the middle of it I got bored so I got back at reading about the article. I've read that when you have a case of illegally sold confidential credit information to target marketing companies in the United States between the years 1987 and 2000, the best credit reporting company to go to is TransUnion. Their skilled attorneys can help you with your problem. They are the best people to go to even the most complex TransUnion claims they can handle. So why not go to their site now and try their services. I am sure that you'll be soon worry free with them.

Hungry Again

It's only 1:28pm and I am hungry again. Yaiks! It's only a few hours ago that I ate lunch! So I won't have no doubt that when I reach my 8th month I will be as big as when I delivered Huey. Oh no! Might be needing the apidexin that a friend recommended to me when I give birth. I hope to really get back to my pre pregnancy weight or lesser. I still want to wear the clothes in my closet! It will be another expense for me to buy new clothes. And hubby won't be happy with that for sure. Will work this one out. Fingers crossed!

Spaghetti For Breakfast

I am here at my parents house to spend a day with them. Hubby and I slept here last night. I missed sleeping at my bed. Home is really where the heart is. And oh I missed this fast internet connection! Our net at home was horrible. It was like connecting via dial up! I wish we have the same internet provider like here. I cannot wait when the time comes that we have a faster internet connection. All I can do now is to sigh!

Anyways, mom cooked spaghetti for breakfast. I love mom's spaghetti. It's sweet and creamy! There's no celebration today just spending time with family. I super love Sundays!

Save Up For Your Future

They said buying gold coins is the safest way of investing for your future. Yes they are right. I read a lot of stories that they succeeded in this way of securing the future. I might try this one too. Well I am just being practical here. We can never be sure of what will happen ahead of us so why not start saving up now? And like my in laws who are investing in land I can also invest in buying gold coins. It is unique and as we all know metals never depreciates its value specially gold. This will be the most secure thing to do right now. So go and inform yourself in this kind of investment and start saving up for future use. Good Luck!

National Park Tour

My brother and his family is now in California. They are one big happy family now. We are so happy for them. They showed us pictures of them together and I can see the happiness in my brother’s face. Indeed no happiness can level up to a complete family. I sometimes talk to them and ask them what are their plans now that they are complete. They said they will first tour the place and maybe attend a national parks tours. What a great idea as it will make the kids busy as not to get home sick. They also shared that they are planning to go to those europe tours that their fried offered to them. And I was really envy when he told me that. I wish I can go too! For sure they will enjoy the vacation. Just when I was about to close my laptop yesterday I remembered to search some sites that offers australia tours and other destination tours. My brother was requesting for some input on this one. So I searched the web and found Collettevacations.com. They offer almost all of the tour areas around the world. They also conduct a very unique tour relating to history, culture and special events, like the Alpine Explorer with the Glacier Express and Oberammergau Passion Play. They also has a lot of resources for you to read and information that you can get in their site. So be sure to check them out. Will be relaying this findings to my brother for his collection of sites to visit for their tours.

Window Shopping Time!

I so love this Poppy garland headband I found from www.muchloveilly.etsy.com. I wanted to buy it but my paypal is empty as of now. I just hope this is still available next week. Will buy this as soon as my money comes. They said accessorizing your head will divert peoples attention to your body. This is so perfect for me. People tend to notice my large hips and sometimes they comment that I need a quick weight loss program which is really annoying. hmp!

Lucky Me

Mom asked me the other day if I use the best acne treatments as she saw a recent photo of me with a very nice face. Well it is either it was edited in photoshop or the lighting is just good. haha! But I am also thankful that I am not attacked by acne that much. I didn't have problems with acne even when I was still in school. No I don't take care of my skin that much. I just wash my face with water. I guess I am just lucky to have this face. haha!

I LOve My Friends

Just like when they tell you that you really need the best weight loss products on earth because your body can no longer change even in a daily exercise. Ouch! But it feels so good that your friends are so concerned about you. I love them so much! This will be the time that you will realize that yeah its wrong or its a right decision.

Bedsheets and Pillow Covers

Instead of looking for irvingia products for my friend I am looking for bedsheets and pillow covers right now. Online window shopping feels soooo good! LOL!It relieves my stress. I love it! I found a lot of good ones online but I haven't found the one I really want to purchase. I will continue this tomorrow as my eyes hurts already. I hope to get the perfect one for our bed tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Slimming Pills

When I went to the drugstore to buy my prenatal vitamins I saw a group of teenagers looking for the best slimming pill. They we're asking the pharmacists what's the best one they have. I didn't pay attention to their conversation as the pharmacist assigned to me got the prescription I have on my hand. Well, I do hope that they got what they are looking for and get the result they are aspiring. Teenagers nowadays are always conscious on how they will look. When I was their age I never bothered how I really look. I just live my life they way I want it to be.

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