October 2010

Go Back To The Gym

My husband is thinking of going back to the gym next month. And I support him for that. He was doing that when we are still boyfriend girlfriend and I am so happy he is considering of going back. Being healthy and to  build muscles are his thing right now. Maybe he got inspired with the health magazines he got from the bookstore a few days ago. I hope this will last as he is the kind of man who easily get bored with what he is doing. Wish him luck!

Before Baptism

I want to enroll to a weight loss program now that I gave birth to baby Cate. I have a lot of pregnancy weight to lose. I think I am losing weigh little by little but I wanted to lose weight fast or at least get back to my pre pregnancy weight before my baby’s baptism. I also want to look good in the pictures. =) Talk about being a photo addict.

Our Old Christmas Tree Ornaments

Soon it will be Christmas time once again and as early as now I am seeing a lot of Christmas decors and christmas tree ornaments being sold at the mall. I am tempted to buy as I wanted to put up our Christmas tree now. Last year we set up the tree early. I think it is the month of October too when we decided to put up the tree. But I am on a budget right now so I will just have to be satisfied with the old tree and ornaments.

Welcome Cate!

I have been missing in action these past few days because I have given birth already to our baby girl. We named her Erica Charlotte and we will call her Cate. She was born a premie at 34 weeks via CS. Weighing 1.8kls only. But she is recovering well. She’s still at the hospital for photo therapy and antibiotics. I can’t wait for her to go home on Sunday.

Will keep myself busy by reading this colon cleanse article for now which my friend gave to me before I gave birth. And maybe find time to scrap. I badly need to release stress.

Meryenda Time!


We’re having pancit canton this afternoon for meryenda. I am still full as I ate the leftover champorado. I will eat the pancit later when i feel hungry. But by looking at the photo above I am craving for it already! hahaha!

I love being pregnant. I can eat and eat and eat all the time! LOL! But I am watching my weight right now. I don’t want to have a hard time shedding some fats after giving birth.

Thinking About the Party at Fun Ranch


I was looking for the led flashlights photo when I saw this balloon pic from my niece’s 1st birthday party. I remember how I enjoyed the party. I super love attending parties. And got saddened that there is a party happening today in Manila and I am not there. =(

A year from now I will be planning my baby’s 1st birthday as well. I still don’t think about it as right now my focus is to give birth to this precious baby of ours. I hope everything will be well handled when the time comes.

My fingers are crossed!

Best Form of Investment

I was thinking to buy gold today. This boredom made me think of anything. I am left at home with the family enjoying the birthday party of my nephew in Manila. I am just here doing some work and checking on FB to kill time. Poor me! I envy them so much!

Anyways, when I read from a friends blog about investing in gold. It made me think to do the same. I searched the net last night and found the US Gold Bureau site. It gave me lots of information about buying gold as a form of investing. You should consider investing in precious metals too. It is the best form of investment.

Dream Bedroom


I am again obsessing on bedroom photos like this one. =)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have these simple yet elegant bedroom for you to stay and sleep in? Plus look at that space for the nursery. I really like it. My baby will surely love her own space too. And maybe some beading area which I would like to have one in my future bedroom. I would like to hang those beading tools I have on the wall and have a cabinet for my scrapbook stuff too. It is so nice to imagine all of the things you want for your dream bedroom. I hope this dream will come true soon.

Blog Hosting

My friend is into hosting blogs and I admire her dedication to doing this things. I have no patience at all in coding and techy stuff. When I need to get a new blog I asked her if she can host me. She managed hosting a few more blogs and I am thankful that she accepted my application for my new blog. Now I am not worried about my blog hosting as I have a friend who takes care of it well.

Horrible Accident

When my cousin had an accident a few years ago we all thought he won’t survive it, as the accident is really horrible. He was in bed for 3 months I think. But he was a fighter so he was able to cope up and had a hip replacement. His hip was the one badly injured. Thank God they don’t have to get the service of DePuy Hip Replacement lawsuit as he is fine now. He was thankful for the second life God gave to him. He take extra care now in driving and hope that accidents won’t happen again to him and to his family.

I love it that there are people concerned about the things that you go through. Just like the O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath who is there to help you if you had a defective hip injury.

Gerry’s Grill


I asked my husband today if we can eat at Gerry’s Grill tomorrow. I am thinking dinner maybe.  But he turned me down. =( He has to work OT tomorrow. He needs to finish the bus as it has been a long time since it was not been repaired. It is not getting income and the drivers and conductors needs work too. Maybe we will just go to Gerry’s Grill on Tuesday as we have an appointment with my OB. I am dying to eat palabok there. I saw at my friend’s Flickr account the palabok photo and I feel like eating it. LOL!




I am a sucker for bright colors and these living room is love! I like the teal and lime green combination of colors with the table and chairs. I also want my house to be this colorful. I love happy things. I am a happy person and I want happy things to surround me and my family. Will try to scout for chairs like this one in bright colors. I hope I am lucky when I check the mall soon.

Living a Simple Life

I am so glad that we live in the province. It is easier to live here. No big time spending that much compared to the City living. A lot of my friends envy me for living here and having no problems at all. I eat foods cooked at home and not from fast food restaurants and I enjoy fresh air. If you were to ask me if I want to live in the city I would surely say NO. I love living the way I live right now. No hassle at all. And I can save up more as I don’t spend a lot of other essential things. Maybe investing in gold bullion will be a wiser move for me. I will think about it again in the coming days. I also need to be informed about this investing thing. I love living a simple life.

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