January 2011

Oh Sleep!

I am still wide awake right now. I haven't slept yet as I am finishing my work. And I am almost done with it but I still can't sleep because Cate is crying and wide awake already! Yaiks! Plus I have to search for the Velo Bind that my sister is asking me to look for. Ugh! I am sleepy already! Please! let me sleep!

Regency Beauty Institute

At Regency Beauty Institute students are taught with a unique approach to cosmetology education. With their very high end facilities, their students can learn more than to those who doesn't have facilities like they offer. Students are also taught to provide high quality but discounted salon services during their training. So why not go to their site now and read more information about this school that I am talking about. Be one of the most sought cosmetology graduate all over United States. Be a Regency Beauty institute product now!

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Running Shorts

I want to buy new running shorts right now. No not for me but for my friend who is into running. A few days from now she will celebrate her 28th birthday and I wanted to give her something she can use. And running shorts is what came into my mind. I just hope I can find a good one, all I see online are not that good to my eyes.


My dear friend emailed me a few days ago. She is looking for a tattoo removal cream so she can remove her ex’s name in her body. They finally broke up after so many years of unstable relationship. I am so happy she called it off. She’s been g=hanging on to their relationship for so many years already. I am glad she came to her senses, LOL! I just hope she can find the right man who will love her completely. Good Luck my friend!

No Stretch Marks

Thank God I don’t have stretch marks on my two pregnancies. I think it runs in the family that we don’t have stretch marks. Mom don’t have stretch marks too when she’s pregnant with me and my 3 siblings. Her belly still looks good now and I admire it so much. We don’t need to find the best reducing stretchmarks product online. Yey!

I remember my sister in law who has stretch marks when she carried my niece and I was like “What on earth is that!?!” It’s gross! heheheh!

Slowly But Surely

This year I promise to watch my diet. That’s my resolution for years already but I am not able to accomplish it. But this time I need to be strict and really watch what I eat. After giving birth last October I weigh a little less than my pregnancy weight now. Slowly but surely. Nope I won’t be needing those best diet pills that my friend told me. I just need to be really careful with my eating habits. I am still lazy about the exercise thing but I am getting there. Discipline is what I need to practice as well.

Happy New Year!

I know I am late with this greeting. It’s been a week after the new year started. I was too lazy to do anything maybe because of the holidays. All I do is eat, take care of Cate, surf the net and help my friend to search for some available jobs for her. I don’t have the energy to blog, scrap and clean our room. Ugh!

This year I told myself that I will scrap more and document the milestones of my baby. But due to laziness I haven’t done this goal of mine. I need to push myself to do more creative stuff. I badly need to scrap. Procrastination, please go away!

So how was your new year? Let’s talk.

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