June 2011

Slowest to the Highest Level

My internet that is. It takes forever to load a page! I need to work plus check a lot of things right now. My time is very limited in using the internet as I am the only one taking care of my daughter. I need to take advantage of the time while she is sleeping. I need to move fast but what can I do if this internet is not cooperating? Argh!!! You are so smart SMART!

Where oh Where?

I was looking for the other day the brand name baby monitors that i got from a friend. Hubby said he kept it but cannot remember where. Oh well it will just show up when we aren't looking for it. we will just wait for it to come out. hahahahaha!

I am hungry already! And the best thing is that I am lazy to get up and get something to eat. I will just drink some water later. That will satisfy my hungry tummy.

From A Despedida Party

I was looking for some blackhawk holsters when my sister came home from a despedida party of a friend. It's already 1am! Oh well she is big already and she can handle herself now. Unlike before where dad will have to fetch her from the venue.

I am still wide awake at 1am. I am finishing some tasks because it is due already. I cannot do this if Cate is awake as I won’t finish it on time. Now I am almost finish and I will hit the sack later.

Good night/morning everyone!

A Friend’s Offer

While checking on the rv insurance site, A friend messaged me on YM that she was selling some imported brand of colonge. I am not allowed to wear any perfume or cologne as Cate’s pedia said she will just develop her asthma with that. So I opted not to wear one anymore. I just told my friend that I will pass this time. She offered to me the other time some soap and I got some as a gift for friends. My daughter’s health is more important to me now than smelling good. =)

Long Nap

Today I worked longer hours on my laptop. Cate’s afternoon nap was longer than the usual. Thank God! I was able to scrap and check my facebook account. I guess she was catching up on the lack of sleep the other night. She kept on waking up in the middle of the night. I was trying to join her to take a nap but sleep was no where to find! Ugh! I closed my eyes but nadah I am not that sleepy. So I just worked and scrapped. I wasn’t able to finish my layout but I am thankful I was given a chance to start a page. will share them here soon.

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