July 2011

Thrilled With the News

My friend messaged me on YM and was thrilled with the news that I am pregnant again. She is one of the closest friend I have and I forgot to tell her as soon as I found out. yes what a great friend I am. Thankfully she is ok with that and she understands. I am happy to have a friend like her. I hope to find more friends like her. She said she will just finish browsing the site www.wholesaleinsurance.net and then she will visit me later. I cannot wait to see her!



I am craving for a Misua right now and it is just 9am!!! My goodness! I must go to the grocery and get some ingredients for this so I can cook this later for lunch. I have a very weird taste right now that I am pregnant again. My mind doesn’t cooperate with my taste buds. After eating what I think I like to eat for the day, my taste buds rejects them. =( I don’t know if I am gaining weight or not. I am always hungry. This baby inside me is getting all the food in my tummy and all the energy I have. Poor Mama!

Pregnant Again

I am now allowed to wear maternity clothes once again as I am 8 weeks pregnant already. Yes that fast! This is totally unplanned but this is what God planned for my family. I am worried at first because Cate is still a baby and I wanted to spend more time with her alone. But after some advice from friends and families i was able to accept that we will be going to be 4 already! And we are so grateful with this blessing that God gave us. Thank you Lord!


I wanna eat dinner now. I am so hungry already! huhuhu!

Will just preheat the rice on the rice cooker and put the soup in the microwave oven and then we are ready to eat. I will continue my hunt for some cheap hp laserjet ink cartridges for our printer later. Thank God Cate is sleeping. I can finish this blog first and eat dinner with hubby. I heart my free time whenever my baby is sleeping. I can move and do house chores at the same time. I know it will take time to gain my freedom back as Cate is just 8 months old right now. I am committed to taking care of her and see to it that she grows up well. I hope I am being a good mom to her.

Ok time to go to the kitchen now and satisfy my hungry tummy. =)


Ever since Cate was born I haven't visited the movie house yet. I missed watching new movies at the big screen. Now what I do to catch up on great movies being shown is that I download them online and watch it with hubby before going to bed. I am currently downloading 3 movies and hopefully it will finish soon so I can watch it in our house. Internet here at my parents house is faster than my connection at home. Now I will just do some researching on where to buy feather flags and then I am off to look for a new movie for downloading. Tah tah!



I want to have a soup for my lunch today and thank God our maid cooked Kusido. It was really delicious I almost had my second take. But I was full already so I stopped myself. I love having a sour Kusido. I love the soup with lemon in it. There is still a few left for dinner but I din’t eat it as I wanted to try another menu that our maid prepared today. I had b-b-q for dinner. yum!


As I was looking for the toro zero turn mowers for dad, I was distracted by the loud sound from outside. Turn out it was my husband who was testing his newly formed motorcycle. Great! Cate is now wide awake because of that. I always got bothered by loud sounds. It is really irritating to the ears! What more to a sleeping baby. I need to tell the husband to keep it low. Now I need to attend to my irritated baby. Bye for now!

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