August 2011

Hosting A Halloween Party

When I visited my aunt last Thursday she told me if we can celebrate our Halloween party at our house. I want to do some Halloween decorations there too so it will be a perfect time to celebrate it there. But when I told hubby about it he was having second thoughts. He said it was too messy here. We won't be able to host a party yet. =( But who knows, October is still 2 months away from now. We can slowly remove the mess and prepare for the upcoming party!

Now time to get those boxes out of our garage!

No Phone for 4 Days

My iPhone died last month and I don't know what to do since I was so afraid to jailbreak it myself. My phone is my life and I can’t do anything without it. I was tempted to have it repaired at the local repair shop for cellphones who was also selling cell signal boosters, but due to the fee they were asking me, I was having second thoughts. A friend emailed me the steps on how to jailbreak my phone. I tried and what a surprise I did it! It was not so complicated as I was expecting it. My friends congratulated me and I am so happy. Now I don’t need to pay a very expensive fee just to jailbreak and unlocked my iPhone. Woot!

The Ikea High Chair

high chair copy

This high chair was really durable. It has been used by 4 babies in 4 years! I love that my baby Cate and the baby on my tummy can still use this one. No need to buy a new one. Saves us a lot of money and time. My brother bought this in Ikea Kuwait and was brought here via balik bayan box. Cate loves to stay in this high chair. She is so behave when she is here. I can cook, do the dishes and even sweep the floor. I hope my next baby will love this high chair as much as her Ate loves it.

Graduating Soon

Soon I will be expecting 2 graduation invitations, one from a dear friend and one from my cousin who will graduate from collage this October. That is if I am really invited but according to our latest conversations they want me to be there on their special day. I love attending graduations. It feel like I am the one graduating again. It is one of the most treasured celebrations in one’s life. I am sure this 2 celebrations will be grand as they are both an only child. Congrats to you both my dear!

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