September 2011

Broken Car Speakers

As we we're travelling this morning from Naga City our car speakers got broken. Now we need to scout for a new one. But replacement will be on hold as we don’t have money yet to buy a new one. Not a very good timing! I hope hubby is ok with it. We need to wait 2 more months to buy a new speakers. He will just have to sing so he will be entertained while driving the car. haha!

Garden Gnome

I again saw the garden gnome that was so cute this afternoon in Naga City. Whenever we pass by that house I see to it that I will see that gnome. That house garden inspires me. I hope to do it on our future garden too! I will have to scout on where is the best place to order that garden accessory soon in my place. I hope to find one. Wish me luck!

Update on Birthday Preps

What's up with my baby's first birthday preparations? I already bought her loot bags! woot! At least I have something accomplished! My next target is the invitation and the tarpaulin. I need to do the layouting and gave them printed. Buy envelops and send them first week of October. I still need a lot of things to do. Must do them one by one or else I won't accomplish them in time. I wish I have magic powers so that in just one click everything is done. Sigh!

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