March 2012

Our Gift to Sis

We will still celebrate the actual birthday of my sister which is today. She said she will be ordering foods at Red Labuyo Restaurant later for dinner. We told her that we will buy her cake/cupcakes. That will be our gift to her. I really wish I can give her something expensive like these titanium rings that I saw online. But we don’t have a budget for that right now. The cake will do for now. Will take lots of photos later at our mini celebration at my parents house and share it here. Later!


Happy birthday sis!

Another year has been added to your life. I hope you are having a good time on your special day.

We celebrated my sister’s birthday yesterday. Mom cooked lots and lots of food. Guests, relatives and friends went to my parents house to celebrate with us. I saw on their faces that they enjoyed the food. Mom did it again. She’s a talented cook! I wish to be like her someday. LOL!

Again Happy Birthday sis! We love you!

Before and After

I am off to read reviews on calorie burner 643 but I just want to share with you all this funny before and after photo. This was made by my darling daughter Cate. She is so funny nowadays. This was the cupcake from Hans’ 1st month celebration. I am holding this cupcake when Cate saw me and asked for it. I handed this to her and let her eat it. I took a before photo coz I know that the after photo is a silly one. And I am right, she just ate the head of Nemo. Poor little fish. LOL!


Cate Loves Books

Look at her enjoying her books. I am glad she is a book lover. She would get her books first than her toys when playing. She will look at the pictures and try to imitate them. I silently watch her and giggle when she make those funny faces imitating the picture on the book. Continue being a book lover my dear Cate. It will do good for you in the future.



New camera For Bro

My brother got a new canon DSLR. It's a 7D baby! I wondered why they got a very nice photos lately. they didn't tell us they got a new cam. And when I asked my sister in law the other day she said they bought a new cam. Very very nice camera! Now I am drooling of their new cam. I wish I can upgrade to a higher version too but we are poor right now. We don't have money for an upgrade. And right now I am thinking of getting a point and shoot cam. My DSLR is still working and gives me nice photos. Maybe I will get one of those digital canon cameras or an Olympus brand. I am still reading some reviews.

Sis is Home

My sister is now home from her weekend visit to Los Banos. She brought home our favorite Mernels cake. Thanks sis! Welcome home! The kids missed you so much! I hope you have something for them too! haha! They will be rummaging your stuff to look for a toy or something from your trip so be prepared. LOL!

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