July 2012

College Class Rings

We don't have college class rings for women and even on men when we graduated college. My brother has one as he graduated as a nurse. Oh well, I might lose it when I am wearing one, so thank God they opted not to give college rings to us. But it would be so cool if I also have a ring isn’t it?

New Shoes for Cate


What a lovely shoes isn’t it? I wish they have larges sizes on this design and color. I wanted one the moment I saw this cute yellow shoes. I always buy pink ones but this time I am getting a new color for Cate to use soon. My baby wore this dress yesterday (Sunday) at my parents house. Time to break in the new shoes. She loves it so much!

Searching for A Knee Scooter

A friend was looking for a knee scooter for sale at the mall yesterday when I bumped into her. She was asking me if I know a store which she can buy one. She badly need it for her mom who had an accident a few days ago. But I don't know a store here in our place that he can buy that equipment. I just told him that I will help him look on the internet. So here I am now searching the web for some knee scooter. Where do I find one? Any suggestion?

Hans’ Baptism Photos

Here are some of my son’ baptism photos:



Isn’t he the cutest? =)

I am happy another event took place without any major problem. I was so worried the day before that everything won’t work as planned. Yes some are not followed during the day and there are few families that I invited who is not there. Oh well maybe next party to celebrate. 1st birthday maybe?

Welcome to the Christian World my dear son! Fear and trust in the Lord. God bless you always!

A Knee Scooter

A knee scooter is such a big help to my friend’s father when he had an accident. I asked my friend where they got it and they said her sister in the US sent it to them. I was asking because my cousin recently had a accident too and her left foot was damaged. So she was required to use crutches. Instead of using those I suggested to get a knee scooter if they can afford to get one. I haven’t seen one here and I think it is nice if they can stock these medical equipment. A lot of people with injuries can move faster and comfortably in using these just like using a wheelchair minus the bulkiness of course.  I hope we can find one for my cousin. Good Luck to us!

Tangled Movie Theme

I posted a few weeks ago that we will attend the 1st birthday party of my dear friends daughter. The theme was from the movie Tangled. And here’s a photo of the fun and fabulous party.


We had so much fun during the party. The kids had a great time. The decorations are so amazing! I love the balloons on the ceiling. Super nice! Three star rating for the event organizers. =)

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