February 2013

Election Time

Election time again here in the Philippines. I haven’t had a list on who I am going to vote, in fact I haven’t seen the official line up on who are the candidates. But I know a lot of popular personalities are going to run. Some are already purchasing wholesale brochures to be given during campaign period. I haven’t received any. So I will just wait for them and list my candidates then. Have you listed your candidates already? Mind sharing them to me?

My Favorite Snack


I love it when our helper make this as our snack. I can eat all of these in an instant. Paired with an Iced Tea or coke this is the best meryenda ever! Hubby loved it too! The sweetness of the sugar is yummy! We love ut with lots of sugar. Now I am thinking of having this as our meryenda later. Will buy Sweet potato first.

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