May 2013

Skyflakes and Cheez Whiz

My snack for this afternoon. Easy to prepare and yummy to eat! I love snacking on this one! I can eat 5 sandwiches of it. Yes that much! =) I wonder what will be my snack for tomorrow. Skyflakes and cheez whiz again? Maybe!

Cleaning up my Hard Drive

Was thinking of reformatting one of my hard drive but I am finding it hard to erase the files that was in it. Now I am on google to search on how to erase hard drive. I need to learn it as I don't know who will do it for me. My brother is not here and I badly need to clean my hard drive. Ok off to search for the steps on how to clean my hard drive. Bye for now!

Summer Time


We spent our Sunday, swimming at Mateo Spring Resort in Irosin, Sorsogon. That place is so beautiful! I love that the water is hot. Cate loves it too! We hope to go back there again this month with my side of family. They will love it there! Yey for another outing!

Envelop Prints

A friend posted on her Instagram a photo of her new project. She is making really nice envelope prints and pretty invitations. I am so proud of her achievements. Good job my dear friend! I will order from her as my niece will celebrate her birthday soon. I really like her under the sea designs. Oooh I am so excited! I can’t wait to plan my niece’s birthday too!

The Hot Weather

The reason why I am not that much blogging is the hot weather. Staying in front of the laptop is sweating me out! Plus demanding kids. Ugh! Sorry for not posting that often. The weather makes me lazy to do anything too! All I want is to do is to stay inside the bathroom and take a shower and just stay there forever! haha! Ok enough blabbing I need to work now. Bye!

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